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reminder you can stan nct dream and be an older fan! stanning people doesn’t necessarily mean you gotta have googly heart eyes for them friends. y’all always say you’re here for the music and dance, so do it! saying “they’re so cute my kids” is totally fine because we do that with our younger siblings and cousins anyways??? like nct dream are my lil bros I’d take a bullet for them. and like yeah… they’re young, but why not support their dream of being idols? they’ve been working hard so :’) don’t break their hearts man D o it for THE C H I L DRE N!!!! if you’re stanning all of nct except dream, you’re missing out :/ 

the only thing is just,,, don’t be nasty lmao and if thats a problem for you well,,, than yeah stay away but also in your time away please set yourself straight 

One day I wanted to change… and here are the results…

Height: 1,63 cm (5’ 4")

Starting Weight: 103,2 Kilos (227.5 lbs)(May-16-2013)

Picture #1: 93 kilos (205.0 lbs)
Picture #2: 83 kilos (182,9 lbs)
Picture #3: 73 kilos (160,9 lbs)
Picture #4: 63 kilos (138,8 lbs)
Picture #5 (Goal Weight): 53 kilos (116.8 lbs)(February-17-2015)

Current Weight: 52.6 Kilos (115.9) (August-2015)

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I wanna make a comic but I'm afraid my art is not ready

If it sucks, you can keep improving for the next comic. You need to finish your art to improve on it for next time. Also to get feedback from people.

Like I said in that 1 video about 5 Cartoonists who hated their own work. If you think what you draw is awful, it’s gonna be all the more impressive when you improve

Issues 2 of Loki IRL is better than the 1st one, but does not represent my skills now. Issue 3 will have over 100 pages. Issue 2 only had 83. Since it might be done before SDCC this year, I’m making this comic way faster now.



Jughead Jones


Whatever it Takes: One, Two, Three

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6/99 [a.a., j.j.]

34/43 [j.j.]

7 [r.m.]

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84 [j.j.]

97 [j.j.]

2/82/83 [r.m., a.a., j.j.]

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Star Trek

Pavel Chekov




I would love to see Sebastian struggling with ‘normal’ human interactions now and again. Nothing major, just stuff like vastly mispronouncing English words that he’s only ever heard in Latin or Gaelic. Everyone looks at him funny when he consistently emphasises the wrong letters, but no one is brave enough to explain what he’s doing wrong.

Also, misjudging how slow humans are; Sebastian goes to help someone down from the carriage and estimates where they will be in 2.83 seconds, but since they’re only a slow human he totally misses and fucks the whole thing up, causing them to fall over while he just looks around in confusion.

And maybe misunderstanding idioms that might not have existed during his previous contracts:

“He’s sleeping with the fishes.”

“Hmmm, I cannot say that I would find that activity to be particularly desirable, but then again I am just a butler.”



“Goodness, your Master has such a chip on his shoulder, doesn’t he?”

*Sebastian apologises profusely and checks Ciel’s shoulder for chips*


update: i tried calling it, the number does not exist so if anyone wants to go out there and do like a “dean winchester’s number” thing  (if you don’t know what that is, dean winchester is from the show supernatural and back in its early season his phone number was released and if you called it a voicemail message would play of his voice and said “This is Dean Winchester. If this is an emergency, leave a message. If you’re calling about 11-2-83, please page me with your coordinates.” and then after a while it changed to “Dad, we really need to hear from you. Leave me a message, text me, check your jwinchester1246 gmail, Anything. We have new info.” the number no longer works so don’t try calling it).  But i think it would be cool if someone could figure out how to set it up and leave a message of tyler’s voice that would be pretty cool

(يأيها الذين امنو عليكم انفسكم)

“Take care of your souls.”

— Surah al Ma'idah  5:105 

(“وَقُولُوا لِلنَّاسِ حُسْنًا)

“And speak to people kindly.

— Surah al-Baqarah 2:83

( وبالوالدين إحسانا )

“And to parents do good.”

