Where I Belong Chapter 3

Heero was playing the honesty card at this point. “I’m attracted to you. I haven’t felt this way about you before,” he said plainly. “I don’t know why… it isn’t anything against you. It’s just….” why couldn’t he express himself? He could give long tirades about who the enemy was in the midst of heated battles, and yet here was in the calm of his own home with someone he trusted and he couldn’t get the words out.

He didn’t know how else to explain himself aside from action. He abruptly dropped his arms to his sides, stepped onto the foot of the bed and hauled himself up so that he was standing his full height by Trowa’s feet before he walked up the length of the other man’s body. He dropped onto his knees to straddle his waist and grabbed his friend’s naked shoulders and leaned in to close the distance between his and Trowa’s surprised face. He paused just before their lips met. “Let me show you how I feel?” He asked softly, his dark Prussian blue eyes locked onto Trowa’s exposed emerald eye as he waited for permission.

Trowa’s initial reaction was to instantly nod his head in approval, but he hesitated. Was he sure he wanted to open this door with the other man? Was Heero using him to get over Relena or Duo or, Was HE about to use Heero to move past his failed relationship with Quatre (even though he’d told himself he was over that long ago…)? Would this sway his decision about accepting the job at Preventer? Would this be a one night stand or something more?

Screw it. This probably wasn’t a good idea, but Trowa wanted it. Getting lost in Heero’s smoldering blue eyes was easy all of a sudden, and he pushed all his questions aside for now. Strange how you could know someone for nine years, maintain a distant and mostly professional friendship, and then one day be romantically and intensely interested in them.

“If you’re sure you won’t regret this in the morning… then sure. Show me.” Trowa’s voice was clear and confident. The statement sounded almost like a challenge. He knotted his long fingers in the sheets and kept his eyes locked onto the Prussian blue ones mere centimeters away from his own. Trowa’s lips tingled in anticipation and his impatience grew as they awaited contact.

Your move, Heero.

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Queadlunn- I’ve tried a couple new methods for my polycarbonate gem faceting. I cut another gem (the shape turned out a lot better this time too!) and this time I used iDye Poly to color it.


The method of how I made the gem out of poly is pretty much the same as the last one (LINK), I had a cylindrical piece about 1x3” in size and I ground it into a (base) 3-sided pattern that worked pretty nicely. The disk sander we have currently has 80-grit on it, from there I moved to 220-grit, then 400-grit, then a felt polishing wheel (just sitting on my desk), then burnishing with cloth. This got me to image #4 which was looking really nice.

Since my last attempt to dye poly with standard fabric dye was a failure, I used some synthetic-compatible dye that Cata had bought me (iDye Poly, see image #5). I got the dye ready on the stove and dipped the gem in it for about 3 minutes total in 2 runs. I was really careful with the temperature this time (might have been around 85c or 90c or so) since the first test gem ended up with tiny thermal fractures on many facets. After the dye bath I was at image #1.

One drawback with the dyebath is that while it does seem to penetrate, it’s less than 0.2mm (with solid plastic this is understandable) and the dye process does take a bit of the luster from the earlier polishing off and it’s not something you can get back with polishing since you’ll just wear through the dyed plastic.

Since the gem wasn’t quite as shiny as I wanted now, I added a thin coat of Future to bring it back to a nice shine (image #1). Worked pretty well but I’ll need to airbrush the future on next time.

Overall, I think this is a great process, given that you have access to a bench disk sander and access to larger pieces of polycarbonate.

I’ve got one more of these planned, a larger one. I’m thinking of taking video of the faceting process but I’m still figuring that, and the material, out. Also thinking of trying a long-term soak dye (cold) to see if that gets the color farther in the plastic so I can re-polish without having to topcoat the gems.