m-flo’s “All I Want is You” has a catchy beat and a twee music video. Worth watching for its aesthetic and Tokyo landscape. m-flo’s music adds infinitely to it, obviously.

 DJ Fresh and Messy MC have been added to the Lineup! Here’s a bit about the two magnificent music-makers:

DJ Fresh

Once described as ‘a tornado rolling across the horizon”, Dan Stein, uberproducer, DJ and label owner is one of the driving forces behind the success of Drum & Bass. Better known as DJ Fresh, Stein co-founded D’N’B group Bad Company at 19. Their release of “The Nine” has been voted as the best Drum & Bass tune of all time every year since 2004 by Drum and Bass Arena. Since then, DJ Fresh has gone from strength to strength. The album ‘Inside the Machine’ won the best album of 2000 in the industry authority Knowledge Magazine. ‘Mo-Fire’ hit reached #22 in the national charts.

In 2003, DJ Fresh pursued a solo career and formed a new label ‘Breakbeat Kaos’ with super-producer Adam F. The pair released the Drum and Bass smash ‘Barcelona’ on BC recordings, and Dan’s stock instantly rose again as the release peaked at #11 in the UK charts. This paved the way for Adam F and Dan to produce ‘Miracles’ for The Pet Shop Boys, which went to #4 in the UK charts. This was an unprecedented achievement for producers from an underground scene, and cemented the pair’s reputation as producers extraordinaire.

Fresh’s sophomore album ‘Kryptonite’ continued on the path of its predecessor and peaked in the UK Dance Charts at #2.  The third single ‘Gold Dust’, along with its brilliant video, garnered yet more widespread acclaim for Fresh, charting in both the UK Dance Charts and UK single charts at #7 and #24 respectively. To round off 2010, Fresh and Sigma released ‘Lassitude’. Featuring vocals from Koko and an electrifying piano riff, the tracks proved another mainstream smash and received Radio 1 ‘record of the week’ status on four different shows, including Sara Cox, MistaJam, Greg James and Dev.

In 2012, “Nextlevelism” scaled the charts and the single “Hot Right Now” (2012) peaked at #1 in the UK.

2013 is shaping up to be another impressive year for Fresh. With a string of dance-floor fillers already in the pipeline, this UK dance music sensation will be tearing up clubs and festivals throughout the year. 11th August will unleash the highly anticipated single “Earthquake” upon the world. There is no doubt DJ Fresh will continue to dominate both the underground and mainstream alike.

In September 2013, DJ Fresh will set out for the 1 World Music Festival in Singapore, and audiences can expect only most striking sounds from this master of music.

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Messy MC

Messy by name, messy by nature.. . Jay, otherwise known as ‘Messy’ to his friends, has been taking charge of microphones up and down the country for the last 5 years delivering thousands of bars of profound lyrics that have kept parties alive till the break of dawn. They do say hard work always pays off and in the case of Messy, this statement couldn’t be more true. 

So far his efforts have seen him perform all over the globe at some of the biggest parties in the land with every A list DJ you can think of, and probably some you can’t! As a member of the ‘E-Z Rollers’ live band, he toured with Jay, Alex and Kelly promoting the ‘Conductor’ album, on which he also features. 2010 saw him continue his rise to fame with performances in Europe and some of the UK’s biggest nights: Fabric:Live, Warning, Secret Garden Party, Movement, Intrigue, Torque and more. Messy is the MC of choice for a number of imprints including Integral, Footprints, Siren, Sonorous Music, Intercom, Fabric:Live and has recently been taken on board by Drum and Bass’ biggest brand Hospital Records and has been asked to perform at a number of upcoming Hospitality’s. 

The 2010 Drum & Bass Arena Awards is a time for not only the well established artists to be hailed as legends but for break through performers to take their rightful position in the Drum & Bass fraternity and be recognised as stars of the future; with that in mind we proudly present to you the Best Newcomer MC of 2010, Messy MC!

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Two hours more to a live chat with that heavenly duo, Cosmic Gate. In the meantime, take a look at them getting the crowd into a frenzy at A State of Trance in Kuala Lumpur.

Love their sets!

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