— Surah al-’Isra’  17:23 

should i fight this guitarist?

angus young

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 20%
  • i assume you will immediately be tempted to fight angus, because well, there’s just something about the overall aesthetic of ac/dc that makes you go ‘let me fight all of them’. but don’t fight angus young man. have you seen that dude on stage? at the very least you’ll tire before he does, and then he can take you down. don’t do it dude.

bb king

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 74%
  • like idk, you could probably take him. but the mere concept of hurting bb king would be like trying to fight the mona lisa, or the entirety of the smithsonian. bb king is a precious national treasure and even if you did win, you’d still lose.

bruce springsteen

  • should i fight?: maybe
  • chance of winning: -2%
  • did you wake up today and go, “i wanna make the biggest mistake of my life”? if you did, i highly suggest fighting bruce springsteen. if you didn’t, then maybe leave the boss alone. like honestly, if the aura of new jersey that radiates off of him wasn’t enough to stop you, have you seen that man’s arms? plus honestly the entire state of new jersey might also fight you, and that’s not a fight uou want. leave springsteen alone.

carlos santana

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 15%
  • you choose to fight santana, you learn immediately that this is a mistake. why? because he lulls you to sleep with a beautiful melody and then leaves you stranded in the middle of the desert, which– somehow– fits perfectly with the song he played to get you there. you want to be angry but it was to beautiful for you to be. you respect him.

david gilmour

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 88%
  • david gilmour stands no chance against you. honestly, he doesn’t. like, if he and roger could get along for a few minutes and tag team against you, maybe he’d have a shot because roger screams in your ear for ten minutes straight and stuns you. but as it were, gilmour is by himself, and fighting him is similar to fighting a magical sprite. you knock him out in the first round.

eddie van halen

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 95%
  • eddie tries to use his fantastic guitar skills to win, but they only go so far. you let him finish eruption because you would never dare interrupt, and then you punch him in the stomach and he goes down. a win-win really.

eric clapton

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 65%
  • if you challenge clapton to a battle of fisticuffs then you are absolutely going to win. however keep a guitar out of his reach at all times. go somewhere without guitars, like waffle house or hell, and make sure he does not have a tiny guitar in any of his pockets. the minute he pulls out layla as his finisher you’re fucking screwed.

frank zappa

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 7%
  • i’m not going to tell you not to fight frank zappa because eventually if you listen to him long enough, you’ll hit your breaking point, get a time machine, and just go back and challenge him. however he never even breaks a sweat because he just confuses the literal shit out of you, and you end up crying.

george harrison

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 102%
  • go back to 1967 and fight sgt. pepper-circa harrison. you’re gonna win. in fact, fight all the beatles. fucking all of them. kick their asses. you’ll feel better and so will we.

jimi hendrix

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 10%
  • you can use your time machine for this too if you’re game. but this man lit his guitar on fire. do you understand? he lit it on fire. jimi hendrix has no time for your nonsense and will destroy you and look stunning doing it.

jimmy page

  • should i fight?: no
  • chance of winning: 35%
  • much like clapton, get page somewhere where he will not be able to access a guitar, because you’re likelihood of winning will go down 94%. also make sure he is not tag teaming with robert plant who, like waters, will scream in your ear for five minutes straight and stun you. lure page into a trap where you have the advantage and pounce.

keith richards

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 55%
  • you better fucking fight keith richards. if you’re reluctant, watch his interviews until you’re pumped up enough to do it. there’s a pretty even chance you a.) destroy him easily or b.) he is an immortal ethereal being that does not abide by the laws of man and he vaporizes you. what happens? we’ll see.

lindsey buckingham

  • should i fight?: yes
  • chance of winning: 2%-83%
  • yes. fight lindsey buckingham. in fact, he’ll probably start the fight and save you some effort. however, your likelihood of success depends on just what era of buckingham you are fighting here. 2015 buckingham? shouldn’t be a problem. solo buckingham? kick his ass. tusk tour buckingham? ehhhhh. rumours buckingham? you’re gonna die bruh. don’t fight rumours buckingham.


