i kind of want a plot about a time traveller who goes back in time but gets stuck there because their machine breaks. and while they’re trying to fix it, they meet someone and they become super close to that person (maybe even romance happens?) and once they fix their machine, they have to decide whether to stay or go back to their own time.

Truth be told

Santana clenched her jaw as she walked through the front door with Marissa following behind her. She had taken the dogs out and when she came back inside the woman was waiting for her with a scowl and that’s when it clicked that she had forgotten about their plans for dinner the night before. “You better have a good reason for blowing me off last night.” Marissa growled and glared at Santana. “I forgot okay. I stayed home to keep an eye on Dani and it slipped my mind. I’m sorry okay.” Santana pleaded as she unclipped the leashes and walked further into the apartment. “Seriously? You stood me up for her? I’m sure she would’ve been fine on her own.” Marissa hissed making Santana sigh deeply, she was so not in the mood for another argument with the woman but she understood her frustrations. “Well it’s not like you called me to remind me.” Santana spat back in a quiet tone since Dani was probably still in her room sleeping.

someone give me a plot where Muse A is a single dad and Muse B is his best friend, and she literally there for him for everything, and being as his daughters mom isnt in the picture, she basically acts like her mom. So she does things for him like doctors appointments, and clothes shopping, and she even cooks dinner for them because he works so much to provide for her.

I’m still currently putting together my blog, but here’s a few things i’d love to see happen!

WANTED FACES ( These are both faces i’ll play and play against, I’m also more than happy to play males.) 

F E M A L E S.

  • Emily Ratajkowski
  • Zoey Deutch
  • Poppy Drayton
  • Shelley Hennig
  • Julianne Hough
  • Nina Dobrev
  • Selena Gomez
  • Chloe Bennet

M A L E S.

  • Matthew Daddario
  • Scott Eastwood
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Dylan O’Brien
  • Dominic Sherwood
  • Aaron Tveit 
  • Bob Morley
  • Dan Stevens
  • Daniel Sharman

Those these are just a few faces I really want to play/play against i’m open to other suggestions and options of course. Plots and such can be just about anything.

PLEASE keep this in mind, i’m comfortable with all kinds of plots though please run any triggers by me first!

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hi so i want 2 let everyone know that i’m basically dying to rp these ships and i honestly don’t care which fc u want me to play i just want these ships so if ur interested pls like this so i can im u. wup tee doop!

• dove cameron/luke hemmings
• maia mitchell/alycia debnam carey
• willa fitzgerald/dylan o'brien
• willa holland/bob morley
• tyler posey/alycia debnam carey
• tyler posey/maia mitchell
• kendall jenner/hailey baldwin
• kendall jenner/calum hood
• olivia holt/calum hood
• richard madden/dianna agron
• richard madden/lily james
  • Josie:aw u look cute today
  • Kaden:aw in a math problem of 1x1 it equals 1 bc u are the one that I need and u know in a science equation you'd be the catalyst bc u sure get a reaction from me and on a world map you'd be Alaska bc tho we're separate we're both part of the same nation and you're the Romeo to my Juliet I mean the Juliet to my Ro
  • Josie:
  • Kaden:*sweats nervously*

Even though I’ve recently had awesome rp experiences, I’ve sadly realized that I don’t have the time to completely focus on group rps. So please like this or message me if you are looking for an rp partner that may take ~219753 years to actually reply to threads but is gonna spam you with (mostly painful) headcanons until we are both sobbing messes and still asking for more.

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There will be two people per hotel room, your roommate will be decided upon at a later time. For now, like this post if you’d like to be included in the vacation. The final day to like this post will be Saturday, July 30th.

tbh i REALLY want a plot in which involves three people ?? basically based by melanie martinez’s song pacify her ?? like muse a is in a relationship with muse b but muse c has kind of always been in the way?? muse b is the opposite of muse c, muse c is convinced that muse a loved them and not muse b, but what muse c does not acknowledge is that they have an obsession with muse a, and muse b is the only one in the middle to notice this. muse a is extremely confused and they find muse c really attractive, so when muse c tries to brainwash muse a that they don’t love muse b, muse a actually starts believing it and it all starts a big fight ?? basically follow the lyrics of the song and thats it ??

