Hookman (1x07) Part 5: Church Heirloom

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         “Here’s something, I think.” You stated, biting your bottom lip as you furrowed your eyebrows. You lifted the paper in your hands up slightly to read off from better, scanning the rest of the page before continuing on to Sam and Dean, who looked up from their own stack of research to listen to what you had to say. “Logbooks, Iowa State Penitentiary.” You listed off. “Karns, Jacob. Personal effects: Disposition thereof.”

         Sam glanced over briefly at Dean before shifting in his seat. “Does it mention the hook?” He asked hopefully.

         “Uh, yeah. Right here,” You muttered. You lifted your finger, dragging it down and along the faded page to locate the exact spot you had previously found it. “Upon execution, all earthly items shall be remanded to the prisoner’s house of worship,” Your eyes widened slightly as you placed the page down on the table, your jaw slightly dropped open as you looked directly into the boys eyes. “St. Barnabas Church.

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