1x01 the dragon's call

Merlin 1x01 “The Dragon’s Call” Highlights:

  • Literally any time Gaius says anything (Richard Wilson is flawless)
  • “Do you know how to walk on your knees?”
  • The beginning of season 1 adorkable!Gwen
  • The beginning of sassy!Merlin
  • “I could take you apart with one blow.” “I could take you apart with less than that.”
  • The sheer amount of pure teenage angst in the line “If I can’t use magic, I might as well die.”
  • Uther and Lady Helen’s ASMR strawberry eating scene
  • “Yes, it certainly is too late for Arthur.” *Internal evil cackling*
  • The really adorable old-school practical effects because the dragon was probably so fucking expensive to animate
  • The first instance of Kilgharrah being a vague motherfucker
  • Merlin’s poor bisexual heart being tested by not one but two hot royals
  • My poor bisexual heart being tested by like the whole fucking cast but especially Katie in That™ dress
  • Gwen accidentally admitting to Merlin that she has a crush on him and Merlin being completely oblivious
  • Lady Helen’s song and the fact that even after everyone has fallen asleep she keeps singing like everyone’s listening just for the drama of it all
  • That scene where Merlin is staring at the candle like he’s posing for GQ
  • “Your destiny is calling - better find out what he wants.”

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Merlin 1x02 “Valiant” Highlights:

  • The guy selling the snake shield that can kill people hands over control of it to someone who wants to buy a snake shield that can kill people and is surprised when he is one of the people killed by the snake shield that can kill people
  • Arthur using training for the tournament as an excuse to kit Merlin out in armour and beat the shit out of him
  • Gwen being a weapons and armour expert
  • *Merlin preparing a visibly nervous Arthur for the tournament* “You nervous?” - “I don’t get nervous.” - “Really? I thought everyone got nervous.” - “WILL YOU SHUT UP?”
  • The sword fighting choreography (but this is true of anything I watch with sword fighting tbh)
  • Knight Valiant as that super creepy jock character that makes him such a perfect fanfic villain
  • The scene where Merlin uses the magic of greenscreen to polish Arthur’s armour
  • Gwen’s silent disapproval of Valiant (it’s subtle but you can see that Gwen is practically fighting not to roll her eyes any time he’s mentioned)
  • Seeing how much crap Bradley actually had to wear in all his armour scenes omfg
  • Gaius’ “Is it just me or are you actually beginning to enjoy yourself?” and his smirk afterwards. He knows what’s up.
  • Uther’s very rustic-minimalist approach to interior design which includes scattered wrought-iron candelabras and what looks like a giant chess piece
  • Morgana stroking Gwen’s arm nervously (no one besides Uther in this show is straight sorry)
  • Arthur trusting Merlin’s (admittedly crazy) story despite it being Merlin’s first week on the job
  • “Just give me a straight answer!” those don’t exist in Camelot sorry
  • Merlin straight up stealing a marble statue to prove a point (I mean, also to save Arthur’s life but still)
  • Arthur 900% sure he’s going to die but still proving he’s brave enough to fight
  • Morgana’s blue dress (I need one)
  • Soft!Morgana not wanting Arthur to die (I always forget how crazy her transformation from season 1 to season 5 is)
  • Merlin’s temporary pet dog
  • The first instance of Merlin using his lovely and badass spellcasting voice
  • The sweet Merthur reconciliation scene at the end

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