Okay so there was a “practice what you preach” post about the 1x1/indie rpc that I reblogged the other day which you can find here! But I wanted to address the group rpc for a minute here. Why when a skeleton or bio rp has a majority of poc fcs all you’ll hear is a cricket chirping on the main but when a majority white skeleton/bio rp opens, you’ll let it get enough apps to open within a week? Yes, there’s a few exceptions, and I think this also goes back to the fact that the majority of the rpc will only apply to rps run by the “”populars”” but you’ll see post after post with hundreds of notes reblogged by people agreeing with it that we need more poc representation (well, they’re more of “we need more representation of [insert specific ethnic group]” than just the general “we need more representation of poc characters”, but honestly the same thing) but then when a group is majority poc? Nothing. You know what you’re highkey doing? You’re highkey encouraging people to make non diverse rps, you’re highkey encouraging that if they should have any poc at all it can only be the white passing faves of Selena Gomez/GiGi Hadid/Zayn Malik/Tyler Posey, because if you do try to make a good poc rp? No one wants to actually join, rec, etc. it. And yes, this is coming from a bitter place of personal experience because I have had a skekeleton rp with 15 out of it’s 22 being poc that legit none but 4 people (and 2 of those 4 people were applying for a white character) actually ended up applying to through the four months we were in the tags, and it didn’t open, I had to shut it down, and honestly I’m not having my hopes up for @producerhq (naming because I never miss a chance to promo) either for the same reason, all 14 are poc, but it’s not only my rps I’ve seen this happen with, it’s a hell of a lot, and I think this, as well as in the indie/1x1 community as @hachiwrites gracefully pointed out in their post, is something that the rpc needs to focus on in practicing what they preach.

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RULES:  post ten characters you’d like to roleplay as, are roleplaying, have roleplayed as & might bring back then tag ten people to do the same  (  if you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people ). please repost  &  not reblog!


i’m actually a bit low on numbers compared to what I usually have, excluding some 1x1 stuff that i’m plotting with people, but i might be taking up new characters at current groups and i’m applying for some stuff soon i think, so here’s this”


i can’t even remember all of them becuase i’m trash, so here are my favorites thus far, with some OCs and some bio characters: 

  • orla lacroux ( an illusionist, alexandra daddario fc )
  • rogelio cruz ( an imp and a con man, oscar isaac fc )
  • dorcas meadowes ( a hit witch, dichen lachman fc )
  • luca guerra ( based off of mercutio from r&j, carly chaikin fc )
  • mina lucette ( club owner and general ass kicker, natalie dormer fc )
  • lucretia osanos ( silver and actual beam of light, crystal reed fc )
  • alice fortescue ( modern verse hp, chloe bennet fc )
  • hermes ( greek god and shit starter, rami malek fc )
  • konstantin montague ( mob boss and world’s worst dad, mads mikkelsen )
  • others??? i’m forgetting tbh


i have more of a FC wishlist than a characters wishlist but i will DO MY BEST

  • i really want to play edward cullen, and no one can judge me for it 
  • i have a red queen verse oc that i haven’t named yet that wants to play so, so badly; he’s a max irons fc and he loves to scream 
  • let me play oscar isaac, rami malek, tyler posey, bob morley, mads mikkelsen, adelaide kane, daisy ridley
  • johanna mason, from the hunger games honestly 
  • any modern shakespeare characters
  • and any modern greek myths 
  • please let me play oliver wood before i explode
  • and tonks!!! 
  • abigail hobbs or will graham????
  • mare barrow tbh, or just Red Queen ANYTHING 


i don’t have that many ocs, honestly?? this is hard: 

  • luca guerra ( i want to throw her into a supernatural verse and watch her struggle with literally everything ) 
  • hades ( i miss playing him, and i want to give him a different fc; probably oscar isaac because i can’t get enoUGH )
  • edgar bones ( if i can find a place to play him or a 1x1 to use him in, i would literally kill to play edgar again, with literally any fc )

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RULES:  post ten characters you’d like to roleplay as, are roleplaying, have roleplayed as & might bring back then tag ten people to do the same  (  if you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can and tag the same amount of people ). please repost  &  not reblog!