  • should i fight?: absolutely
  • chance of winning: 99%
  • fucking yes. fight slash. kick his ass. literally destroy him for all of us. do this service to your family and your country and to the world and kick slash’s ass to mars.

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one thing that always bothered me about the chantry explosion. Why did anders target the CHANTRY? Why didn't he try to blow up the Templar Barracks in the gallows? Even for the sake of starting the war wouldn't that have been a more obvious and direct gesture? Hawk and co can waltz in and out of Templar Hall any time they like so why not plant a bomb there instead? Why not put it right under Meredith's desk?

Because what Anders wanted was for the Right of Annulment to be called. 

“But wait!” you might be saying, “I thought Meredith had already called for it.” 

You’re right about that. It is confirmed, several times, by Templars and by Orsino, that Meredith had “sent for” the Right of Annulment. But what exactly does “sent for” mean? Let’s ask our good friend, the Right of Annulment page on the Wiki: 

The Right of Annulment is the right of the templars to kill all mages in a Circle of Magi, used as a last resort to restore order.

Divine Galatea granted the Right of Annulment to all the Grand Clerics of the Chantry in 2:83 Glory after an abomination slaughtered all mages and templars in the Nevarran Circle. Normally, the Right can only be invoked by a Grand Cleric or a de facto successor (Revered Mother); if there is no access to a Grand Cleric or Revered Mother, then Knight-Commanders of the Templar Order have legal authority to invoke the Right.

Pay close attention to that second paragraph. Let me emphasize that a bit: All Meredith could do, before the Chantry bombing, was ask nicely for the Right of Annulment. According to Chantry hierarchy, she should have asked Elthina, but we know that she went over Elthina’s head and asked Justinia. Why? Probably because Meredith saw, as any person who is actually paying attention to what Elthina did would, that Elthina would never have granted it. 

But would Justinia have granted it? Justinia, who inspired Leliana to change the Chantry? Justinia, who called the conclave because she wanted peace between the mages and the Templars? Justinia, whom we know respected Elthina? You’ll have to decide for yourself, but even if she would have, it would have taken a very long time, and Orsino could easily have put a stop to it if he had simply gone to Elthina and let her know how Meredith was undermining her; which is exactly what Orsino was trying to do when… Anders blew up the Chantry and killed every single one of the women who could have stopped Meredith from invoking the Right of Annulment. The Grand Cleric, and every single one of the Revered Mothers: they all had to die in order for Meredith to be able to invoke the Right of Annulment on the spot. 

Anders wasn’t trying to stop Meredith from invoking the Right; he was clearing a path for her

Oh, and he basically admits to this if you call him on it

But maybe that doesn’t get to the heart of the question: Why? 

I can’t pretend to have any kind of intimate understanding of Anders, but I’ll say that it looks to me like he wanted to use the Kirkwall Circle as sacrificial lambs. He wanted the world to see the largest Circle in the Free Marches slaughtered, down to the last child, in hopes that this would cause enough outrage for the mages and their allies in other parts of the southern Thedas to finally rise up. Best case scenario, in his mind, was probably for there to be a few survivors from Kirkwall to help spread the outrage and convince others to fight. 

Anders wanted a war. A war requires an enemy to fight. If he’d blown up the Templars, there wouldn’t be an enemy left for the Kirkwall mages to fight. No enemy, no war. So instead, he blew up the only thing holding the Templars back.

i hope you don’t mind but i’m gonna rant a bit here cause i need to get this off my chest!! firstly, i just wanna say the hq!! fandom is probably one of the best fandoms i’ve been in for a few years now and i’m v happy in it, but the length this fandom goes to either paint oikawa to be the devil himself, or a literal angel who’s done no wrong is amazing. like, he is probably one of THE most complex characters in hq!! too, and making him out to be either good or bad just ruins everything about his characters that makes him so great in the first place.

(before i go on, i want to mention, the post that made me mad enough to type this went something like “here’s a list of all the reasons why oiks is perfect and good, but nooo keep calling him mean n petty” and basically just overlooked how shitty he treated kageyama, and ushijima (to a degree since ushi did retaliate in his own kinda way but that’s a whole different story and tbh, i could write a novel-length essay based on oiks relationship w/ both ushi and kags hahah).

