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so i hope im not bothering you, but one thing i thought was really interesting on LoT was Len's reaction when he saw Jax was injured?Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but what struck me is the way camera focused on Len's reaction when he noticed Mick bringing Jax in and when Len walked out afterwards. And Len's expression in that scene was quite interesting to me as well? I was just curious what you thought. (Also, thank you for running this blog. You're so nice and put so much effort into it)

Not bothering at all, this was a neat question and I found myself enjoying thinking about it :)

I rewatched the scene, and took a second to gif it so I could analyze it. First, Len’s expression went from mocking (Ray) to far more focused and intense as soon as Martin, Mick, and Jax come in, Jax being injured and the focus of Len’s attention.

Although the camera is focused on Ray, who’s talking, we see Len’s eyes take in Jax’s injury, whereas Ray is directing his attention to Martin and Rip predominately.

As soon as he gets a bit of an explanation for what happened, Len more or less excuses hims from the situation.

And I can’t help but think he looks frustrated (with Rip? with Martin?) as he leaves, a crease in his brow, holding his arm. 

So his whole good mood is gone entirely. Someone he knows is hurt and he’s clearly not happy, and while he’s not at all the focus of attention in the scene, we can see his concern show through as he becomes quieter, tenser, and exits the situation.

And I think it’s telling. Len cares about these people, and he doesn’t like to see them in pain. He doesn’t like to see how easily they can get hurt and how vulnerable they all are to Vandal Savage and his men. And this fits with a meta I just wrote about Len’s development as a character and how he feels responsible for this team, but more or less, I think the way they showed his reaction here speaks to his development over time of that deepening sense of responsibility and dawning frustration with how Rip puts the team members in harm’s way so thoughtlessly at times.

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Just saw LoT 1.04; it was amazing. Main conclusions: Len has a bit of a kleptomania habit when he's bored (yet his initial move in each case is to look at the ID, not grab the cash), he's an excellent flirt and a terrible hostage, and he is BIGGEST mother hen on that ship when someone doesn't 100% stand behind another member of the crew. (he also either gets or makes every single movie reference. he and Mick must watch a LOT of movies in their free time.) Every min of this episode is fic fodder


Seriously the kleptomania is real XD i just want to see him steal Barry’s wallet sometime haha. 

And yes omg the references, so great. 

The flirting is fascinating to me – it’s so… put on? It’s just another way to read and manipulate people. He’s not at all interested in the people he’s flirting with in this episode, it’s all faux charm built entirely on him knowing how to con others. He’s got zero interest in Valentina and turns her down. I’d be curious just how different it is for him when he’s genuinely interested and emotionally invested? I mean other than the fact that he’s obviously married to Mick…

That episode was my favorite so far I think? Len’s expression when Mick tells him to go at the end? I think I broke. Something internal broke. I don’t know if it was my heart or my soul, but some part of me did.

Can’t wait for the next episode :)