1x09: wolf's bane

Wolf's Bane Theory

I think the reason the Wolfs bane didn’t affect the humans in the last episode, was because they didn’t ingest it. For wolves, they just need to be close to it and it makes them sick.

Remember in the first season when Stiles put the wolfs bane in his bag? That alone made Scott freak out. Or remember when Victoria Argent used the vaporizer? She wasn’t affected.

At the party, everyone who drank it in the punch, had hallucinations. 

This leads me to think that it’s kind of like a very severe peanut allergy for Wolfs, and a bee sting allergy for humans. That’s the best way I can explain it.

I dont know if anyone mentioned this but

at one point on Saturday night’s party, the dancefloor was completely full and then suddenly they put on Blurred Lines and about 95% of the people just walked off the dancefloor simultaneously, returning promptly as soon as the song ended.

There’s been many times in Stiles’ life when he has felt useless.  He’s too hyper, too obnoxious, too human. Sometimes, when he’s sitting in his room after the latest confrontation with the alpha, he picks up this book and dreams. He dreams that, like the teenagers in this book, his ADHD is a blessing, that being jittery is really his battle instincts. That someday, he could be the one to save everyone. To be the hero.