2 beautiful 2 draw


Modern day AU in which Dorian is a substitute librarian and everyone is kind of a hipster. (It… evolved… from the top doodle.) a) How did modern Cass get her badass scar? b) Drawing elves minus pointy ears feels strange. c) Bonus Hawke bc I love Hawke.


Beauty and the Beast except Demospy raise your hand if you agree 

still on holiday but i wanted to do a few quick doodles, and dad!jason…..sorta….happened? i like to think little kids sometimes confuse him for captain america when he’s older, since they look so similar


So when are the other two lovely ladies going to get to enjoy Isle Delfino?

Tbh i’m quite proud! Two years ago i thought i’d never be able to draw boys and even if they aren’t uhm very manly? TADA! (ノ ▽ ;。) So, everyone, NEVER GIVE UP! Nothing is impossible! ♡ Neither Mika and Yuu’s hair So keep doing and drawing what you love and practice everyday ~  ( ,,`・ ω´・)9