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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @teslatricity

Thank you for being such a sweet internet friend and just all around awesome human. We met because of shallura so I thought it only appropriate that I draw you just that. I hope you have an amazing day <3

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A helpful guide to quarian feet, since I went in the tags and saw… lots of things that weren’t quarian feet. I’m no expert, of course, as I didn’t design them, but I think this was what Bioware’s folks had in mind when they put the Quarians together, and if this can help people, then I’ve done good.

There are a lot of other things about it that I didn’t have time to draw - the way the muscles and tendons would pull the toes in both pics, the way the feet would likely be shaped from various angles with the bones of the toes starting at the ankle - that I might do later but probably won’t. Until then, I hope this helps.

PS: quarians with human feet would be really impractical on Rannoch from an evolutionary standpoint guys, stop drawing them that way

I got a little bored and this got away from me - NYT Minus Context + WWE (Part 2) (NJPW)

Awesome people whose ones you should definitely check out: @bullletclubs, @breadclubrising

If you made/make some and want to let me know, I’d love to see them and add you too!

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I'll play. How about Killian and rope?😉😉

Thanks for helping me out with my 15-Minute “Masterpiece” (round 2) prompt! (For those of you unfamiliar with my 15-Minute Masterpieces, they are one-shots I write for at least 15 minutes, with no beta, and light editing. Basically a brain dump to help get my writing wheels turning again.)

Kath, I bet you didn’t think I would go in this direction…

Here’s a little Captain Charming for you because it’s Friday!
(Rated PG, ~745 words)

Look At Your Mate

“What’s this?” Killian asked, a look of amused suspicion on his face.

David had just thrust a small package into his hand and nodded at it, then stood back a pace, folding his arms over his chest.

“What’s it look like?” David asked with a huff.  

The baby giggled from where he was tossing blocks out of his play pen at his father’s feet. David took the opportunity to avoid looking directly at Killian who stood there, eyebrow raised.

“It’s not my birthday.”

“Not so far as you remember anyway.” David shot back with a snort.

Shrugging, Killian chuckled. “Fair point. Maybe it is my birthday.”

“Just open it already,” David muttered, rolling his eyes.

Using his hook, Killian pulled the tape away from what was a rolled up paper bag and then gently shook it open to reveal a red box and a citrusy, musky scent wafting up at him.

Killian pulled the box out and tossed the bag on the table, all the while perplexed as he read the label. “Soap… on a rope?” he asked.

“Yeah!” David said, his enthusiastic grin sliding away in exchange for a nonchalant shrug. “I saw it at the drugstore and thought you might like it.” David tapped the box with his finger. “Look, there’s a ship on the label. Thought it kinda looked like The Jolly Roger.

“Aye, mate, I noticed.” Killian read aloud from the box and shook his head in disbelief. “‘Old Spice?’ Are you disparaging my age or the way I smell?” he laughed.

David sighed. “No. Neither! I was just trying… you know what?” He reached over and snatched the box of soap out of Killian’s hand. “Nevermind. I’ll keep it for—”

“No, no, no, no, no,” Killian interrupted, holding his hand up to stop David from continuing. “It was a lovely gesture, and I am flattered you thought of me when you saw this…soap. On a…rope.”

Retrieving his gift back from David, Killian wedged the box between his left bicep and his chest and opened it, fishing out the cream-colored round of soap. He hung the rope from his finger and gave it a little twirl. “I look forward to using it,” he said with a nod. “Thank you.”

David slapped Killian on the shoulder. “Don’t mention it.”

A few days later, the two men were helping Emma wrangle three rowdy and inebriated former Musketeers into the squad car to return them to their lodgings after a particularly raucous gathering at the Rabbit Hole. They weren’t belligerent so much as unruly, and at one point, David lost his balance when Porthos attempted to put Aramis into a friendly headlock, sending the two of them careening toward Killian who had been keeping Aramis mostly upright.


“Bloody hell!”

“Son of a bitch!”

“Hey now!”


Killian managed to right David after he awkwardly dodged the burly Porthos, who toppled over onto Aramis. The sheriff and the pirate let the two swordsmen sort themselves out and finally spill into the backseat of the squad car where a drowsy Athos was waiting, his head pressed against the glass, and a glare directed at them like the point of a rapier.

Emma was coming around the back of the cruiser, making sure everyone was ok when Killian caught the look of confusion on her face.

“Dad? What are… Are you sniffing Killian?”

Killian glanced behind him to catch David, eyes closed, and in the middle of a deep inhale.

Chuckling, Killian asked, “So, which is it, mate? Do I smell old or spicy?”

