1x15 red handed


13 Weeks of OUAT Positivity
Week 1 // Favorite Episode
 5x10; Broken Heart

From the direction to the cinematography and the pacing to the reveal, this was one roller coaster of an episode. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to cry or was enjoying thoroughly. It summed up and reminded me why I love this show. Plus, as you can see - Dark!Hook. ;)

Honorable mentions: 1x15, Red-Handed; 2x12, In The Name of a Brother; 3x05, Good Form; 3x16, It Ain’t Easy Being Green; 4x15, Poor Unfortunate Soul; 4x11, Heroes and Villians; 4x22, Operation Mongoose pt. 2

Thank you to @tlynnwords for organizing this. I think it’s an amazing idea!!