Art Thief Alert

So thanks to @kleptotello​, it was brought to my attention that someone has been stealing, recoloring and copying not just my art, but the art of many artists in the TMNT and I imagine other fandoms as well, including @faithfulwhispers. Y’all know nothing boils my blood quite like art theft, I’ve bitched about it more than enough times.

She has a few blogs, but the main one is  http://tia-hauser-is-a-star.tumblr.com/, there’s also @tia-hauser-tmnt​ and @tia-hauser-1star​, and others. 

So I attempted to reach out to her privately, I sent her a message saying I noticed alot of my art on her page and that she was calling it “her art”, please take it down, that’s not cool, don’t be an art thief. 

Her response? “I don’t know you, bye”

These all sure do look familiar. Oh, I see now, THEY’RE MINE. Except with shitty trace jobs. 

You know me now? 

Now I absolutely do not condone bullying, harassing or anything like that, but if this is what it takes, calling you out publicly to my 1000+ followers to get your attention, then so be it. I tried to tell you that art theft is wrong. I told you that you couldn’t just ignore me and hope I’d go away. 

I don’t mind it when other artist’s use my work as inspiration, that’s fine, I have no problem with that. But this is just blatant stealing. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not sure if ANY of those images on her so called “Art blog” are original, if you told me they were all rip offs, I’d believe you. 

You need to learn real quick that there are consequences for your actions. If you think that you can get away with ripping off someone’s art and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it, you got another thing coming, honey. 



M.I.A. - Kala - 63.5%




Hostellerie de Briqueterie (Epernay) was our first Michelin starred experience. Built in the 70s in an old bricks factory (briqueterie) it has been under Gilles Goess since 2005 after he spent 10 years in the wings as a sous. The cuisine was classic with lots of jelly conserves, thick gelatinous soups, rich game and classic desserts. The service was the most unfamiliar aspect to us. Perfectly groomed waiters moved silently around the table orchestrating the meal. Flourishes such as a co-ordinated reveal from under silver domes reminded more of cuisine anglaise than classic French. The property was a funny anachronism - lots of dark wood on the outside in a 1970’s Northern French style contrasting classic XIXeme furniture and food which was very traditional. The atmosphere inside was reserved to say the least and if it wasn’t for our table imbibing more than our fair share of champagne, you would have heard a pin drop. Service was, as we came to find in starred restaurants, impeccable. Glasses were never empty, you were never wondering about the next course, the wait staff were invisible and omnipresent at the same time. Overall a slightly discordant environment but a beautiful garden and great company made it a great lunch in the heart of Champagne.

Shrimp Sandwich (Shrimp, Caviar, Lettuce and Lemons, on White Bread)

Dear Smorgas,

What is this?  I believe I ordered the Shrimp Sandwich for $13.  Instead you have mistakenly brought me five flavorless, miniature shrimp, some wilted lettuce, and a coke spoon worth of caviar on a piece of stale bread.

Oh, and there are lemons, too.  Not lemons I can conceivably squeeze on the sandwich to impart some modicum of flavor, mind.  Rather, the sort of lemons that just sit there and make it look like you tried.

Please allow me to offer you a bit of advice: try harder.  Putting a cherry tomato and 2 olives on lettuce doesn’t make a salad, dousing an unseasoned potato in mayo is not the right way to make potato salad, and THIS!?  Well this is just about the saddest excuse for a sandwich I’ve ever seen. 

I’ve had better meals in an IKEA.



External image

Smorgas Chef

53 Stone Street

New York, New York 10004


Buckethead - Colma - 63.4%