1x21 boy meets girl

anonymous asked:

what do you think of the way they're going about(or avoiding) the health class thing in gmw?

I think it’s a clever way around the Disney pearl clutchers and Ceci Balagot is hilarious.


I also think it’s super 👀👀👀 that the only couple featured or even directed/written in an explicitly couplish way IN THE HEALTH CLASS EPISODE is Smarkle. Like, there’s nothing about the main character and her official boyfriend feelin’ thangs, just Smarkle.

And that’s a pretty big red flag if you’ve watched BMW 1x21 ‘Boy Meets Girl’ or BMW 2x06 ‘Who’s Afraid of Cory Wolf?’. In general, the whole “health class episode” trope is a used means of establishing or exploring a young couple’s physical attraction to each other—and that’s definitely how these writers have used those episodes in the past…so it’s definitely notable that they swerved on that for Riley and Lucas even though they touched on it for Smarkle. 🤔