Grundy is the literal worst and she most definitely should have gone to jail. But it was not okay how Alice went about it. ARCHIE IS A VICTIM. HE HAS BEEN RAPED. He feels like he doesn’t deserve those closest to him (I.e. Betty). He doesn’t understand that this is an abusive relationship because he has been emotionally abused. Alice went in there and blamed Archie for Grundy raping him and for “corrupting” Betty or some shit and that’s just false. AND I also see people who are saying that Archie shouldn’t be sad and “why wouldn’t he want her to go to jail?” Well because he doesn’t think he is being abused, he doesn’t see anything wrong, as he is just thankful for some type of love because he doesn’t think he deserves any. Archie deserves a lot more sympathy than he is getting, he has literally been raped over and over again and he thinks it’s okay.

ALSO, he absolutely did not know Jughead was homeless. He would’ve given his own bed to him if he knew. Stop demonizing Archie just to sympathize more with Jug. They can both have serious issues. We can respect both and not diminish the other. It is possible.

Just protect Archie. Kid deserves more love.