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I only know bruce wayne actually. I have no idea about the kids or robins. Can u pls educate me about them? Like what they look like and their personality so that i can enjoy ur robins imagine?

I kind of think they all look a little alike? Like they’re almost real brothers or something. Anyway they all have dark hair, and (Usually) light eyes, so maybe that’s why.

I can’t help you with appearance there’s google for that. 

Dick- Golden boy on the outside, a mess on the inside

Jason- Angry at the world, also kind of adorable. Tragic backstory unlocked at level 1

Tim- Paranoid, Murphy’s law (If it can go wrong, it will). really polite, but even he has his limits. NORMAL (pre-bruce….kinda) Okay maybe the most normal??

Damian: Jealous easily, angry, kind of also adorable, his best friend is his dog. He named his Dog Titus, like after the play. Talk about violent.

Yeah, I took this like 10% seriously (Insert laughing emoji here)