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today was my day off & i did absolutely nothing & couldnt be happier about it~ 😚


Siwon talked about his soldier friends D&E (High Cut interview)

Q: Did Eunhyuk really not contact you?

Siwon: Other members but me were contacted, I think it came up as unknown number so I couldn’t pick up. His personality isn’t someone who frequently calls you. Eunhyuk is the type who remains quiet. Tough man style. The opposite, Donghae is the type who gets lonely a lot. He’s a senior so even if he asks me to clean his ears, I’ll have to do it (laugh). He(Donghae)’s the scariest 1 month senior (in the army). 

Q: Please tell us how Donghae bothers you (in the army) later.

Siwon: I will expose it through SNS when I’m out for holiday. (c

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Hugging Astro from behind

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It was thirty minutes before one of Astro’s biggest stages. I mean, of course they have performed before, but never for an audience of 30,000+ people. Jinwoo’s nerves were clearly getting the best of him as he was pacing around, muttering his rap in Clap Clap. You being the great girlfriend you are, decided to come up behind him and hug him!

“What was that for?! And, can I have another one?!”

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okk..,,like no off hence,,but evgenia medvedeva is the cutest and the perfection??? yes?? 


Day 2 of @rupphirebomb number 2: date night! Drew some human rupphire and a short haired sapphy! I really love how the colours came out in this piece!

Art by @msdanig-gem
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I really hope Keith’s new Pal™ is Prince Lotor

Don’t imagine the Bellas coming home from a party late at night to find Beca teaching Chloe how to play the piano while quietly humming along to the songs she was playing