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Dual Destinies released on iOS in Japan

Well, this came out of nowhere fast! The Japanese version of Dual Destinies, Gyakuten Saiban 5, has just been released on iOS in Japan!


The game is playable on iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, and 5C, iPad 2 or newer, and iPod Touch 5th generation or newer. It requires iOS6.1 to iOS7.1. The game’s first episode is available free, with the remainder of the game a paid purchase. The original game’s DLC case, “Turnabout Reclaimed”, is also available, as are the bonus costumes and (JP-only) quizzes.

The first episode is free, while episodes 2-5 can be purchased for 2000 yen as a pack, or for 600 yen each. The DLC episode is also available for 600 yen.

No word yet on an English release, but we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks to NeoGAF user daydreaming for the tip!

On Holocrons

Like I promised. Here’s my musing on Kanan’s Holocron. All boldfaced portions below are CANON. My guesses are in italics.

1. Holocrons are valuable. So valuable, in fact, that guarding a Holocron is one of the most important assignment for a Jedi

1a. Because Holocrons “contain the most closely guarded secrets of the Jedi Order.

2. So important are they, only Jedi Council members are granted access to the Holocron Vault.

2a. Depa must have been – and indeed was – a Council Member because she could ‘check out’ a Holocron.

3. Therefore, it was simply TOTALLY SHOCKING for her giving of a Holocron to a Padawan who had just started his Padawan tenure a few months before.

3a. Either she was a fool, or…

3b. She saw something REALLY SPECIAL in Caleb’s Essence.

4. She gave a hint on how the Holocron will be useful.

4a. The Holocron will help Caleb with his questions (how to be critical of the Jedi Order?)

4b. And it will lead Caleb to an understanding of Peaceful Dissent (amicable schism? questions without hating/antipathy?)

5. A Holocron can only be opened using the Force. So far in canon, we have only seen 3 (three) persons opening a Holocron.

5a. Anakin Skywalker, who did it in a respectful way, possibly with great concentration?

5b. Ezra Bridger, who did it in an accidental way, possibly under duress/great stress?

5c. Kanan Jarrus, who did it in an almost casual way.

5c-1. Once when he wants to listen again to Obi-Wan’s words. He ‘just wanted to hear’, and the Holocron opened.

5c-2. Another time when he wants to know (a question!) the location of the nearest Jedi Temple. He was whiling the time, waiting for Ezra to arrive, so he just kind of open that Holocron just in case it has a map of a Temple. You know, kind of like someone opening a newspaper to find maybe there’s a sale of meiloorun fruits nearby.

5c+. We can also assume this to be a sign of how freakishly in-tune Kanan was with the Force

5c+1. Which was why he referred to The Force in FatG as if The Force had become something TANGIBLE for him. After all the years.

6. Kanan is now The Keeper of The Holocron

6a. The Holocron will be a very important device for the Light Side to recover after being snuffed out quite shockingly.

6b. Especially since he did not just ‘find’ a Holocron, but was actually ‘being given’ a Holocron, like an “official entrustment of a very ancient and very valuable treasure”

6b-1. It was as if Depa knew that the time was almost up for the Jedi, and a drastic measure had to be taken to ensure that at least ONE Holocron survived, in the hands of a proper person particularly attuned to The Force.

7. Ahsoka understood the importance of a Holocron, having been once assigned under Madame Jocasta. Kanan might not understand the importance of the Holocron, but she SHOULD understand.

7a. Therefore, it should be her self-assigned responsibility to ensure the safety the Holocron AND the safety of the Keeper of the Holocron, especially after she realized the situation (of Kanan and the Holocron).