On the other hand, the amount of posts just villainising him (mostly either new ppl to the fandom who don’t really know his character, or shiratorizawa fans in my experience tho i won’t say they are the only ones who do it cause i don’t want to generalise or anything) absolutely astounds me, so the aforementioned post just pushed me over the edge.

I won’t post a link to the post bc I don’t want to start anything, bc in the end Oikawa is just a fictional character, but I thought this was worth mentioning bc i do reference little pieces of this post, below.)

Okay, continuing on w/ the rest of Oik’s character analysis.

on one hand, he is extremely hard-working and dedicated to his goals, and he is loyal af to his teammates, but on the other, he’s so petty and spiteful, and prideful and while having pride isn’t necessarily a bad thing, having too much pride is. And what’s more is both of these sides of him can be clearly seen within the manga/anime so to ignore one side is just confusing as hell to me.

An example highlighting the negative side of his personality would be his canon relationship with Ushijima. From what i can gather from both the manga and the anime, there are two main reasons why Oikawa really doesn’t like Ushijima; the first would be simply because he always lost to Ushijima i.e. he’s a sore loser, but let me elaborate on this since it’s a bit more complicated. Since he is so dedicated and hard-working, it definitely hurt him a lot that he never won and that is both fair, and expected but A) Ushijima didn’t win just to spite/be mean to Oikawa, he won bc that is the logical thing to do (why tf would u play a sport where u don’t want to win); and B) in canon, it is never stated (and def correct me if i’m wrong here) that Ushijima did not work just as hard to get as good as he is so saying he doesn’t deserve to win is hypocritical af (also, i don’t think he was said to be a genius like Kags or Noya but i might be wrong on this again so take this with a pinch of salt). And so, bc one of the reasons why he dislikes Ushijima is just simply bc he keeps on losing to him, it kinda makes him a petty asshole.

However, the second reason why he dislikes Ushijima highlights the better side of his personality, mainly how loyal he is towards his team, and that reason is bc of what Ushijima says to Oikawa about his choice of school, and the strength of his teammates (despite the fact that Ushi wasn’t intending to be mean - nonetheless, he did offend/insult Oikawa AND stick his nose where it didn’t belong but this is another thing entirely, so i won’t get into that rn). The best (and only, i think) example of this is Season 2 Ep 25 where Ushijima says to Oikawa that he chose the wrong path, to which Oikawa defended both himself and his team by saying that he did not choose the wrong path and that his volleyball career isn’t over just because he never won and went to nationals. This clearly shows both his resilient nature, knowing that just bc he never went to nationals in high school, doesn’t mean that his vball career is over; and his loyal nature, towards his team as he doesn’t blame them for being the reason why he never went to nationals (despite this being an easy option), and instead feels pride (the good kind) towards his team, and the effort they had made.

Season 2 Ep 25/Chapter 148)

Despite this Oikawa still acts shitty towards people he doesn’t like. A point that was made in the aforementioned post that made me mad, was that, how Oikawa treated Kageyama had little to no effect on him (Kags) later, and that Oikawa felt some sort of remorse towards Kageyama after almost physically attacking him. (And while i must agree that the post did have a few good points highlighting the good sides of his personality, I don’t agree with this point). It is shown multiple times throughout both the anime and the manga, that Kageyama both doesn’t like, and somewhat fears Oikawa and while this is partially due to his skill as a setter, another reason why, is how Oikawa treated him in middle school. If he were intimidated by other setters purely by their skill level and their experiences as a setter, he would not be so intently interested in Kenma back in Season 1 Ep 13/Chapter, or would not be as jealous as he was when he heard Tsukishima had trained with Akaashi (I can’t exactly remember nor find where this was, but I think it was during either the Karasuno VS Seijoh match in Season 2, or the Karasuno VS Shiratorizawa match); but as he not intimidated by them, it shows that there is something else about Oikawa that unnerves him, and that is Oikawa’s personality and how he treated/treats Kageyama. Kageyama even said himself during the Shiratorizawa match in Ep 2 that Oikawa is the only person who scares him. To have such an effect on a person, that Oikawa has on Kageyama shows just how dreadfully Oikawa treated him in middle school and how that effect still lingers despite Kageyama and Oikawa having little contact with each other.

