1x11 fruit of the poisonous tree


Day 06 - Least favorite Emma moment

This scene in 1X11 Fruit of the Poisonous Tree where Emma tries to expose Regina about building a house in the woods… ugh, it always makes me cringe. I have a hard time watching it if I ever do a rewatch of this episode (which I can’t think of why I would but still…). 

I mean, people! She’s in front of the damn town here and looking like a fool. It’s truly one of her worst moments in the series I do believe. She does have some interesting lines though that she sorta reiterates in S2:

“The truth is you are a thug that doesn’t care about anyone or anything but yourself. That is who you really are. It is time for the people of Storybrooke to know that.”

All of what she says is completely true but instead she’s proven to be wrong about the mayor in front of the town. And then there’s this cut away shot of Mr. Gold in the audience and there’s people around him with shocked faces and then they laugh. How humiliating for Emma! So yeah, least favorite.