1x15 rumors

anonymous asked:

Hiya! Someone, somewhere mentioned that in 3 episodes we'll have THE captaincanary episode (Something like that). Do you happen to know what they're referring to??

Yeah, they’re referring to Destiny (1x15).

These rumors come from three different sources;

I believe it started with Marc Guggenheim’s interview on WonderCon saying “the fans of Sara and Snart.. I’d say interaction will not be disappointed” (link here, minute 3:32) when talking about the episode.

Caity Lotz (Sara Lance) and Wentworth Miller (Leonard Snart) posted some pictures on instagram hinting at a Sara/Snart scene on the dates the episode was supposed to be filmed:

Caity Lotz’s instagram: x x

Wentworth Miller’s instagram: x

And finally producer Sarah Nicole Jones tweeted this:

There’s also Caity Lotz’s interview saying “Captain Canary is coming” which is most probably referring to Sara piloting the Waverider (as explained on the Destiny synopsis) but since she’s also aware of the ship name who knows… (link here)

This is basically all I’ve heard, if anyone else knows of other stuff please add it on some reblog or message me so I can edit the post ;)


the lovely @pinkranger0814 sent to me Caity Lotz’s tweet (link here) I believe also at the time Destiny was being filmed saying “ Just filmed a scene that is gunna make fans looooose their minds. Good or bad?!”

and @stillthewordgirl added in a reblog this tweet from Marc Guggenheim in which he answers “ Ep. 115. Big time.” upon being asked if there were any Sara/Snart scenes we should look foward too.