i’d give anything for a mumu based on the secret circle (book series/short lived tv show). six young adults involved in a coven. most of them grew up together in a small, new england fishing town where everyone knows everyone. one day, they learn that they’re witches and warlocks, powers that were hidden from them because of their parents not wanting to get them involved in dark things. they’re supposed to use their powers to battle the forces of evil, to be good. what do they do instead? one makes it storm when her mother won’t buy her a new car. another changes their hair color every two weeks because they’re bored.  one of them makes it so music randomly plays whenever they walk into a room to get attention. there’s another that’s on the volleyball team at their college and they use magic to help them win. instead of using their powers for some epic battle of good and evil, they use them like any other millenial would – to get free breakfast, a few extra minutes of sleep, a nice apartment to live in, etc. we could each play three characters or maybe we have more than one mun involved but pleASE!!! someone give this to me!! i want a group of six young witches & warlocks being reckless as hell and loving life!! plus, imagine a giant brotp or poly ship?? like, PLEASE

i need more cliche m/f plots pls im me or like this or whatever is good for u

like a stoic, broody boy who is rarely seen outside of his own home, let alone at school, but has a reputation as big as the sea is wide for getting into all sorts of trouble. he meets this little firecracker of a rich girl somewhere no one from school found them, no societal pressures, and they just click. then she starts bringing him to actual events (”he’s being social? holy shit”) and everyone would think she’s tamed the wild beast.

you know what i want? a plot based off of the night is young by the summer set. they were high school sweethearts, homecoming king and queen (or queen and queen or king and king, it doesn’t have to be a het ship), and they had everything all planned out. they were gonna be the stereotypical cute couple that went to college together, moved back home together, and started a family and lived happily ever after. fast forward to the summer before college and a parent gets sick, or passes away, or maybe one of them couldn’t afford going away or something else to that effect, and they had to split up. they tried to make it work, but ldr aren’t for everyone and it just kinda fell apart. fast forward to just after college graduation and the one who went away comes back home for the first time in four years, and the one who stayed has spent the time wondering what the other was up to and assuming they had moved on, but plot twist the one who left spent their college career wondering if their ex missed them. and now they’re reunited and god have they both missed each other but they’re not sure if the other wants to be with them again or if it’ll even work if they try and ugh


fast forward ten years, where the one who went away didn’t go back home after graduating college. instead, they moved on, got married and stayed away. until now, when their own parent passes and they get divorced and now they’re back home and maybe one of them has a kid?? (maybe it’s the other person’s kid?? because who doesn’t love the angst of meeting your kid after years of not knowing they existed) and now they’re reunited but it’s been so much longer and it basically goes the same way as part one but now they’re trying to relive their glory days while reuniting with their lost love and just!!!!!

so i have sat down and thought about my most wanted plots and i think i’ll i think i have finally thought it through:

  • plots inspired by the show fringe
  • plots inspired by the show lost
  • zombie apocalypse plot … or any kind of apocalypse plots where it could even be based on the show revolution.
  • vampire plots (or vampire/witch plot is cool too)
  • a plot based on the movie ‘the back-up plan’
  • a plot where muse a and muse b were college sweethearts. muse b plans on proposing until one day muse a leaves without a word. fast forward five years later and muse b is engaged while muse a comes back with a child.
  • mob boss and mob wife who do the dirty work themselves.
  • assassins plots or serial killer plots.

  •  more probably to be added but for now this is what im looking for.

An assortment of ‘apartment’ plots I need:

The walls are paper thin and…

  • The walls are paper thin and I can always hear you having sex and honestly idk if i’m more jealous because i’m not getting any or irritated because it’s keeping me up at night?
  • The walls are paper thin and you’re always singing in the shower, and honestly you’re terrible but idk how to tell you, so I’ve just started to play music over you but you seem to know every song and it only makes you sing louder??
  • The walls are paper thin and you just heard the brutal break up of me and my ex, and now you’re trying to comfort me through the walls and it’s kinda awkward but it’s also helping so?
  • The walls are paper thin and every night I watch jeopardy and I guess you’re really smart because every night you shout out the correct answer and at this point I’m not sure there’s a question you can’t answer?
  • The walls are paper thin and I hear you having obnoxious parties every night, and I would be mad but at the end of it all I can hear you crying yourself to sleep and i’m actually kind of worried about this lifestyle you’re living?
  • The walls are paper thin and i’m not even really sure how it started but every night we have conversations about our day over dinner and at this point idk why I haven’t just invited you over? 

