1x1 rpg

i really just want a plot where two people become roommates and they continuously keep getting into awkward situations between the two like, he walks in on her in the shower or she walks in on him having sex and it just keeps getting super super awkward between the two and you can just feel the sexual tension between the two and yeah pls hmu

i really want an f/f 1x1 where there are two best friends and muse a is openly gay and has been out for a long time and has dated around a lot, despite the fact that she has always sort of been into muse b, but has always assumed she was straight. meanwhile muse b has been in love with muse a for years but comes from a very conservative family and has never come out because she isn’t sure what she identifies as and has never felt like she would be good enough for muse a. cue the two of them go to college together and rent an apartment and muse b has to deal with muse a bringing girls home all the time and muse a is trying to wingman muse b with guys and there is a lot of angst and pining and trying to be a good friend to the other and breaking their own hearts in the process 

message me if you would be keen!

right now i really want an apocalypse plot. okay? it can be any type. zombie, dystopian future, or maybe something like revolution where all of a sudden the power goes out. i don’t care. that’s something to be discussed. pretty much the worlds just gone to shit. i just want a plot where muse a and muse b meet in a situation where muse b saves muse a from basically being slaughtered. but then just walks away like it didn’t even happen. so muse a goes after them wanting to know why they did it. muse b doesn’t give an answer so muse a just keeps following them around. at first it’s so annoying to muse b because they are constantly having to look after muse a but after some time muse b grows accustom to always having them around. so much so that feelings start to develop and it scares the crap out of muse b for the simple fact that they can’t lose someone else. so muse a and muse b start to fight about everything! eventually it ends with muse b getting so frustrated that they shove muse a into an abandoned building/home/whatever and just start kissing them with all their pent up passion and craving they’ve had for muse a. in turn things get super hot and heavy between the two. when it’s all said and done. they are back to square one where muse a is again wondering what the fuck happened back there? only because muse a is also starting to feel something for muse b. so yeah. give me this kay? [and if you steal this plot and not credit me i will hunt you down! just be kind. reblog.]

Just give me a toxic f/f plot where they are constantly arguing and getting back together, but they have to keep their relationship a secret since muse a’s parents doesn’t know that she’s gay and she’s trying to keep it a secret and muse b doesn’t want to have to keep it a secret, so it’s just a struggle. And they live together, but the parents are just under the impression that they are best friends/roommates and whenever their parents come over muse b is like touching and teasing muse a under the table and just let me have this!!

do not do not do not imagine your otp on christmas morning sitting by the fire with hot chocolate and presents and comfy christmas pajamas snuggled up under the blankets holding hands and kissing and being all cute and cuddly and domestic and watching christmas specials and singing to each other  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

someone give me a plot where muse a was arrested in high school due to drug dealing and was sentenced to ten years — except he’s let out a couple of years early due to good behavior. with no car, his feet take him to the one place he never thought he’d set foot again in a lifetime. his ex-high school sweetheart, muse b. except, when the door opens, it’s not her. it’s a seven year old little girl with her mom’s hair and her dad’s eyes. 

tldr; muse a gets arrested and leaves behind his (unknowingly) pregnant girlfriend at the time. years later, he’s out and he has a daughter he doesn’t know about. also i want to play the guy pls

plot where high school sweethearts decide to go on a road trip around america after their senior graduation in order to experience the last month(s) of their relationship to the fullest because they are each going to colleges on opposites end of the country and they know they have to break up. on the road trip they’ll be able to face their feelings regarding their future breakup, fears about going off to college, food fights in stores at gas stops, sex in the back of the car whilst it pours down in the middle of nowhere, getting lost without any maps or phone signal, etc.

give me a plot where muse a is this 18 year old college student whose family moves to a new city closer to his college because he can’t afford an apartment. give me muse b, the neighbor who is very friendly but also likes to mow his lawn in his boxers which makes muse a, a secret gay, hot and bothered. give me muse a unpacking boxes in his room and realizing his window looks into his neighbor’s bedroom and seeing muse b masturbate.

