Déjà deux années, waw ! Le temps passe vraiment trop vite ! 

Today is the birthday of my Tumblr blog ! 

I posted my first GIF the November 16 2013 =)

I remember making my blog oh so randomly, wanting to post my GIFS there, mostly about Kirby  … =)

Then with the time I wanted to post more personnal animations but was afraid … and then I finally posted the pigeons, with many parodies ! And then the Foxes and other animals BOUNCING ! 

I always loved this way to move, bouncing have a sort of rythm that bring smile, I always laughed when I saw this as a kid and it inspired me to post it there =)

I have to say that these are the best years of my life for sure and this is only the beginning :D

When I go back to my first posts I’m like “weeeew what !?” but I still love my random posts x)

Tumblr is great, I met many talented artists, awesome wanna be artists, LOTS of cool animations ! I love this place !!!

Lets continue this journey together, it means a lot to know that I inspire many of you with my pigeons xD

Never stop what you do the best and continue continue continue ! Even if some pros tell you otherwise and wants you to stop (happened to me, yaay :B) well, never stop :) Why stopping something you like ? (lel)

Well, thank you all for these awesome years, you made all of my days :’) 

I hope you will continue to enjoy my animations and hope it will continue to bring smiles =) 

PS: I try my best english !!! :’’’’’ D


  • Tour guide: And if you look to your left you will see a group of emos crying
  • Child: *raises hand* But why are they crying?
  • Tour guide: Well no one knows for sure but rumour has it that an idea ended today -March 22nd- in a short, emotionless paragraph on an important website. But we will never know the truth because the post was mysteriously deleted..
  • Child: ...
  • Tour guide: ...
  • Tourists: ...
  • Tour guide: ...
  • Tour guide: And if you look to your right-

I’m wasted on you