i just want a cliche ship between a model and a movie star so i can have paras arguing over photo shoots with too much body contact and movies with too many sex scenes

I really want to play dominant Luke Hemmings in a smut-heavy M/M or M/F plot, and I really want to play Derek Theler as a bicurious fuck boy preferably in a smut-heavy fraternity M/M plot, but I’m flexible, as long as I’m using him in M/M only. If you want to do either, please like this or message me.

‘afternoon, everyone !! i’m so, incredibly bored right now, as i’ve a long weekend and am too uninspired to work on my finals. i am, however, pretty keen on plotting at the moment, and i hardly have enough plots going on. i guess what i’m hinting at is that i’m absolutely dying to get some more plots rolling for the summer, which can be fixed with the help of your pretty little head! like this or message me if you’d like to plot something literate/with longer replies?? i’m even adding this pretty 'lil gif of gigi for extra incentive !!

i would rly love a plot where muse a is like everyone’s favorite teacher at school — he’s younger and funny and good looking what’s not to love — and he’s like married and just super sweet. but things aren’t what they seem and things at home aren’t great, actually super tense like they’re trying for a baby and nothing happens and his wife just doesn’t care as much as he does??? and in comes muse b, she’s the new teacher at school — like gorgeous and sassy and sweet — and everyone takes to her immediately including muse a, like they really hit it off and he opens up to her and feels alive and great again. and muse b eventually is like fuck it and makes a move and there’s just sneaking around at school and acting like they’re high schoolers again and drama and?????

okay i’ve had this idea for a while and it’s stemmed from how often i take public transport but i don’t want to know about your muse a i don’t want to know their name, age, parent’s names, even why they’re on the bus/train but for all muse b knows everyday they are on the same 7:11AM train. maybe even the same carriage, maybe one of them has to sit on the same seat everyday and the other watches in amusement. since one comes on before the other they see it all.  maybe they know so much eachother but they’ve never talked to eachother. and there’s many reasons as to why - the train could get cramped and crowded so they don’t even bother or they don’t even know that the other has been watching them in the same way they have. maybe one’s an artist that can’t help but draw the other, maybe one of them cries one morning, maybe one’s a busy office clerk that doesn’t even notice the other since their nose is always in the morning paper or even a book. maybe one of them loses their “assigned” seat, maybe it’s too crowded and they have to stand beside the other, maybe one of them drops something. i just want a long-winded and stretched-out number of small and nitty interactions that could mean nothing and something at the same time.

i’m back! haha, okay. So, most of ya’ll probably don’t remember me or don’t know me but I was just on a semi-hiatus for my finals and classes. I’m back now and ready to plot! I just cleaned out my muse blog so i have lots and lots of plots open! You can find my plots here, my plot ideas here, and I mainly only play males. I love m/m & f/f & m/f plots!

i kind of lost like…..all my active 1x1s and i rlly want some more so like this plot if u want HCs and feels and ask memes bc i will come harass you and give u all those things

hello pals !! happy friday :’) so ummmm just sayin’ if anyone wanted to give me give me zoey deutch/luke hemmings with any of these plots: one, two. or calum/luke (aka CAKE,.,, my dads…) with these two plots kind of combined (???) one, two. so just like this or message me if this tickles your fancy??


konichiwa bitches!! just wanted to make a quick lil announcement!! pearlet-rps and i will be pursuing a pearlet 1x1. i’ll be playing miss chachki (duh) and the lovely madi will be playing everyone’s fav sleeping beauty, pearl. this rp takes place at the beginning of season 7 and will continue to cover the show from pearlet’s perspective! so for all you pearlet fans that wanna come along for the ride then feel free to follow this account as well as pearl in order to get the full tea. 

plot where “you’re dating my twin and we’ve always gotten along super well and lowkey i might have a crush on you and one night you call me to pick you up and you’re drunk and you keep telling me how much you love me and i think you might be confused and think i’m my twin but no you said my name you definitely just said my name wait what does this mean”

muse a is desperately in love with muse b but has kept it hidden for years so muse b is completely clueless and talks about their relationships and crushes in front of muse a because muse b just thinks they’re that kind of really great friends so one day they go to a party and get drunk together which leads to muse a getting drunker than they’ve ever been before so muse b carries them home because the party is only a few blocks away and tugs them into bed BUT MUSE A DRUNKENLY TELLS MUSE B THEY’RE SO IN LOVE WITH THEM AND BAM this is where the plot begins so you can have muse b avoid muse a because they’re scared they might lose muse a or you can have muse b wake muse a up with breakfast in bed and a super sudden kiss depends on whether u want angst or FLUff cries im so emotional

Soulmate AU. Imagine you having some sort of device telling you where and when you’d meet your soulmate exactly. The clocks are ticking down for both muses, and when they meet, hearts are racing, looks are exchanged, and tension is felt like never before. They’re not strangers. They never have been. They’ve met before, multiple times. Everyday. They’re both in such shock. Could be love/hate, or best friends.