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If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together, pt 2 (pt 1)

โ–บ KANG SEHYUNG GIF PACK (Purple Hair)ย 

As suggested by @hyolycow,under the cut you will find #52ย ย gifs of Kang Sehyung ย (1998), a member of Berry Good, with purple hair. ย All gifs were made by me from scratch so please donโ€™t add to gifhunts without credit or permission. If you are using these it would be nice if you could like/reblog!

Notes: Sehyun is Korean , please cast her correctly. In most of these gifs, she is a minor. Please do not use her for mature rp purposes.Can also be made for tasksweekly number 18 (dyed hair)ย 

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throwback to when I dyed my hair, reminded me of mansae era joshua

Why is the dragon age fandom suddenly so upset by grey hair on characters? WHY?

People can be born with grey hair, people can have naturally grey hair, people can go grey or white young and sometimes it is because of stress and sometimes it’s not.

Some characters really are old enough to have it going grey and white, some have lyrium shock that makes it go white.

It is just a genetic, natural, very logical, non-lorebreaking occurance. No character is TOO young, calm, settled, or healthy to go grey; I promise you.

There is no need for discourse, I swear.

Merry Christmas @mandarinatsumiki !
Here is your gift of Mikan and Ibuki, part of @holidaydanganronpa secret Santa!!! I hope you like it and have a wonderful holiday season! ♪( ´▽`)