If there is one plot I wanna keep going during my hiatus. It’s a mumu about a boy band and their gfs. Where the relationships are way different than one another. You have the cute nerds, the problematic ones, the mom and dad of the group, the ex dating a different boy band member, then even the extreme of the ones that party a little too much. Someone please do this with me?

STRANGE SENTENCE STARTERS —— for the creative writer in you. Send these in and see what your partner comes up with as a scenario!

*These are completely interchangeable, they’re just in categories to make it easier for all of y’all.


  • “How many times are you going to do that, exactly?”
  • “You were right. As per usual.”
  • “Sometimes it’s hard to see the lines you’ve drawn until you’ve crossed them.”
  • “You’re surprised because you have a soft spot for hot blondes.”
  • “Is that – that’s a naked Scarlett Johansson on your fridge.”
  • “You can stay, but for no more than two nights.”
  • “Please don’t look in this drawer. Please.”
  • “I told you not to pick him up, he’s very sensitive.”
  • “Yes. I might have given you rabies. But in my defense, that’s ridiculous and I didn’t.”
  • “I’m sorry, my cell phone data coverage does not cover the bullshit zone you’re in.”
  • “Hey! Give me your pants. Quick, give me your pants.”
  • “No, I’m serious. Stop it right now or I won’t give you the last cookie.”
  • “You think I’m kidding. But I’ve never been more serious about anything in my entire life.”
  • “How much would a stripper cost and why so much?”
  • “I’m going to buy you a drink. Next week. On Thursday. When I get paid. Can you swing this one?”
  • “Hippos are hungry, hungry! And you are considerably larger than a small piece of lettuce!”
  • “When I was little, I used to be afraid of mummies. And now look at me. I love dead people!”
  • “I don’t even miss my ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, I just miss my glockenspiel.”
  • “It happens to everyone, you just sell your skirt for some coke.”
  • “Please do not pull your pants down in front of baby Jesus.”
  • “That’s not the phrasing you want to use.”
  • “Because nothing says heterosexuality like a gold sash.”
  • “Please don’t take it out on my boobs.”
  • “When it gets really windy I look like a bizarre combination of Marilyn Monroe and Cousin It.”
  • “We have to change our names and run away to Mexico. It’s the only way. Adios.”
  • “How much money do you have on you?”
  • “Please tell me that’s a raisin and not a tiny hamster shit you’re eating.”
  • “Life is a lot better when you put things on your head.”
  • “For someone who’s not very deep, I’m incredibly not shallow.”


  • “I need you to remind me what it feels like to love you.”
  • “I love you. What? No I don’t. Forget I said anything.”
  • “I need you to tickle my feet but like, sexually.”
  • “If we got married, would I have to take your last name? Or could we just make up a new one?”
  • “I don’t think I can do this anymore.”
  • “I heard you say his/her name in your sleep last night. Want to explain or should I just leave?”
  • “I want to spend the night with you tonight. But I also want to sleep on your side. And without you on the bed. So technically I just want your bed.”
  • “Please don’t be proposing to me in an empty parking lot.”
  • “Stop saying you’re sorry, you stupid fucking broken record. It’s done.”
  • “I’m not jealous, I’m curious. About the things you were doing. With him/her. Without me.”
  • “Your mother’s looks could kill. Actually, are you sure they haven’t before?”
  • “If you’re breaking up with me tonight, can I at least eat first?”
  • “Stop sweating. It’s not attractive during sex, and it’s not attractive now.”
  • “Are you – are you checking me out? In the line for the confessional?”
  • “We have to go. I might have told your mom I’m pregnant. I don’t know why I said that. I’m not.”
  • “So what you’re saying it that you’re snorting sugar to get excited for sex.”
  • “My dog licks better than you do.”
  • “But through every stupid thing you do and say – and those are a lot, by the way – I love you.”
  • “I don’t care if you’re growing another head. I’ll talk to both of them. I love you.”
  • “And I’d take fifty years of not talking to you for just a day of doing so. I promise that’s a compliment.”
  • “I don’t want to hide this anymore. I’m not some dirty little secret, you American Reject.”
  • “This is a bit too dramatic for my taste, so can we skip it and have sex instead?”
  • “I don’t want you to think of me as your personal sex toy.”
  • “Thanks and all, but that makes me feel like a low-class escort, so.”
  • “A kiss in exchange for every nice thing you say about me. Deal?”
  • “Promise me you’re not like him/her. I need to hear it from your mouth. Promise me.”
  • “Look, I’ve had my heart broken before. I’m not ready to let you in just yet. Anywhere.”
  • “Don’t leave me here. Anywhere else, okay, but not here.”
  • “I wish I could say that was the worst sex I ever had, but I’ve had worse.”
  • “I just blew you. Could you look a little happier about it?”
  • “I’m attracted to shiny things, so if it looks like I’m staring at your chest, it’s because I am.”


