1x21: prom

Going to Prom with Richard

It was 9 p.m. I should have been done for half an hour, but getting your hair and makeup done took longer than I thought. Richard was waiting downstairs. I´ve heard his attempt to try to have small talk with my parents, but that didn´t seem to go well. I could feel the awkwardness up to my room.

I was putting some lipstick on, when I heard knocking on my door.

“Can I come in?”

Oh, that was something new. Richard was known for just bursting in my room without any knocking. He acted like he lived here. That guy even walks into the bathroom while I´m taking a shower.

“Give me a sec.”

I put my high heels on and took my purse.

“Okay, come in…”

“Wow, you look amazing (Y/N). I´m not saying that you don´t look great without the dress and all that bling bling, but wow”, he laughed nervously.

“Thank you for saying that.” I blushed.

“We can go if you want. Sorry, for making you wait.”

“Don´t worry.” He placed his right hand on my back and led me down the stairs.

We said a quick goodbye to my parents - or at least we tried to. Escaping my mother and her camera was impossible. She clipped thousand pictures of us.

“If we don´t go now, we will arrive as the last ones and I don´t need the whole school looking at me, Mom. My dress draws enough attention anyways.”

“I´m really sorry (Y/N), but this is the first time that you dressed up like that and with a date good looking like Richard – you can´t expect me not to take pictures.”, she argued.

After another thousand pictures, we made our way to the car. We still heard the camera clicking on our way to the car.

“Bring her back safe”, my dad yelled.

Richard just shrugged with his shoulders

“I can´t promise you that, Sir", he laughed.

“I don´t think your dad will be able to close his eyes tonight”, Richard joked in the car.

“You can bet on that.”

“You really look good tonight.“

“Thank you for like the 4th time.”

“What? I thought girls like to be complimented? Your ass looks great in that dress.” His eyes focused down to my legs and stayed there for a little bit too long.

“Keep your eyes on the road, Mr.!”

It took us nearly an hour to arrive. Richard opened the car door for me and helped me to get out if the car.

“Before I forget it – “He pulled out a wrist corsage. It was matching his tie.

“And you do really look good tonight“ ,he repeated.

I jokingly punched him on his arm, but he caught my hand before I could even touch him and intertwined his fingers with mine.

I saw a few familiar faces on the dance floor. The party had already started when we walked in. I was waiting, in the corner of the room, for Richard to get some drinks for us.

“We should have smuggle some alcohol in here. This will be a long day.”

“We can go if you want..” My voice cracked.

“No. That´s not what I meant.” He stroked my cheek. “Drink up, you need to dance with me.”

“Oh, no. Please, get us some more drinks. I can´t dance to this type of music. Let´s wait for a slow song.”

“Just wait here. I´ll be right back.” He gave me a little peck on the cheek and made his way through the crowd. He looked incredible in his suit. And his hair was really sexy pushed back.

“(Y/N)? Is that you? Fuck, you look great.” David was making his way to me.

“Oh, hi. You look not so bad yourself. Where´s your date?”

“She´s dancing with Connor. Wanna dance with me?”

Suddenly Richard was here, mumbled a silent "Excuse me” and his lips were pressing on mine.

He pulled me to the dance floor, with his lips still on mine.

“I can´t even leave you alone for 5 minutes without having some asshole flirting with you.”

We were holding us really close and were dancing slow even though there was Pop music playing. But I didn´t care. There were a lot of eyes watching us – we were sticking out of the crowd, but it didn´t matter to me. All I saw was Richard´s beautiful, dark eyes.

We didn´t leave the dance floor until the Prom Queen and King was announced.

“Why didn´t you consider being the Prom Queen? You would have won. You are the best looking out of all girls tonight.“

“Come on. That’s what you think.”

“Ha”, he laughed. ”Haven’t you seen all the boys gawking at you? And even some of the girls. I bet they are killing you in their minds. Or you are the reason they just found out their gay.”

“Ha ha ha.” I fake laughed. Let’s go outside, It`s getting too much crowded here.” The DJ has already left. Everybody was going to make their way out and I didn’t want to be stuck between so many people. And finding out who the winners were, didn´t interest me.

It felt like we were at home in under 5 minutes. I didn´t want this night to end. Richard stopped in front of my house and I couldn´t believe my eyes.

“Oh my gosh! My dad is really watching us from the curtains. How can he –“

“Don´t be upset. He just cares about you.” He tried to sound serious, but couldn´t stop laughing.

“Ugh. This is so embarrassing. And stop laughing.”

Richard followed me to our veranda.

“Well, see you tomorrow. And you still look great.” He gave me a hug and wanted to walk to his car.

“Hey, don´t I get a goodnight kiss?”

“I thought it would be too embarrassing for you with your dad watching.”

I shook my head and pulled him by his tie down to me to meet his lips.