2 2=fish

So it’s a Sunday. We close at 4. These girls come in at about 3:50/3:55. No big deal. They make a b-line for the tills where me and my coworker are pricing and tagging things before putting them out.

Girl 1: “Sorry, but could you please tell me how much this is worth?” *Hands Scottish £5 over*
Me: “Uh… £5.”
Girl 2: “Yeah but turn it over!!”
Me: [Internally] It’s gonna be a fake or something. *Turns note over*
Girl 2: “It’s got 2 fish on it!!”
Coworker: “Yeah but… It’s still worth £5…?”
Girls: *Run off giggling*
Coworker: [Under his breath] “What the fuck just happened?”

We still don’t know.

But to the girls - how much do you think those fish are worth? We had a right good giggle after we got our heads around whatever the fuck that was all about though, so thank you I guess.

Pho Pas

Today’s recipe is the twin sister of the recipe I created for Tasteseekers Kitchen (R.I.P. – I feel the need to say this every time). This recipe is WAY overdue because this feels like a thing I should’ve posted years and years ago.

I know a lot of you out there love pho, but here are four super important reasons why I love pho:

  • It’s delicious
  • It’s soothing
  • You can make it your own thanks to all of the condiment options
  • You can make a lot of pho-king bad food puns #seewhatIdidthere

Uh, you’re welcome.

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Please don't entreat people to support zionists under the umbrella of feminism

Please don’t manipulate people into not seeing the movie because for some reason you and other extreme SJW’s are under the ridiculous impression that Gal is a Zionist. Most people calling her a Zionist A. Has no idea what they’re talking about or even what a Zionist is. B. Have no fucking idea what the Palestine-Israel conflict is about. And C. You’re under some ridiculously delusional impression that somehow going to see Wonder Woman is supporting Israel in the Palestine-Israel conflict because apparently the actions of an entire country rests on Gal’s shoulders. That’s like someone saying 2+2=Fish
Gal served a mandatory two year time in the Israeli Defense force from 2003-2005 while the second intifada was going on. And if you have no idea what the Second Intifada was, let me break it down for you- after an Israeli leader came into a Muslim Holy Place, the Hamas pushed back because the Israeli’s were overstepping their lines- lines of which the Palestinians were under the assumption they were under protection for because of the Oslo agreement. This happened in 2000, so by the time Gal was even in the IDF, the Second Intifada was nearly over. The horrendous things happening nowadays that you see on the news has nothing to fucking do with Gal. She even said she wanted peace between the two sides and wants a peaceful conclusion where they break up the two states. So, kindly stop spreading this anti-Semitic bullshit and parading around like you’re high and mighty and know what’s happening so people won’t see the film. Seeing or not seeing the film won’t do jack shit to help or hurt a conflict that has literally been going on for 76 years. This is the last time I’m replying to some anonymous coward trying to provoke me so you can send your small misinformed army to come after me. So, kindly, fuck off 🙃

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it drives me crazy that ppl don't take power rangers seriously but they take all other super heroes seriously. Like people legit didn't see power rangers bc "it's power rangers, like come on" but fucking everyone is going to see guardians of the galaxy which is also literally a team of superheroes??? Like why is one more "mature" than the other

exactly lmao and the funny part is that everyone is judging it without have seeing it??? like 2+2=fish… hons this isn’t nickelodeon’s power rangers. you really think LIONSGATE would have distributed it if that was the case!! LIKE YALL REALLY THINK WE WOULDVE GOTTEN A REBOOT AT ALL IF THAT WAS THE CASE??? the answer is no. anyways i still have hope for a sequel bc they don’t have a current franchise to really put them up there with other big movie companies. like hunger games over??? twilight been gone??? divergent found dead at which ever tv network the last movie is gonna be aired on??? i only see power rangers being their next franchise but we gonna see. fingers crossed tho

the signs: are sgins
  • aerie: 25% all bras
  • bull: moo
  • twins: twins
  • cancer: oo.. ://
  • lion: leo the lion
  • virgo: i dont know what u are and im sorry
  • library: weigh on the scale
  • poison crab: ouch
  • saggitatrrous: saggitairious
  • caprisun: corn
  • aquaman: stay hydrated :)
  • 2 fish: 2 fish

I was tagged by @espionageoftheheart
Rules: answer 11 questions, then ask 11 questions. Tag the people you want to answer.

1. Countries you’ve visited?
Live in the U.S. and have been briefly to Canada 
2. Favourite meal?
Does this mean breakfast lunch or dinner, or what food? I don’t rly know either
3. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Annie on my Mind? Maybe? Or maybe A Discovery of Witches 
4. Next TV show you think you’ll watch?
No idea sorry. Maybe s4 of orphan black
5. Favourite musician/ band?
Haha dont make me choose pls. Maybe mcr but…
6. Number of pets you’ve had?
Chickens, 3 (4?) cats, 2 fish, 2 dogs in my whole life I think
7. If you could have any eye colour, what would it be and why?
I would maybe add some purple or gold bits into my current blue. But that you had to look to see. Bc that would be cool
8. Favourite pair of shoes you own?
My leather boots
9. Favourite precious stone (e.g. emerald or diamonds)?
Topaz - my birthstone
10. A movie or TV show episode that you stopped watching before the end?
Many. So many. Let us go with Charmed
11. If you had to have a different name, what would it be?
Fern? I was almost named that.

And also by @lucifers-tacos

1. Favorite cuss word
Shit has a special place in my heart. But also for exclamations I like to say oh my goodness or gosh darn it
2. Dream job
Editor of books. Or maybe musician. But that one is highly improbable
3. Your nickname
Wil, Owl
4. Worst fear
(Copy and pasted) Losing friends (death or growing apart)
Being less valued to people than they are to me/caring about people who do not actually like me or like me less than other people
Forgetting things important to me or about the past or changing as a person/not being true to myself
Wasting my life: realizing at the end of my life and I never did things that made me happy, that I loved, that I wanted to do
5. Favorite genre of music 
6. Something you absolutely hate
7. Favorite pet
Haha no I loved them all
8. Best concert you’ve been too (if you have gone to one before)
First Panic! I went to or seeing Frank. Probably Frank
9. Favorite band
See other questions above
10. Favorite tv show or movie
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
11. Song that needs to be blasted super loud when listening to
Nanana? Destroya? There are more but I am lazy

And I am way to lazy to think of questions and tag people sorry

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1) Relationship status?


2) Pets?

1 dog, 2 fishs, 2 turtles, 11 cats ( six kitten’s :p )

3) Last song listened to?

“ ★ Nightcore ★ ~ Beep Beep Im a Sheep GUN SYNC ~ (The Living Tombstone Remix)    “


4) Favourite TV shows?

Who watch TV when you can go on INTERNETT !!! waiteveryonehowsurprising.

5) Hobbies?

Sleeping, drawing, gaming, watching anime and eating your souls.

6) Nicknames?


7) Star sign


8) Height?

around 1.78 meters ?



10) Time right now?

23 h 53

11) Last thing I googled

158 cm

12) Favourite music artist?

“ TRACER VS SCOUT Rap Battle “  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

13) Last TV show I watched

-See question 4-

14) Last movie I watched?

A documentary i think…

15) When did you make this blog?


16) Any other blogs?
One, but almost empty xD

17) Do you get asks regularly?

When i ask for asks xD

18) Why did you choose your URL?




20) Gender?

Male, vegetable in the heart.

21) Hogwarts house?

Slytherin , I love snakes, don’t judge

22) Average hours of sleep at night?

OVER 9000 !!!!

23) Dream job?

i don’t know xD

24) Amount of followers on this blog?


wait since WHEN °Д°  ?!?!

25) First ten songs on shuffle?

Whatdoesthatevenmean… @_@

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The fish dog couldn't breath, why did they come here! Oh to make friend but to be chased into the outback by a big dog didn't help their situation. Their gills were drying out and they needed water, the 2 1/2 tall fish pup lays under a bush for shade and gasped, their long-ish fish tail hung out of the bush. (fish-puppo-puuwai)


Rat hadn’t realised he’s been followed until he heard the raspy gasp. The junker turned around to search for the source of the noise and was met with a strange creature, which he approached and knelt next to. “What’re ya doin’ here- s’way too far from t’water..” Rat mumbled, touching the dried out skin. 

