1x21: prom

American proms are always so pretty. Like that dress will probably be $300, the suit will be custom made, that expensive sports car for rent came from someone’s saving account and yanno what, everyone is SLAYING

British proms generally will be picking a dress that’s £20-70 -any more and people will think you’re taking prom wayy too seriously and usually one or two people do, the suit is from primark and the car was the shiniest car they could borrow from their uncle as their mum drops them off at prom (some guys at my prom took a taxi, stopped nearby and went the rest of the way in their push scooters)

But then again, I guess prom is a much bigger deal in America than it is here. People won’t get that upset about not going to prom in Britain as they do in America probably bc prom in Britain is shit and they’ll most likely go to another prom at Sixth Form/College(not uni)

anonymous asked:

i have prom coming up in a few months, and i dont really have a problem with wearing a dress and all that, but because of the cut of my dress im not going to be able to bind. Im closeted but ive been binding every single day for the past several months and i really cant go back to having to see myself with a chest even for that one day, do you think id be able to get away with wearing a cardigan and using that to try and hide it, or any other ideas?

Kii says:

Yes, you can wear a cardigan with your dress, but maybe try and stick to something short-sleeved, because a lot of people get kind of hot and sweaty at prom. Also, don’t do any intense dancing while binding.

This wonderful person has just been elected prom queen.

And this is important, ‘cause the title is so well deserved: Apart from being as kind as she is gorgeous, she has truly admirable values: From project weeks to newspaper articles, she works to put focus on the environment, anti-racism and feminism in any which way she can. By being well informed and argumentative, she puts in an inspiring effort to make school (and thereby the world,) a better and more equal place.

And then, of course, her dress has a striking resemblance to one Angelica Schuyler’s…