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I want to do a movie night on rabb.it. next Friday. A site where you can share your screen and watch movie with your friends and chat.

Let’s pick a movie.

This my list.

Off The Wall Documentary (1HR 50 min)
Bad 25 Documentary (2 HR 11 min)
The Making of Thriller / Captain Eo (52 min)
This Is It (1HR 52 min)
The Wiz (2HR 16 min)
MoonWalker (1HR 34 mins)

LMAO that’s it. Blame Mj for not getting into more movies. :(

Comment your choices.

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where they were devon, robin and zack at the time of the shooting ?

Devon was in math class when the shooting started and escaped quickly without encountering Dylan and Eric.  She reached safety and was listening to news reports that included descriptions of the killers, but no names.  "I knew immediately that it was Eric, and when I heard the description of the other boy, I knew it had to be Dylan,” she said.  Devon returned to the school and went to police to identify her friend as one of the killers. 

Robyn Anderson along with her friends Monica Schuster and Tammy Golden, drove away from Columbine around 11:10 to go for lunch at Dairy Queen. Her friends relay that she seemed a bit rushed to leave for lunch. When they returned around 11:25am, they were stuck in the parking lot for 2 ½ hours. Between 11:25 am-12:05 pm, all three of them saw Eric/Dylan in the Library windows at least once.  Robyn spent the aftermath of the shootings huddled in her car for three hours and at one point was hunched over on the floor in front of her car seat because she heard shots fired and glass windows breaking. The moment they had pulled into the lot, a cop car followed them and told them to stay put, Robyn and her two friends realized they were watching shots being fired from the library windows and saw two figures walking around one in a white t-shirt.  Robyn was nervously eating her Dairy Queen lunch and crying off and on. Her friends heard her say things like ‘who could be doing this?  students?’  When they finally left the school and were listening to police and news reports and Robyn had heard ‘TCM’, her friends remembers Robyn saying ‘one of the descriptions sounds like Dylan’ and then ‘I hope they didn’t do something stupid.’

Zack Heckler, who was in the choir room when the carnage started. He ran outside with a group of students and ended up in the Smokers’ Pit. Zack helped other students climb over the fence, then clambered over himself. They all ran toward the Columbine Public Library, about 400 yards away. Along the way, one of Zack’s friends suffered an asthma attack.

Main Stage
Saturday, September 2
11:25 am - 12:25 pm

Book Signing
Saturday, September 2
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The best-selling author of the wildly popular Outlander series, Diana Gabaldon has written eight Outlander novels, which have sold more than 28 million copies. Her new book, “Seven Stones to Stand or Fall: A Collection of Outlander Fiction” (Delacorte) comprises seven novellas of Outlander fiction, two of which have never been published. Gabaldon is currently working on the ninth Outlander book but says she cannot predict when it will be completed. “My books are huge and take an enormous amount of time to write. Plus, I have to do a lot of historical research for each book.”

Source: (one of her vices) Twitter

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2, 11, 25, 26, 38, 44, 53, 57, 87, 91, 97, 110, 124 & 139 😉

Thank you anon!!🙏🙏🙏

2. Three things I love: 
My dog, Oikawa, doodling 

11. Favourite place:
Hmmm… at home!! Like in my town 

25. Tattoos and piercing i want:
I dont want any piercings (im hella scared theyll get ripped off..) but a tattoo…hmmm Probably a quote tbh! Idk what quote tho

26. The reasons I joined Tumblr:
Well I joined back in 2011 (lol) but i still remember!! It was bc a artist from deviantart that i rly liked started to post on here so i wanted to follow them

38. What do I think about most?:
About the future I think.. :’) What’ll happen to my friends, family and myself! And my nephews and stuff

44. Do I believe in luck?:
Hmmm when it comes to others I think I do! Like how some ppl are rly lucky and some aren’t.. But not for myself! I don’t think anything I do can change my “luck” and I dont see myself as particularly lucky or unlucky

53. What is my favorite word?:
“Lol“ probably lol!! 

57.What is my current desktop picture?:
Commission I made from @oinkawa !!! <3

87. What I’d do if I won in a lottery:
Share it with my family! And save some

91. Are you outgoing or shy?:
Mostly shy!! 

97. What are your 5 favourite songs right now?:

  • Stand by me - Ben E. King
  • The winner takes it all - Abba
  • Hooked on a feeling - Blue Swede
  • Shit to wreck - Florence + the machine
  • Everybody knows - Jukebox the Ghost


110. Have you ever liked someone and never told them?
Romantically? 100% absolutely! 

124. Favourite ice cream flavour? 

139. Do you believe in ghosts? 
Eeeee not rly? But idk, I dont rly worry about stuff like that too much! If they’re there they’re there idk… Its too far out of my reach to think ab rly!

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2, 11, 17, 25, 29 for the gay ask thing!

2 and 29 are the ones that were done already, for reference!