All he could do for now was emptying the water of his canteen to save the pupper some time. He then wrapped them in his bedroll to protect the dog from the sun and picked them up- “Lets gets y’back before y’die…”

greek mythological figure: DEMETER, goddess of the harvest
last place they went on vacation?: DISNEYLAND
when they were little, what did they want to be when they grew up?: A VET OR A PEDIATRICIAN 
what is their current occupation?: DIY YOUTUBER & MOMMY BLOGGER
guilty pleasure: PINTS OF ICE CREAM

More Than Enough

A/N: This is for Day 13: High School. Sorry about the lateness! Caroline is a cheerleader and Klaus is her tutor.

Caroline is seated in her usual seat- the front of the class, of course. She’s turned away, conversing with Bonnie about the latest gossip enrapturing the school. They adored their friends, Elena and Katherine, but even they couldn’t restrain themselves from indulging in the gossip after the twins had a threesome with Stefan Salvatore’s older brother, Damon.

“I seriously don’t know how they did that. They were probably drunk out of their minds.” Caroline grimaces, an imagery of the threesome bubbling in her head.

Bonnie shrugs, amused. “I don’t know. I mean, I imagine it would be a lot like looking in the mirror.”

Their snickers are interrupted when their teacher clears his throat beside them. They feebly school their expressions, just barely stifling their giggles. Bonnie and Caroline exchange a guilty look, hoping that Mr. Tanner didn’t catch the brunt of their conversation.

Caroline turns over the stapled pages on her desk and her heart drops. “What the hell is this?!”

“Miss. Forbes.” Mr. Tanner regards her with an authoritative glare, warningly.

The blonde exhales heavily, biting the exasperated string of litanies on the tip of her tongue. “I don’t understand. This has to be a mistake, Mr. Tanner. I studied so hard for this test.” She lets the paper lay back on her desk, the red “F” staring back at her condescendingly. Her eyes snap up to her teacher’s, wide and insistent.

“I’m sorry, Caroline, but numbers don’t lie. If you need extra help, I would suggest seeing a tutor at the tutoring center.”

Caroline slumps in her seat, dejectedly. “A tutor?” She turns to her friend behind her, irritation etched across her pretty face. “Does he know who I am? I have cheer practice and a million meetings. When am I supposed to pencil in seeing a stupid tutor?”

Bonnie shrugs empathetically. “If it makes you feel any better, I’m not doing any better.” The brunette gestures to her own cringe worthy grade.

Caroline sighs, turning to the front as the bell rang.

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Rosemary Baked Chicken Thigh

This recipe makes a filling dinner for a table of 4. It could be a dish to make on a weekend night for the family.

I love to eat any form of roasted chicken with crispy skin. The golden color of the skin always makes the chicken seem so delicious! The trick to this recipe is first to pan fry the chicken before placing in the oven. The pan- frying process gets rid of any extra moisture in the skin, so when you bake it, you can get super crispy skin!


  • 2 chicken thighs
  • 2 tbsp fish sauce
  • salt and pepper
  • 8 cloves crushed garlic
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • 3 sprigs Rosemary


1. In a mortar, slowly add olive oil to the minced garlic to form almost a liquid-like paste. Keep grinding the minced garlic. Add in some white pepper powder and mix well.

2. When the garlic, olive oil paste is ready, rub the chicken thigh with the paste. Make sure to rub the bottom as well to give it its full flavor.

3. Heat up a shallow pan at high heat. When the pan is ready, pan fry the chicken thigh for 4 minutes each side. (So total 8 minutes).

4. Place the chicken thigh in a baking pan.

5. In a bowl, mix together crushed rosemary, fish sauce, and salt & pepper.

6. Rub the chicken thigh throughout with the rosemary mixture. Add the remaining sauce into the pan.

7. Place 2-3 sprigs of rosemary on top of the chicken thigh.

8. Then bake at 200'C until the skin is golden brown (around 20 minutes). - you can always test with a toothpick if you’re unsure about its doneness.