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Just curious: what's wrong with Shinsou?

Shinsou assuming that Izuku had never gone through his own struggles because he had such a strong quirk really bugged me, tbh

i mean, i understand why Shinsou felt that way, since he’s been struggling with how his quirk is viewed all his life, and from Shinsou’s point of view, Izuku is pretty amazingly strong. it makes sense that he’d think that.

and i understand that he’s frustrated and wants to do more with his life, and feels like he’s being held back by the system and feels like he may never reach his dream (tho that seems to be changing now after the tournament)

but it just annoys me b/c Izuku had to work for his power, and spent a lifetime of people telling him he’d never reach his dream. Izuku had to earn OFA, he had to earn his place at UA, he had to earn where he is now in his life. he worked for it, he worked hard for it (a little too hard at times), and had to deal with a lot of shit in the process. people doubting him, bullying him, laughing at him, telling him he’d be better off dead, etc, all his life.

just because someone is strong doesn’t mean they don’t have their own struggles.

so… yeah. his attitude just kinda bugged me. i’m sure i’ll end up liking him more later on, and i realize he was just lashing out his own frustrated feelings on Izuku, and i know Izuku himself isn’t bothered by it at all. 

and it’s not like i hate him or think he’s a bad character. it’s just something he did that bugged me, and that’ll be my biggest impression of him as a character until we see more of him (which… will be who knows when).

i’m actually really looking forward to seeing how he’ll grow as a character, tbh. but for now.. yeah lol


These have been done for a while, I’ve just been a little apprehensive about uploading pictures of them because every single picture turned out dark and blurry. I did my best to fix them but there was only so much I could do

Anyways 10 pairs of horns is a lot to make

You never planted flowers in my lungs, nor did you ever release butterflies into my stomach. I met you and my world seemed to stop, because you were the missing part of my soul that I could never quite properly fill up.  I remember the day you invaded my heart and very being. You opened the door slowly and soundlessly, making sure you were careful and unnoticeable -I saw you though, albeit you being careful you filled my heart up with your presence to the point where it became overwhelming-  you shook hands with my anxiety, you hugged my depression and said a polite hello to my demons. That’s when I realized you can never release butterflies into my stomach or fill my lungs with flowers because you built yourself a home in between my ribs and the your presence didn’t leave enough room for the flowers to grow or the butterflies to glide around.

They say that if you meet someone who makes your heart race and flowers grow in your lungs then they’re not your soulmate, your soulmate should calm you down not work you up, and god am i happy that you were too allergic to flowers to plant them in my lungs

Can we romanticize video games the way we do books?

Like you hear all these things about how you can curl up with a book on a rainy day and drink tea and smother yourself in blankets but anytime you hear things about video games it’s always about how you’re wasting your life away yelling into a headset as you play Call of Duty in a basement?

Imagine bundling yourself up on the couch, the sound of rain hitting the roof, and putting on Fable for a few hours. Or getting home after a long day of work. You make yourself a cup of cocoa, put on fuzzy pjs, and play Viva Piñata for hours not giving a second thought to the outside world. Semester just got out? Throw on some Fallout and just take a night to breathe and enjoy.

You aren’t wasting your life away, you’re enjoying it. Games can be just as much an escape as books, except you get to be part of the story.

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rip, the blue glass thingie loki caught mid-air c’: