Stranger Things

Stranger Things 1X1 Chapter One: The Vanishing Of Will Byers

Stranger Things 1X2 Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street

Stranger Things 1X3 Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly

Stranger Things 1X4 Chapter Four: The Body

Stranger Things 1X5 Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat

Stranger Things 1X6 Chapter Six: The Monster

Stranger Things 1X7 Chapter Seven: The Bathtub

Stranger Things 1X8 Chapter Eight: The Upside Down

Every episode of RWBY, Ranked

Ranked from worst to best in my opinion. (Although, the title of “worst RWBY episode” is kind of like “least richest billionaire.” Even at its worst, this show is tremendous.) Feel free to disagree with me on this, because I didn’t spend nearly enough time on it. My askbox is open.

40. 3x6 Fall

39. 1x9 The Badge and The Burden Pt. 1

38. 1x7 The Emerald Forest Pt. 2

37. 1x11 Jaunedice Pt. 1

36. 1x3 The Shining Beacon Pt. 2

35. 1x4 The First Step Pt. 1

34. 1x12 Jaunedice Pt. 2

33. 1x2 The Shining Beacon Pt. 1

32. 1x5 The First Step Pt. 2

31. 2x2 Welcome to Beacon

30. 1x13 Forever Fall Pt. 1

29. 2x3 A Minor Hiccup

28. 1x6 The Emerald Forest Pt. 1

27. 2x5 Extracurricular

26. 3x4 Lessons Learned

25. 2x10 Mountain Glenn

24. 2x8 Field Trip

23. 1x10 The Badge and The Burden Pt. 2

22. 1x15 The Stray

21. 2x9 Search And Destroy

20. 2x7 Dance Dance Infiltration

19. 3x7 Beginning Of The End

18. 3x8 Destiny

17. 3x3 It’s Brawl In The Family

16. 1x14 Forever Fall Pt. 2

15. 1x8 Players and Pieces

14. 3x1. Round One

13. 3x2 New Challengers

12. 3x5 Never Miss A Beat

11. 2x4 Painting The Town

10. 2x6 Burning The Candle

9. 1x1 Ruby Rose

8. 3x9 PvP

7. 2x12 Breach

6. 1x16 Black and White

5. 2x11 No Brakes

4. 2x1 Best Day Ever

3. 3x10 Battle Of Beacon

2. 3x12 End Of The Beginning

1. 3x11 Heroes and Monsters

@doujenshi I do 5/3/1 cycles!

For example today was leg day 5 cycle and then the next leg day I will go to the 3 cycle then eventually 1(that’s where I usually go for my PRs)

Squats(ATG) 5x5 135lbs
Sumo deadlifts-5 sets doing pyramid weights (going from lighter with higher reps to heavier with lower reps):
•1x10 65lbs
•1x10 95lbs
•1x5 135lbs
•1x3 165lbs
•1x1 185lbs (I hit my new PR today woooo~)
Cable leg extensions/donkey kicks 5x10 20-45lbs
Leg press 5x20 120lbs (these kick my ass and I have to roll out of the machine lol)
There’s some more leg machines that are typically done and sometimes I go to the smith machine and do donkey kicks there which hurt a shit ton… Oh yeah and if you really want to die:
Weighted glute bridges 5x10 10-45lbs

I can write up a better one later if you’d like!! But that’s just the gist of it. Plus 25 mins of cardio/usually the treadmill at max incline (15? Usually???) and a decent fast-walk pace. Hope this helps lol

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm the anon who asked you all those questions as I went through the x-files. Now in re-watching because why not? I'm on 1x5 and I had totally forgotten that Scully told her friend that she thought Mulder was cute 😜

One of us!

Hi anon! Rewatching is it’s own special pleasure. 💕 Don’t you love her vest and her date look aka white dress and That Hair?

Every time I re-watch, my heart soars with baby Scully.

CrossFit 8/19/2016

Strength: Block pulls (off of 2 45s, no hook grip allowed 😡)

1x5 83#, 1x5 133#, 5x5 163#

Boooring. This was intended to work my grip but tbh block pulls at 163# are just too easy to be fun. Like, my hands hurt, but the rest of me was not too excited.


6 rounds (not for time):

  • Sled push (low handles down, high back)
  • 10 toes-to-bar

Sled weights were 170# for the first two rounds, and 140# for the last 4. Usually the sled doesn’t fuck me up that badly, but today, it hurt so bad. Tried to be really careful with the TTB to not destroy my hands even further, and I managed to not tear them again so 👍

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CrossFit 8/6/2016

Strength: Split jerk

1x5 33#, 2x2 53#, 1x2 73#, 1x2 83#, 1x2 93#, 1x2 103#, 1x2 113#

PR jerk double FINALLY. I have been punking out at more than one rep at 113# for literally months and months because the weight scared me. When one rep (of anything, really) feels really heavy, I tend to clark the next one because somewhere in my head I decide I can’t do it. My mental game has been on point this week though, because I’m tired of being a bitch ass baby 😂 The second rep at 113# was actually even better than the first. I didn’t have time to try anything heavier, but I’m super happy with my aggression and speed under the bar today.

WOD: Karabel (aka Karen + Isabel aka death)

10 rounds for time:

  • 3 snatches (63#)
  • 15 wall balls (14#)

I finished in 17:58. I kept the snatches light because we had a 20 minute time cap and my wrist is bothering me from OHS on Wednesday, but my wall balls were actually pretty good today. I still hit myself in the face a lot (because who needs hand-eye coordination? 😭😭😭), but I was cycling through them really well anyway.

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CrossFit 8/10/2016

Strength: 1 RM clean

1x5 33#, 1x1 63#, 1x1 93#, 1x1 103#, 1x1 113#, 1x1 123#, 1x1 133#, 1x1 138#, 1x1 143#, 1x1 148#, 1x1 113#, 1x1 123#, 1x1 133#

10# clean PR! Old PR was 138#. I tried 153# twice and didn’t drop under it the first time, and then the second time, I was just a second too slow to rack it all the way on my shoulders and I lost it. I came in wanting to hit 143#, so I’m pumped, and 153# will definitely happen the next time we max out. Now, can my upper body catch up to my legs pls?



  • Clean (no power, 113#)
  • GHD sit-ups

I finished in 5:58. My legs are so toast.

CrossFit 8/5/2016

Strength: Deadlift

1x5 83#, 1x5 123#, 1x3 153#, 1x3 173#, 1x2 193#, 1x5 203#

The deadlift struggles continue. I’ve stopped using mixed grip, because it was contributing to my issues in keeping my upper back tight, and switched to hook grip. Even with a hook grip though, my grip is failing, causing the bar to roll forward and making me round my back. We’re going to try straps next week, but I just miss pulling big weight 😩😭


5 rounds (not for time):

  • Sled push (low handles down turf, high back)
  • 15 hollow rocks
  • 5 box jumps (30 in)

Sled weights were 50#, 70#, 90#, 110#, 150#. I was straight up just fucking with the guys in the class with this. Rx for box jumps for ladies was 24 in, but that was not especially challenging for me, especially in an untimed workout, so I went with 30 inches. Then, I added 20# to the sled each round, so the guys added more weight to their sled so they were doing more weight that I was, and because I’m a toddler, I added more weight to do the same weight they were doing 😂

I also did a little muscle up practice at the end. I mostly just need to work on really exploding out of the arched position at the bottom with my hips and bringing them to the bar, instead of coming straight up like for a pull-up.