You broke into my apartment… (also works the other way around)

  • You were drunk and you broke into my apartment and I would call the cops but you’re kind of out like a light so I’d kind of feel bad but you bet your ass i’ll be waiting for you to wake up until morning so I can ask who the fuck you are?
  • You were drunk and you broke into my apartment and when you found out this wasn’t your friend’s apartment you started crying and I really don’t know what to do?
  • You were drunk and you climbed in through my apartment window and I’m not really sure how you managed it because not only is the fire escape broken but you are really fucking plastered? Please, teach me your skills?
  • You broke into my apartment to avoid something and you won’t really tell me what it is and i’m actually kind of afraid you might be a murderer so why shouldn’t I call the cops?
  • You snuck into my apartment to avoid your ex while my door was open for groceries and I got so scared I spilled the milk everywhere?
  • You broke into my apartment while I was out for whatever reason and when I came home I knocked you out and now you’re unconscious on my floor and idk what to do?

We always see each other in the elevator…

  • We always see each other in the elevator during our walk of shame and it’s gotten to the point where we just share our escapades now and why haven’t we slept together yet?
  • We always see each other in the elevator and it’s inanely awkward because we both live on the top floor of this really tall apartment complex and we always ride in silence because the one time I tried talking to you I fucked up REALLY bad.
  • We always see each other in the elevator and now we’ve gotten stuck because of a power outage so really, I guess we should get to know one another at this point.
  • We always see each other in the elevator and it’s blatantly obvious you’re terrified of them even if you insist you aren’t.
  • We always see each other in the elevator and I know it’s you who didn’t hold the elevator the one time I was carrying something really heavy and I swear, I will get my revenge.

i need more exes plots. give me exes that haven’t spoken in years and run into each other at a mutual friends wedding. give me exes that still see each other too much and can’t give up on what they had but know they’re not good for each other. give me exes where one moved away without a word and then returned to their hometown expecting everything to go back to how it was. give me exes where one never told the other they were pregnant and the other has tried to moved on in everything they’ve done but haven’t been able to. give me exes that are still pretending to be together for the sake of their reputations or families. give me exes that hate each others guts and can’t be in the same room without yelling at one another but there’s still so much love there. give me exes that still live together because neither can afford to move out. give me exes that were high school sweethearts and one went places while the other ended up dancing for cash. JUST PLEASE GIVE ME EXES!!!

give me a ‘divorced couple who still sees each other often for kid drop offs and school activities’ and going on without each other has been a process and weird and there’s still two am drunk texts being all 'i miss you’ but they never address it in person and just pretend that it didn’t happen. and the angst and seeing new people, sometimes being jealous and a little bit vindictive fully aware of how awful that is. break my heart fam.

olympics inspired plots: 

  • i’m a low tier athlete and you’re a high tier one but we were next to each other during the parade of nations and everyone watching on tv saw you wink at me
  • we live next to each other in the olympic village and the walls are thin please keep yourself under control
  • i’m a tourist and i didn’t realize you were an olympian until the morning after I slept with you and woke up in the olympic village
  • we’re rivals in our sport and we’re both going for gold but I just can’t seem to hate you
  • we’re childhood friends and now we’re both living our dreams as olympians
  • i did really bad in my event and you found me moping 
  • i saw you in the olympics four years ago and now i’m competing against my idol
  • after i won gold i fell off the podium and you’re the one that caught me

yeah i have olympics fever please give me these

plot idea: muse a and muse b are the best of friends until they have a drunken one night stand and muse a ends up being pregnant. both parties want to be fully involve so they end up moving in together and be roomies so they raise the baby together. once the baby is born is when both muses really become close and there are nights when muse a has sleepless nights and sometimes crawls into muse b’s bed and rly it’s just cute fluff and sometimes small arguments on the side. just yes ok

What about a sugar baby plot where she used to be stripper/call girl that is given the opportunity to drop that job in order to be full time for her high paying client. She goes from living pay check to pay check to going on vacations in exotic places and drinking the finest of champagne. The lifestyle is almost addicting to her so when he asks her to be his girlfriend she doesn’t think twice?? It isn’t until other girls flirt with him that she realize that feelings might be involved :))