11. would you ever date someone who owned rodents or reptiles?

yes??? of course???? owning rodents is trans culture and owning reptiles is gay culture

17. night club gay or cafe gay?

night club gay but only if I can get absolutely wasted and hit on all my friends

25. how do you determine if you want to be them or be with someone

it’s both. it’s always both.

I don’t think that’s a cop out of an answer, I just genuinely think that I don’t have the emotional ability developed to distinguish between different kinds of attraction + the whole “I am very trans” thing

thank you & sorry for the wait <3

death-lotus-katarina  asked:

2 25 16 11

2- First main?


25- Least favorite champion?

Stinky boi

16- Last champ played?

Syndra! Was playing Invasion :3c

11- Worst league experience?

One time I had a Karthus realize a friend and I were girls, fed, and continued to blame us for losing because “That’s why girls shouldn’t be allowed on the internet.” He was probably trolling, and I usually don’t care for such nonsense, but it pissed me off. 

coca-colonialism  asked:

2,7,11,19, 25: What's your general opinion of non-Hetalia Personifications, be they Original (Like Daniel or George), or from another media such as Polandball, Afghanisu-tan, or Scandinavia and the World?

come on tumblr, lets get ~~CONTROVERSIAL~~

2: Opinions on HRE? Look my weeb bitch ass has subscribed to the Germany=HRE theory for so damn long that I’ve got no idea what proof for it is, and frankly the best you can get from me is that HRE forms at least a small, subconscious part of Germany. At this point history and canon can suck my duck, its been like 4 years and even if canon says no it can fuck off. Anyway last time I checked that was a common belief anyway.

7: Thoughts on controversial ships? (i.e: Us//Uk, Spam//ano, Ita//cest, etc.) Look, I 100% fucking HATE incest ships. Like, idk what fandom it is,I do not ship anything that I know is incest. In Hetalias case, ita//cest, Rus//Bel, or anything where they are canon siblings is a giant fuckoff. US//UK sits in that odd grey area where they’re not family so I ship it but they were adopted family at one point so???? and Spa//mano is just. My rules say pedo stuff can get fucked, so its only in the context of consenting adults for me. But I’m ok with self-cest. I mean, so long as both selfs are consenting adults, do as you wish.  Oh, and fluffy ships are all g if both characters are underage eg. chibitalia and HRE, and micro-nation ships.

11: Thoughts on political fanart? You have the right to freedom of speech. But with political fanart,I think that it should only be about issues that directly affect you, using your country, adopted or birth. And like all political stuff, you need to be willing to take criticism. But if you’re using any character to promote honestly shitty shit like, homophobia, transphobia, racism, white supremacy, ect. you can get fucked. That shit aint cool. But so long as you can do that,go ahead. I just wont look at it odds are.

19: Do you think a blogger should have to Trigger Tag a ship or character?  Look, a trigger is a trigger and its to be respected. I trigger tag a ship for a friend, and so I think its just common decency to respect peoples triggers. Some people get triggered by weird shit, and so long as its genuinely reasonable (and you fuckers know what I mean by that so sit tf down becky) theres no reason not too. Just dont be a dickhead.

25: Ask any question you want!  ( What’s your general opinion of non-Hetalia Personifications, be they Original (Like Daniel or George), or from another media such as Polandball, Afghanisu-tan, or Scandinavia and the World?)

I fuckin nut for dan Nah, jk. Look, Hetalia doesn’t own the concept of representations, and by this point how many of us actually follow canon strictly? $50 for the first person who can find a regularly used blog over a year old that hasn’t given up on canon and told it to fuck off, using only the parts they like. I think non-hetalia personifications are cool. And I dont read any of the comics you mentioned, but from what I’ve seen its a similar idea, and they’re funny. at least SatW is. Maria is only reaaaaaaaaly loosely affiliated with hetalia by this point, same with Matt. So.

D’aw, Trinket...

@ellanarosetw asked: hi, love the blog! would you be so kind as to make a list of the times matt does the whole sad bear routine please? one of my favourite moments is trinket’s reaction to the ribbons. thanks! <3

Gif by lilefarc

We decided to include all instances where Matt or the rest of the cast pretends to be Trinket, because he’s just so cute. Thanks to Don Dresser and @SilentEnGee for all their help! Updated through episode 54.

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Dark&Wild Voice Compilation
V from BTS
Dark&Wild Voice Compilation

1. Danger (0:00 - 0:0:21)

2. Hormone War (0:22 - 0:37)

3. Hip Hop Lover (0:38 - 0:50)

4. Let Me Know (0:51 - 1:05)

5. Rain (1:06 - 1:15)

6. Can You Turn Off Your Phone (1:16 - 1:34)

7. Blanket Kick (1:35 - 1:46)

8. 24/7=Heaven (1:47 - 1:56)

9. Look Here (1:57 - 2:20)

10. 2nd Grade (2:21 - 2:25)

11. Does That Make Sense? (2:26 -2:44)