  • [text] This is upsetting my poop.
  • [text] Hey, are you up? If you’re not, can you wake up? I need some help.
  • [text] So it involves feces and large birds.
  • [text] She said that to you? Why?
  • [text] Please come back. I miss you.
  • [text] What are you good for if you’re not gonna bring me ice cream?
  • [text] Can you ignore that last text? It wasn’t meant for you. I’m sorry.
  • [text] …did you just send me a nude?
  • [text] I don’t know why I said that.
  • [text] Leave it to you to fuck the simplest of requests up.
  • [text] Do we have to go to their wedding? He’s only my first cousin.
  • [text] How much does ‘I love you’ mean to you?
  • [text] I am not stalking you. But you should do something about your bathroom, it’s gross.
  • [text] Please. I need this so badly.
  • [text] I trust you completely.
  • [text] I’m a genius. You’re a peasant. Everything makes sense again.
  • [text] Hey, buddy! Got like, five hundred bucks I can borrow? Times ten.
  • [text] She lost it. She completely lost it. She said her uterus was attacking her bone marrow.
  • [text] I will not get you donuts.
  • [text] Please? I love you.
  • [text] I think I’m gonna go to sleep now, but you keep thinking that.
  • [text] I can’t say this out loud. They might be listening.
  • [text] I never meant to hurt you. I didn’t think he’d duck when the ball came at him, I’m sorry.
  • [text] You’re cute.
  • [text] I just need you to understand how important you are to me.
  • [text] Fuck off.
  • [text] Okay. Guess we’ll leave it at that then.
some plots
  • teacher / student; character a is a student is character b’s class. when character a comes in for help after school, character b takes a liking to character a. soon enough, character a starts staying after for character b’s class daily.
  • brother / sister or sister / sister; character a and character b are the inseparable pair of siblings. being close in age helped the two in getting along. their lives seemed quite perfect until, their mother and father passed, leaving character a and b in a state of distraught. character a seemed to take it harder than character b so, character b vowed to never leave their sibling alone.
  • miscarriage; character a and character b have been trying to get pregnant for months. finally, the pregnancy test read positive. the couple was ecstatic so you can just about imagine how heartbreaking it was to find out you were having a miscarriage.
  • whiskey lullaby; character a fell in love with character b (non playable) faster than anyone could ever imagine. everyone believed the duo would get married someday and have children. that was, until, character b decided to end their life. they put a gun to their head and pulled the trigger on one of their many drunken nights. character a was shattered and left completely alone until they meet character c.
  • coffee shop; character a works at the local coffee shop. one day at work, they meet character b. there was an instant connection that could be felt by nearly everyone. character a starts writing cute little messages on character b’s cappuccinos which soon escalates to a heated relationship.
  • locked up; character a and character b have always had one of those weird relationships that left everyone wondering why they were still together. character b literally drove character a to insanity. now, character a is being locked up in a mental asylum in which, character b visits them everyday. every visit results in arguments due to character a believing character b is the reason for their being locked up.
  • fake relationship; character a is a popular, high class celebrity with tons of publicity. character b, on the other hand, is a not so popular celebrity with lots of bad publicity. putting the two together seemed like a great idea.
  • kidnapping; character b is on the run and their only option of possibly getting out free, in their mind, is kidnapping character a. character a is the mayor’s child and is possibly a great chance for a million dollar ransom.
  • she looks so perfect; character a and character b have an adorable relationship. they’re always together and get along better than anyone could ever imagine. so it’s no surprise when the two move in together. their new home together leads to wearing each other’s clothing, little love notes lying around, and lots and lots of sex.
  • disconnected; character b is going through a hard time. being a celebrity isn’t everything they imagined it would be. their only escape is character a.
  • story of my life; character a and character b are going through a rocky road in their relationship. they are constantly fighting and most of their arguments head toward the direction of breaking up. but, character b won’t let character leave that easily.
  • strong; character b is boxer. they fight each and everyday. each and everyday, there’s one person standing ringside. character a. many people say that character a’s their lucky charm.
  • happily; character b fell in love with character a the second they saw them. the only problem is, character a has a special someone already. all character b has to do is get character a to fall for them and turn the spinning rumors into something real.
  • little white lies; character a is a player and character b is their target. character a is constantly playing games with character b and character b doesn’t mind one little bit. they’ll happily play games with character a.
  • better than words; character a and character b met online. they continuously kept talking until finally, they agreed on meeting. when they finally met, they realized that they were both way better than words on a computer screen could ever possibly describe.
  • does he know; character b has a major crush on character a. the only problem being that character a has a special someone. character b knows that character a isn’t happy in their relationship and is constantly doing everything they can to get character a to end the relationship.
  • miss jackson; character a is top priority in the local nightclub. character b has developed an infatuation toward character a but isn’t quite sure how to go about getting character a’s attention.
  • russian roulette; character a moved away from home and became a hitman. they don’t particularly like their job but, they have no other options at this point. when they are ordered to kill character b, they don’t think anything of it. until they find that character b is a friend from back home.

