racialized misogyny in media is when Deke Shaw gets to tell EVERYBODY about his creepy “feelings” for the woman he sold into slavery. the woman whom Deke’s granfather tortured and Deke thought it was a move worthy of respect


Daisy Johnson is not allowed by the writers to tell ANYONE about the trauma of having been knocked out, immobilized, painfully tortured and having had her bodily autonomy violated by one of her closest friends, while the rest of her friends act like it was no big deal

Maybe this is just my stubborn refusal to like Rumple talking but the way they are trying to redeem his and Killian’s relationship rubs me the wrong way on two levels.

The first one is that he technically never hurt this Killian, so it has a lot less impact than it would if he was helping Original Killian.

The second one is that (correct me if I am wrong) they have not yet addressed the fact that Rumple murdered Milah and maimed Killian for life. That was crux of what their feud was about and that is how it should end. With even addressing it in a throwaway line would be good enough. Because I think that “we care about the same person so it’s a truce” is a good foundation for a redemption, but it’s not a redemption (look at how that worked out with Emma and Regina).

Also the fandom reaction is putting me off it a lot, because from what I can tell it’s “yay Hook is being nice to Rumple” and not “Rumple is no longer hurting Killian” because yes, let’s act like Killian was the one with the issues.

God RuPaul’s shit about comparing trans women transitioning to “performance enhancing drugs” is fucking insane to me. Besides being disgustingly transphobic, what is even the logic?

You’re really over here telling me a bitch’s titties are gonna give her an unfair advantage? How a pair of titties gonna help a bitch win an acting or singing challenge? A choreography challenge? Her titties gonna jump out her chest and work the sewing machine??? Like????????