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This photo it’s a compo of two layers. The half bottom part processed in HDR and increased contrast. The upper part of the sky is a long exposure photo which has shot in 261", taken from another photo, becouse in the current photo the sky had no clouds. When I first saw this photo I though it would be more interested to created as I did. I hope you like it… Upper Layer: Samsung NX 1 Samsung NX 16-50mm f2-2.8 in 16mm Hoya ProND 1000 filter Iso 100 261" f/11 Lower layer: Samsung NX1 Samsung NX 16-50mm f2-2.8 in 50mm Iso 100 1/80" f/7.1

Isn’t it odd that Juliet of the Spirits is often regarded as an inferior film to   (and occasionally even seen as the decline in Fellini’s career), being described as “messy” and “self-indulgent”, when it’s pretty much the exact same movie as  … except one is about a horny middle aged man who’s an asshole to women, and the other is about a middle-aged woman finding her inner strength and coming to terms with herself? Hmmmm…

10 years later.

Artist: Lena_レナ | Source: | Twitter: inunekosukii | Pixiv: id=4269065
Translation: undercover-witch & Shu | Editing & Typesetting: aurieackerman
Translated & posted with permission. ※ Do not repost, edit, or delete the credits.
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here’s one update! 1 out of 8 charms I have done with ddadds :) (this was before i did minor changes on them) I have already ordered them in–hopefully they’ll turn out great!
fhet kitty stickers should be arriving today! ahhh