1x04(a): ear no evil


Jenny: So Mom, picture me - with ears! What do you think? When can you build them?

Dr. Wakeman: *laughs* XJ-9, you need ears like Oppenheimer needs gunpowder! You were designed with an auditory system decades ahead of its time. Oh, you were so precious when you were a prototype.

Jenny: But Mom, without ears, I can’t wear earrings. And without earrings, I’m just a..a…a freak!

Dr. Wakeman: *gasps* Earrings? I designed a state of the art, aerodynamic, streamlined crime-fighting robot, not some super-mannequin to hang with goo-gas and gimcrackery!


Jenny: Hi, Sheldon. Sorry about the ears. They were great while they lasted, and they make wicked crime-fighting weapons!

Sheldon: Jenny, I hope you didn’t take any of that stuff Brit and Tiff said seriously. You looked beautiful in those ears.

Jenny: *sighs* I know, Sheldon. Too bad they were destroyed in battle. I guess I’ll have to go back to looking like my freaky old self.