1x05 the wolf and the lion

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TW Rewatch 1x05: Lydia's first scream - did it impact Peter?

I’ve spent so much time on 1x05 it’s borderline crazy (mostly because i’ve been offline for too long and i got stuck on this episode for some reason) but it just keeps bringing me new brain waves..This time it’s about Lydia and Peter - is this the episode where she entered his radar as a banshee in the making?

athenadark has previously pointed out that Lydia is connected to mirrors – and in this episode we get a look at the two Lydias – both in the mirror. One is the vunerable, true Lydia without a mask – probably a representation of her banshee side.

And the other is the strong front she presents, her fascade. This is later reflected in the intro from season 2 and onwards.

But more interestingly this is the episode when we first hear Lydia scream. We all know that she hasn’t tapped into her bansheeness at this point. But it is in connection to Peter - and who knows - he might have detected something in her voice, something dripping through. Someone had just died after all - in later seasons she’s drawn to dead bodies all the time, being a “geiger counter for death” and we do know it’s her wish to rent the Notebook again that takes them here.

Peter’s bite might be the “spark that lit your fire, sweetheart” like he told Lydia in season 3b - but who’s to say that her talents didn’t drip through every now and then even at this stage. We see this happen with Stiles all the time - in high stress situations his somethingness bleeds through. And we also learn from the parent/teacher conference that Lydia’s dad is expecting her to behave oddly.

Teacher: Let me tell you, there’s plenty to say about Lydia.
Mr Martin: Did I not predict this?
Mrs Martin: Here we go.Total nuclear meltdown as usual.
Mr Martin: What is it? Is it her grades, concentration issues, erratic behavior?
Mrs Martin: I’m not the one who told her she had to choose who she wants to live with, as if that wouldn’t warp a 16-year-old girl.
Mr Martin: Just tell us what the problem is.
Teacher: I wasn’t aware that there was a problem.

With what we know about Lydia’s family history now her dad’s reaction at the conference makes more sense. He always came off as very weird but knowing his mother’s history and how he felt about that it fits better.  it does seem like he’s expecting Lydia to behave like Lorraine did. Was she already showing signs of this at home?

But back to the scream - alpha Peter bursts through the window and startles Lydia who screams.

Could this be why he knew she was a banshee in the making?

It’s easy to just dismiss it as just a normal scream because of shock - but something odd happens to Peter just after.

Remember the surveillance photos Sheriff stilinski showed to Deaton?

Peter bursts through the window as a beast alpha, Lydia screams and seconds later we get this

He’s risen to his feet and appears to have shifted back or is in the process of shifting back to human form. If you’re trying to move around revenging people in an animalistic way, something like this will surely make the local law enforcement question their mountain lion theories… I don’t think he did this delibrately - i think perhaps something in Lydia’s scream threw him for a loop.

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