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Computer help?

Someone has any tips on what’s the best parts to put in a computer that I’ll be building myself? Well not myself but you know what I mean.
Right now I have a laptop and this is all I know about it, it has Intel Core i7 3630QM 2.4GHz, 2 SSD of 500GB each and 16GB of RAM. I don’t even know what’s important in all this, I’m just telling your what I know aha.
I don’t want a laptop anymore. I want something that can run all my games at ultra settings, especially Sims 3 and 4 with custom content.


cosmiboi  asked:

What do you recommend to use to draw digital art with a 0.00 budget

aa ok let’s see 
Imma  start from your cheapest options and work my way up 

Note: almost all of these require a laptop/ computer so i can’t help you there 

A mouse 


contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a fancy tablet or anything like that to do digital art
i started off with a plain mouse and laptop and even though i was still learning at that time some of the stuff i made is pretty good (at least i think so)

if you are using SAI and a mouse there’s a type of layer that u can use called the linework layer and it basically makes u able to manipulate lines 

Cheap Tablet 

But if you are already set on buying a tablet than for a beginner i recommend getting the cheapest and simplest one
There’s no need to buy an expensive tablet and than realize art isn’t what you wanna do.
Start simple 

Try this


It’s a GENIOUS easy pen tablet and it was the first tablet i ever had.
It did the job and was very good at it.
the only downsides are that the pen need a battery and it is a bit heavier than most 
but you get used to it 


This ties in with the mouse kinda but listen for a sec 
if you are already used to traditional art and just wanna spice your drawings up a bit than i recommend getting a scanner

They are cheap and affordable and get the job done.
@glamist-art had a scanner for a while and she would finish her drawings with a mouse and they turned out amazing.

That’s all i gotta say about that.


I think that’s all the advice i got 

Just remember that you don’t need some high class expensive tablet to make your art good.
You make your art good not the machine.

Good luck!

So I’ve had my Switch since the dang thing came out, but I STILL can’t get it to connect to our Wi-Fi. It doesn’t even seem to pick up our router’s signal at all, yet it picks up others at friend’s houses just fine. The only way I can use it on our router is if I use my LAN cable, but I refrain from using it because other people in the house complain about how slow their connections get. I’ve tried researching for the signal countless times, even tried putting it in manually (to the best of my ability) and it still doesn’t work. Dammit, I just wanna play Splatoon 2 without going to someone else’s place. Our router is a Broadcom 802.11 with a 2.4GHz network band. Any help is much appreciated!