1x01: girl meets world

anonymous asked:

girl are you still salty about GMW? i know i am. will we eVER get the answers ?

I’m not salty about it in a “fuck Disney, I won’t even watch Andi Mack bc of GMW cancellation” type of way

I’m salty about it in a “Michael Jacobs, what the fuck was that sorry excuse of a q&a” type of way

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: girl meets world deserved better. This show changed so many people's lives and actually taught lessons to teens, children, and even adults. Girl meets world was the best show on the network and they just decided to cancel it. Girl meets world deserved more than 3 seasons. It has so much potential.
  • disney channel: *cancels girl meets world*
  • me: i am so done with disney. who tf do they think they are?? the whole entire channel is just complete--
  • disney channel: --Brand new show, Andi Mack!
  • me: as i was saying, disney is really progressing in terms of...