1x07 parts developed in an unusual manner

Orphan Black Season 1 Masterpost

1X01 - Natural Selection

1X02 - Instinct

1X03 - Variation Under Nature 

1X04 - Effects of External Conditions

1X05 - Conditions of Existence 

1X06 - Variations under Domestication

1X07 - Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner

1X08 - Entangled Bank

1X09 - Unconscious Selection

1X10 - Endless Forms Most Beautiful

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All the clones that Tatiana Maslany has played in each episode of Orphan Black. Because holy shit.

Fun facts:

  • So far, Tatiana has portrayed a total of 9 clones, as well as 9 different cloneswaps.
  • The highest number of characters Tatiana has played in a single episode is 7 (4 clones and 3 cloneswaps) in Effects of External Conditions (1x04).
  • The episode with the lowest number of clones featured is Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner (1x07), with only 3 clones and no cloneswaps.