A plot between an older guy and a younger girl (maybe a 6 year age difference), that’s tainted. His depression, addictions, and various other emotional blocks keeps him from getting too overly invested and he constantly betrays her, but always ends up coming back to her. She tries to keep up with him, adopting his addictions in turn. But, when they’re doing drugs together, he beautifully, and poetically, opens up to her. He writes songs about her, pure poetry, and she in turn writes down the experience she has with him. It’s toxic and damaging, but their love is intense. He loves being her paradox and prophet, being rough with her, but he’s also soft and looks out for her. She’s a wildfire, reckless, violent, but still young and immature. 

i just really want to be super into a 1x1 where we send each other a sh*t ton of headcanons & ask memes & tag each other in posts that remind us of our ship & don’t even feel bad about spamming the other person because we’re just so into it & basically this is a long way of saying someone pls come plot with me thx


Todo mundo já deve ter passado por aquele sufoco de amar um char de paixão mas não conseguir desenvolve-lo. Às vezes fazemos a burrada de postar unfollow achando que não tem outra opção, mas que tal tentar se conectar com o cahr novamente? Sou dessas que responde mil questionários, faz mil edits, povs diferentes e até muda de FC quando não ta dando certo (essa do FC sempre da certo, experimentem!). Então eu separei aqui uma listas de questionário que pode ajudar a recuperar sua vontade de jogar com o char. Espero que ajude ☾ ✧ Ps.: Passando pra avisar também que estou fazendo doodle icons. Só pedir  ❤️

Okay, so, I am looking for someone to do 1x1 with me on this plot - with our starting thread being in the bar. I’d like to play a male muse and use either Matthew Daddario or Dominic Sherwood. I’ve been dying to play against Kat Mcnamara, Emeraude Toubia, Jamie Chung, Emilia Clarke, Natalie Dormer, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Jenna Coleman, Emma Stone, Sarah Hyland, Freya Mavor and Carlson Young (bitch can’t remember any other fcs), so if ya wanna any of ‘em against me in this plot, please come at me. I’d really like to do this with someone who’s also into texting between them, just having chats without there being ten-thousand-words-ten-paragraphs threads at all times (WHICH DOES NOT EXCLUDE THESE OR DISCRIMINATE AGAINST THEM, BUT JUST, LET’S NOT HAVE THEM ALL THE TIME BECAUSE THEY DON’T MOVE PLOT AHEAD AT ALL). Someone who wants to do one-liners and then shorter one-or-two paras, who’d write flashbacks and share headcanons and then those symbol/starter line memes and we’d write one-shots and just fawn over our ship and maybe have more of them and yeah. Someone who wants to actually do all of this and not just start talking about it and then have it not turn into anything. I wanna see it play out and not just discuss it. I want us getting to know our chars through them interacting and not always through us telling each other what they’re like. SO IF YOU’RE UP FOR THIS, FOR ALL THE FLUFF AND ANGST AND DRAMA, FOR EX’S AND FRIENDS MEDDLING, JOBS BEING A BOTHER, RELATIONSHIPS TAKING EFFORT, COME AT ME. 

but like i really want a plot where there’s the town player who’s fucked practically everyone and they honestly don’t have a care in the world all they want is sex and for people to swoon over them and then there’s the innocent flower who’s innocent as fuck and has never done anything bad and goes to class and does everything they’re supposed to and nothing unusual but then they get paired together for a class project and it’s stressful because one of them’s doing all of the work while the other never shows up and then the innocent one blows up and gets pissed and the player is kinda just like ‘damn you hot’ and then they start helping but while helping with the project they realize that there’s more to this innocent lil flower than they’re letting on and the player makes it their mission to find out and while doing that they fall for this lil baby cupcake but they want nothing to do with the person who’s fucked everyone and there’s angst because the player is willing to give up their title to be with them and there’d be lots of sexual tension and begging and being sweet and touching and kissing and fUCKING help i need this

listen….. idc how cliché it is i need a plot where the pairing are just completely toxic for each other but they are so hooked on the other. like they’re complete addicts with one another, a habit neither of them can break. everyone around them is like u need to stop this but they are just so unhealthily in love w this vicious cycle they’ve created together. they have screaming the house down kind of fights, swearing on their lives that this is it, they will be no more after this. but it’s an hour later and there they are holding onto each other for dear life bc the thought of being without each other is more horrible than this perfect storm they’re caught in and omg i could go on forever someone pls give this to me