  • Colin Jessup @ The Foxhole Court (fox, backliner, my son, etc, fc: Matthew Daddario)
  • Evangeline Beaumont @ Legion (human, angel lover, certified cinnamon roll, light of my life, fc: Margot Robbie)
  • Adeline Villiers @ Thick as Thieves (forger, spooky, murdered her mom once but it’s chill, fc: Eva Green)
  • Beck Murphy @ Thick as Thieves (nihilist, australian, RAISED IN A CULT, basically the worst, fc: Boyd Holbrook)
  • Lacey Collingswood (1x1) (mother, trainwreck, FC: Imogen Poots) (NICOLA I’VE OWED YOU FOR FOREVER I’M SORRY)


  • Thomas Blue @ Cirque Empire (golden child, circus performer, don’t tell him he’s an alcoholic, a lot romantic a lil entitled, FC: Douglas Booth)
  • Chance Caellach @ The Colony (serial killer son, daddy issues up the wazoo, scared lil bunny rabbit, FC: Daniel Sharman)
  • Pryor Hendricks @ The Colony (empath, rebellious teen™, will fuck anything, FC: Bill Skarsgard)
  • Boone Ellis @ The Colony  (super senses, therapist, cinnamon roll, just wants to help, FC: Sebastian Stan)
  • Nadine Giroux (telepath, head of house, wants to be queen of everything, low key creepy, FC: Marion Cotillard)
  • (Cutting this down a bit but HERE)


  • (see below, probs, although everyone bio I’ve written for TFC counts, probably)


  • Harper Westcott (my taken character for my next rp project, wind-up doll queen with a heart of ice, FC: Phoebe Tonkin)
  • Meredith Tallyrand (my taken character for my next next rp project, senior member of a secret society, other woman, not ur babe, FC: Alexandra Daddario)

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Dani moaned in pain as she woke up and stretched out. She wiggled a little and pushed the blankets off of her since she was way to hot. Dani opened her eyes and smiled when she saw Santana beside her. She snuggled back into her embrace and closed her eyes. They shot open a moment later though, and Dani mumbled a quiet ‘fuck’. Santana was in her bed, and last night wasn’t just some nightmare. Dani had talked to Santana last night about her pimp, the party and she had cried. Great. Talking to Santana about those things was the last thing she wanted to do. Dani pushed the blanket off of her and turned to look at the clock on her bedside table. She sighed once she was that it was much earlier then she would have like it to be.

A Girl Worth Fighting For || Rellie
  • Riley:kept moving around in their small walk-in closet looking for clothes that Ellie would be comfortable with, even though she knew Ellie was right and she would end up wearing all her clothes anyway. Riley had been more than a little worried when the ac stopped working, she knew her girlfriend would get desperate and grumpy about the situation. So it was no surprise when the blonde started to complain to her. Riley had actually been relieved when Mike agreed to take them in, she knew Ellie would rest better with a good ac and a comfortable bed. Riley packed some of her girlfriend's clothes and double the amount of her own clothes just in case, she packed Ellie's nausea meds even though she hadn't been sick in a while but just in case. After that she walked pass her girlfriend on the bed, kissing her forehead and going for the bathroom to pick up all their hygiene things like the blonde asked her to. After she had everything they needed packed in a bag, along with bear's food and some of her toys on another one, she went to their room for her girlfriend "Ready to go, baby?" Riley walked closer, reaching down to place her hand on Ellie's belly, running her hand softly over it with a small smile in place.