a single dad x kindergarten teacher plot where his kid is in love with the teacher, always talking about them when they get home, making them pictures and always raising their hand in class being the best student they can be. the father finds this adorable because the kid is so whipped by this teacher he’s never met due to work and the fact his mother is always picking them up. so, parent teacher night finally comes and it’s time for them to meet. and the dad realizes the reasons why his kid is so whipped in the first place. 

plot about muse a and muse b who were two high school sweethearts who had a really bad break-up but are always kind of on each other’s minds even as the years pass and then one day muse a moves into an apartment complex miles away from their hometown because of a job and their neighbor is constantly having sex and it’s just getting really annoying so one night they they go knock on the door to say ‘HEY CAN YOU STOP BANGING ALL THE TIME I’M TRYING TO SLEE–’ and then whoops it’s muse b. surprise!!

I just want cute plot of, “we used to date before you left to become famous. now your famous and dating all these models, but it’s Christmas time and you’ve come home to be with your family. Wait, what are you doing at my doorstep at midnight?? Come inside before you catch a cold.” :))

plot idea: PLs a hot as fuck high school music teacher who never really got out of his leather jacket and biker phase and used to be in a band but now teaches high school students what real music is and is notorious for being arrogant and vv sarcastic and a kindergarden teacher who loves kids and wears lilac/pink/purple color cotton shirts and smooth pants and is cute as a button and imagine him teaching the kids to make flower crowns and music teacher sees a flower crown on him and smirks and teases him about how cute he looks

do not add conversation while reblogging please

i just want a plot where it’s two rich kids who live in neighboring estates and their families always throw parties together and they have vacation homes in the same spots and their elite parents are too busy to notice when they sneak off to fuck in that second guest bathroom that no one uses or get high in the back library and makeout

What about a plot of a personal assistant and a celeb? One where she’s been working for him since he had gotten famous. He can’t go anywhere without her and brings her everywhere he goes. They are more like best friend than boss and assistant. The media jokes about how they act like a married couple. And he can’t help but mention her during interviews. Sometimes they even sleep in the same hotel room when she’s working late. BUT NO IT’S TOTALLY PLATONIC!! That cuddling they did the other night?? Completely what friends do!

can someone give me a ‘i work at a daycare and saw your kid sitting in the corner by themselves so i played with them and cheered 'em up and now all they do is talk about me so now you’re incredibly curious and wow you’re hot and your kid is adorable and your husband/wife/partner left you and you haven’t thought about dating until you saw me hi’ plot?

i just want a young single mother plot wherein she met this nice guy who people would perceive as a bad boy, and they like each other so much but people were like, he would not be a good influence to your kid but her kid likes him very much and he would read to the kid and be like a dad to him and i just pls

do not do not do not imagine your otp on christmas morning sitting by the fire with hot chocolate and presents and comfy christmas pajamas snuggled up under the blankets holding hands and kissing and being all cute and cuddly and domestic and watching christmas specials and singing to each other  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Also, presidents party girl daughter who has been assigned a new secret service bodyguard. He has no idea what he’s in for or the trouble she attracts. She has a problem with the word ‘no’ and he likes to say it a lot.

hEy give me a plot where there’s a single mom who lives alone with her kid in an apartment and she’s reserved and keeps to herself and v v shy and there’s a guy who moves into the apartment across from hers and they each have their windows open all the time and he just gets amused watching her interact with her kid and he’s so amazed by it and they communicate through their windows a lot, looking up every so often and waving or giggling and making little funny faces at each other, but never actually talk until there’s a false fire alarm at three in the morning and they’re standing outside and he offers her kid his jacket because they at the time thought there was a real fire and she was too worried about getting the two of them outside to think about jackets and it just kind of takes off from there plEASE

ok like this and I’ll message you becauSE I RLY WANT THIS bye

I just want a roadtrip plot. I don’t care if it’s just friends, m/m, f/f/,m/f etc. relationship, siblings or any other kind of pairing. I just need a roadtrip plot. With fighting over the music, sleep arrangements in the car when a hotel/motel is nowhere close, someone being too tired and missed an exit but it’s way too late to turn around so they have to change their navigation course, all the crazy photos they take every chance they get, rock paper scissors over who is pumping gas this time and just r o a d t r i p  p l o t.

Muse A is daddy’s little good girl. Studies extra hard, rarely leaves the house and goes to church every Sunday just like he wants. Her father, a cop, arrests Muse B for vandalism. The next day Muse A’s father is letting Muse B out of jail when she comes for a visit. Muse B instantly starts hitting on her and making sexual advances. She immediately gets turned on by this bad boy and starts falling for him. He shows her the wild side, with sex in the car and in the bathroom at parties. And she enjoys this, she enjoys going behind her father’s back and seeing this other side of the world.

Someone give me an angsty plot of “I’m pregnant and your mistress. What do you mean you won’t leave your wife?? You said you love me.” Imagine the angst when she cuts all ties with him for months and then he runs into her and she’s got this big belly. He just stands there like fuck I do love her. I gotta win her back.