1x8: two to one


No one is gonna cut you up into little pieces tonight (13/99)

(So why do you want to get your license?) Tired of carrying my passport into bars. It’s so bulky (14/99)

I think I see Joaquin Phoenix (15/99)

I think I left half a chicken Philly steak in the fridge labeled ‘Dr. S,’ so that’s up for grabs (16/99)

  • Danny: Hey. Listen, we owe you an apology.
  • Mindy: Yeah, you do. Let's hear it.
  • Danny: I just did it.
  • Mindy: No, you said, "I owe you an apology." Saying you owe me $10 is different than giving me $10.
  • Danny: You... want me to give you $10?
  • Mindy: Yeah! Ok.
  • Danny: *gets $10 from wallet* There you go. I apologize.

Credit: Sannex7