Beyonce Calls for Repeal of First Amendment at

Bohemian Grove Performance  

Media analyst Mark Dice tells beachgoers in San Diego, California that Beyonce has launched a new campaign to repeal the First Amendment in order to “help fight racism” to get people’s reactions.  Their blind support of this insane idea is absolutely shocking.  Must see!  

Boston Police Attack #OccupyBoston - Take Female Prisoners To Secret Jail

Over 200 Boston police beat veterans waving American flags and flags with doves on them before mass arresting peaceful protesters excercising their 1ST Ammendment rights. Females were separated and taken away to a secret detention facility.

Seattle and Dallas Occupiers also resting uneasy as police have been threatening there also.

#OccupyAtlanta was threatened with arrest and the police surrounded the park but backed away. Mayor Kasim expected to make a statement in the morning.


#OccupyBoston vows to retake the park.

The paper I turned in during economics. This motherfucking teacher wants us to watch a horrible and tragic movie! And wants us to answer questions over it!! No bitch no!! So on the back of the paper I wrote this and titled it: “Reasons I don’t like this movie!” #nobitch #fuckyou #economics #school #assholeteacher #iAmEmotional #itsthisweek #freedomofspeech #1stammendment