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A letter to Taylor.

I’m about to tell you guys a story.

BACKGROUND i’ve been following this onision drama since the Skye days. (My ringtone was actually a clip from the “my happy Halloween” video) i used to be a big fan (fun with onision #7 was a great video. Don’t deny it) Until things got weird. (Memory loss incident anyone?)
I discovered the drama blogs about 2-3years ago, when “laineybot” came into the picture. I remember thinking “what the hell? Why is he with this chick? She’s younger than ME? And they’re married? Wow that was fast”
I knew they were having a baby and starting a family and i was all “yeah, whatever. Cool” i wasn’t really keeping UP up with the drama. I knew the sites existed but i wasn’t really interested. I’d check in periodically just to see what the new scoop was. “Oh so this bitch is pretentious. She thinks so highly of herself. Does she have an eating disorder? I hope he’s not treating her like he did shiloh” things like that nothing to important.
I found out she was a Libra. And my Libra obsessed self decided to check out her Twitter and instagram(at the time her insta was private, so i followed her) read a couple tweets, looked at a couple pictures. As a hairdresser i took notice of her hair, much like i do anybody else’s, but the page Wasn’t too interesting so i left it be. Her pictures would come up on my instagram home page from time to time..
About 2 weeks ago i noticed a picture where she had colored her hair. Now with darker, you tend to see more damage that you would with lighter hair. And girl’s hair was FRIED. So i decided to give her a bit of hair advice. Suggested she use a protein pack. Her “fans” took that opportunity to try to rip me a new asshole. And i mean they tried HARD. Even going so far at so threaten and speak ill of my 4 month old baby. Apparently giving her hair advice was rude.
So, being baffled by this behavior, i took to one of the drama sites and vented. Not about Taylor, mind you, but about her followers.
Apparently this caught her attention. Or at least her friends attention. I got a DM of my drama post with captions talking about how fake i am. As you can imagine i was like “what the fuck”.
This happened, that happened and some how i was taking to Taylor. I apologized for my post (as she found it offensive) and she apologized for her fans. She told me to let her know if anything like that happened again. We shared acouple casual conversations (which mainly consisted of me recommending hair products for her) and All was well.
Until recently.
She posted a picture regarding circumcision. And how it’s unethical yadda yadda. And i noticed how negative her fans were being towards mothers who circ’d their children. They were being down right NASTY. And that pissed me off. I’m not on either side of this debate, however, i think it is bloody ridiculous that ANYONE thinks they have the right to call someone a piece of shit for doing something they thought would better their child. That’s disgusting to me. And so i let my opinion be known.
Next thing i know my pictures are being bombarded by her “intactivist legion” getting told how I’m a piece of shit mom, that they hope something happens to me so i can’t have any more kids, taking about how fucked up my son must be for having such a shitty parent, blah blah blah. Just because I mentioned some of the flaws in their argument. And what did Taylor do? NOTHING. she didn’t care. So it was me against 6 different people telling me how I’m such a terrible mom. This went on for THREE days
So i took to the drama sites in hopes that someone would come to my defense. Never mentioned a word about pretty princess Lambert. Only her rabid fans.
Now today, Taylor went out of her way to send me a kik message. Telling me she saw my post and how disrespectful and dishonest i am. And informing me that I was blocked.

What the fuck? Bitch please.
You’re gonna talk to ME about disrespect? the ring leader of one of the most disrespectful groups of people I’ve ever had the displeasure converse with? You make me laugh. Your hypocrisy is astounding.
I didn’t say shit about you. It’s not my fucking fault if you’re offended by what i have to say about your fans. Go talk to THEM. I didn’t do anything wrong. Get the fuck over yourself, you pretentious cunt. If you want a shitstorm, you got it.
Maybe your bitch ass should be more concerned with treating people with respect, rather than rallying against mothers for doing something you don’t agree with.
What was that thing about you being a person and having feelings? Well, same goes for everybody else. You might benefit from that golden rule “treat others the way your want to be treated” ever heard of it? Christ on a stick.
And i know you read these, and wanted to take this moment to say; FUCK YOU Oh. And for the record. I liked Shiloh do much more than you. At least SHE had a personality and talents. And some pretty big accomplishments. What have you accomplished? Oh yeah. You breast feed. Great job!