David grinned. “Spicy.”

Emma said with a soft snort, “You two are weird. I’ll take my chances with Huey, Dewey, and Louie over there.” She walked back over to the driver’s side and opened the door.

“Aye, but they won’t smell as good as I do, love.”

Nodding in agreement, David called out “It’s true!”

Emma rolled her eyes and got into the car, turning on the flashing lights as she revved the engine.

“What kind of soap do you think would be good for me?” David asked, as he and Killian walked toward the squad car.

“Sheep dip,” Killian responded, not missing a beat.

David opened the passenger door and gave Killian a shove. “You think you’re so funny, don’t you?”

“Aye, funny and fragrant,” Killian said, sliding into the front seat next to Emma, leaving just enough room for David.

“I take it back. You just smell old.”

A/N: There is/was Old Spice soap on a rope, and the reason I used the Musketeers in the second half, is because there is also an Aramis soap on a rope. I like to amuse myself if no one else. ;)

I’ve been wanting to write something about the different styles of fighting we’ve seen in the main cluster through Wolfgang, Sun and Will, so I thought that #9daysofSense8 would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Except I hadn’t taken under account my laptop deciding to stop working and finals, so I wasn’t able to write anything about Sun or Wolfgang’s fighting styles - I’ll do it later or on the last day, maybe.

Since today’s Will Appreciation Day, I’ll be talking about his. Unlike Sun’s - who’s more technically trained - or Wolfgang’s - who doesn’t show restrain and basically had to learn to fight to survive - I think that Will is more analytical and observant. He’s always looking for his opponent’s weak spot and is more of a defensive fighter that an offensive. He’s always about his surroundings and, most of the time, anticipates a move before it happens. I always think of Will’s fighting style as a strategic fighting style and I attribute to the fact that he’s a cop - a pretty great one - and grew up with a cop for a father.


It’s official: I’m obsessed with this ship =m=)

1. I was undecided if making Lefou declaring this monologue or Gaston ( about himself). The former won.🖒
2-4. Me and @gidankuroki decided that ( for now ) the best names for this 2 ladies are Jacotte e Lafolle💪🤡. Suggestions are welcomed 😉✌
5. Some modern au cuteness. You can’t tell me that Luke Evans sings Adele , and then expect me to not draw Gaston singing “when we were young"😭😭

Sorry for the shitty quality of the pics T.T)

Edit: ok, thanks to 2 awesome people I changed Lefou’s name to Lafolle. Sadly I can do nothing for the draw right now :(

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I'm still not over stories about stars. It is such a good piece. Absolutely amazing. Thank you for writing it ♥️

(つ﹏<)・゚。 T-THANK YOU awww… thank you for reading it!! I am delighted you’d even think about it still really, thank you. That means so much to me :) 

The DN fandom is so sweet, hahaha. I am really not worthy (;﹏;) I always want to come back to the story (and rewatch DN in general hahah) because I had so much fun writing it and absorbing myself in all the ways that L and Light’s dynamic in the story could be feasible given what is known in canon; but life always is getting in the way. I am really glad that you have enjoyed what is there as of now, even though it isn’t too much ^^ Thank you ^_^ 

Just finished Mass Effect 1

A page in my sketchbook of different A sanses. We have cybertale sans, aftertale sans, and errortale sans. I live them all so much and I know I am absolutely terrible at skeletons and I am no where near as good as the original artists but I hope they find this and like it anyway!

Cybertale is by the incredible @snajey

Aftertale and Errortale are made by the amazing @loverofpiggies

I’m sorry, but I find it ABSOLUTELY hilarious that when Frozen came out, people on tumblr did not have a single problem with people tearing down past movies in favour of Frozen. People said Frozen was better than everything; Tangled, Brave, even some of the Renaissance films like Mulan and The Lion King. And no one complained. People absolutely ripped on previous princesses, calling them weak and boy-crazy, to make Elsa  seem like the ultra-feminist queen of all things woman-empowering. Was there a single post calling this out? Nah. 

But now, oh ho ho ho, now that Moana is out, and people are saying that they like Moana better than Frozen, now all these Frozen fans wanna come out and say “omg!!11!!!11! stahp comparing Moana too Frozen!!!11!! They’re two completly diffurent mooovies oh mah gooosh11!!1!! >=(” Like seriously? Where were all of you like 3 years ago when the vast majority of Frozen fans tore on everything else to express their love for Frozen? Where were you when people were constantly ripping on Tangled to make Frozen seem like the superstar film that it wasn’t? (Like it was good, but it wasn’t spectacular or anything). Where were you when even non-Disney films were getting torn apart, because we had to hear for the thousandth time how “Frozen is the best movie in da historee of 5ever!!1!!!!!1! uwu!!11!”? Why did Moana suddenly trigger anger towards the comparison game, and why didn’t you say the same with Frozen?