(Season 1 Ep 11/Chapter 27)

(Season 1 Ep 13/Chapter 34)

However, Oikawa slightly redeems himself with another example that draws attention to the better side of his personality, and that can be seen when Kags asked Oikawa for advice during Season 2, Ep 6, and Oikawa actually did give Kageyama some very helpful advice (albeit in a less than polite manner, but still give credit where credit is due). From this, it’s very obvious to see how much he has matured during high school because he would NOT have done that during middle school looking at how he treated kageyama back then. This means that he has grown enough as a person to recognise the immature nature of his actions and change them accordingly.

(Season 2 Ep 6/Chapter 83)

(can we also just stop and appreciate how pretty oiks looks in that last panel?)

So i think that trying to portray Oikawa as someone who is either villainous (bc of how he treats/treated kageyama and ushijima) or angelic/a victim (bc of how the fandom or ushijima(again) treats him) kinda just, diminishes everything that makes him such a great character in the first place, and that just makes me really mad tbh.

Oikawa just deserves so much better than how a significant percentage of the fandom portrays him :/

( sorry if some parts don’t make much sense!! >.< this is the first time i’ve actually written a character analysis thingy like this so my thoughts might be everywhere^^)

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Iron Heart Update 6

Script progress:
Poland: 100%
Russia: 100%
America: 100%
Belarus: 100%
Prussia: 100%
Estonia: 100%
???: 93%
Crack ending 1: 100%
Crack ending 2: 100%
Overall: about 97%

Art recieved:
Poland: 88%
Russia: 100%
America: 50%
Belarus: 92%
Prussia: 98%
Estonia: 100%
???: 100%
Crack 1: 100%
Crack 2: 98%
Overall: about 83%

Poland: 100%
Russia: 100%
America: 70%
Belarus: 100%
Prussia: 100%
Estonia: 100%
???: 32%
Crack 1: 100%
Crack 2: 100%
Overall: about 76%

I FINALLY found out how to make those difficult sprites transparent! You have no idea how happy I am. 
I can finally start programming mystery man now that I finally made his sprites transparent. 
I started working on (and finished) a suitor introduction video (mystery guy will be introduced here). It will come out next week.  
The Belarus and Poland routes are tested.
Started programming mystery man’s route.
Worked on America’s route a bit (with the sprites that I do have).
Mystery Man’s route is almost completely scripted. 
Started working on implementing the credits.
All of the Luxembourg, France, Belarus, and Germany sprites are programmed.
Finished programming a crack route.  
I now have an official date for the game. I will post what I have on 23 August.

So it appears the first version of the game is going to have these five routes: Belarus, Poland, Russia, Prussia, and Estonia. I have a date set where I will post what I have finished. The things I am waiting on in order to put out this build are as follows:
Poland: 1 scene (I have someone working on this), and 2 more characters (this artist has done a lot of work for me so far and I know these will get done)
Prussia: 1 scene (I may not include this if it takes too long) 
Belarus: 1 scene (being drawn)
For America, I just need his sprites. They are currently being drawn (by someone really famous in the Hetalia community. I’m honestly surprised she volunteered).

Optional Characters: Mostly naked Prussia, Romania, Russia in a black suit.

Optional Scenes:
Russia singing as Sergey Lazarev (Like in Eurovision 2016)
Lithuania dressed up formal and singing on stage.
Lithuania with InCulto (and Bulgaria) (like in Eurovision 2010. Preferably the scene where they rip their pants off)
Lithuania and the whale swimming together
Belarus asleep.

I just finished a suitor introduction video. And in this video, mystery guy will finally be revealed! Let’s see if you can guess the rivals in order.