 Practice what you preach, man. Don’t act one way with one film, and act the opposite way with the next film, just because you’re playing favourites and you don’t like it when people prefer a new film over an old one. It doesn’t work like that. 

*Insert eye-roll here*. 

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How was Toothless (and Cloudjumper) able to resist the Red Death?

I find very little fault in the How To Train Your Dragon franchise (RoB/DoB not withstanding) The animation is breathtaking, the writing and execution of the script is outstanding, the score is what the angels will sing in my personal heaven, and the story is as clean as it is riveting. However, one small detail has always bugged me about How To Train Your Dragon…

Why wasn’t Toothless, or Cloudjumper, controlled by the Red Death?

I have seen the fandom grapple with this for years.  It is widely accepted that the Death’s range did not cover all of Berk and that Hiccup’s bola managed to knock Toothless to a safe zone.  However, this assumes that Toothless was even under the influence of the Death’s power in the first place. 

Which presents a problem because well…he wasn’t.

It is specifically mentioned in the beginning of the first movie that the Night Fury never steals food, never participates in the main and mostly likely only objective of the raids. He does not even get close enough to the ground to be illuminated by the torch light, spending all of his time high above the chaos destroying catapults and other weapons being used to defend the island.  Had he been under control, would he not ignore those weapons and acted like all the other dragons in the area?

There is another issue with the range theory… CloudJumper.

During HTTYD2, it is revealed CloudJumper was present for at least one raid on Berk.  During which, he broke into the Haddock residence to find and observe an infant Hiccup.  Valka implies that the Stormcutter’s motivation was of mere innocent curiosity, and that he was not a ravenous predator hunting for food.  This then implies that he was present on his own interests, not the Death’s.  Cloudjumper was under his own power during the entire sequence, and for the entire sequence he was well within the range of the Death on account for the dozens of controlled dragons.  

So what was it then that made them so special, and what changed between the first and the scene in the second movie where good dragons were controlled by bad people?

They grew up.

When Hiccup is given the grand tour of Valka’s sanctuary she jokingly mentions that the baby dragons “listen to no-one.”  The is later used as a plot device to get the dragon riders back to Berk for the final act of the movie.  These dragons that were big and strong enough to carry a full grown human over open ocean were not controlled by the “king of all dragons.”  Size does not always mean maturity in the HTTYD universe.

Not to mention it is canon that Toothless is Hiccup’s age. Which means that in the first movie, Toothless would be on par with a fifteen year old. That coupled with the fact that obviously grows and appears to lose his juvenile markings, it is probable that Toothless was in the latter years of his adolescence during the first movie.  

This would explain both why the Night Fury was not controlled but was beginning to feel the Death’s call (He was not quite to old to be safe), and why he stayed regardless of his time sensitive freedom.  

Had Toothless been separated from his family at a young age and found this strange motley flock that did not drive him away, would he not stay with them?.  He was shooting down the towers on Berk not to cause destruction but to protect the only “kin” he had left.  The Death did not care about the lives of its slaves, but he did.    

Cloudjumper is a little trickier.  Instead of a full length film we only have about two minutes of sepia toned chaos to get a look at his younger self.  While it may by my own interpretation, it appears that the flashback Stormcuttter is smaller than his present day counterpart.  Something also worth mentioning is that he did not immediately fear humans, a sign that he had not had many bad experiences with them.  This makes it all the more likely he was also young at the time of the flashback sequence. 

I will say that Toothless was able to overcome mind control as an adult. But only after Hiccup successfully exploited their five year bond… and only after Toothless very nearly slayed his human. But based on the evidence in both films, it is logical to believe that both dragons were young enough to be in that mental safe zone.

but hey, that’s just a headcanon

A How To Train Your Dragon headcanon.

Thanks for Reading!

I saw Game Grumps Live with my buddies last night and I drew us as little grumps!

The dude at the bottom is my boyfriend, Fletcher, who is the uncured pastrami guy

We loved your show guys!!!! And @rubberninja good job winning Mario blindfolded!
And have a good rest, y'all deserve it!


“Everyone has their first date… and the object is to hide your flaws. And then you’re in a relationship and it’s all about hiding your disappointment. Then once you’re married it’s about hiding your sins.” (A Spy in the House of Love | 04.10.09)