So after episode 4x18 I decided (with the help of some very dear anons) that we should have an Oliver Queen Appreciation Week ! We all need to show Oliver some love because after all his journey is what started all of this.Without the Green Arrow and his undeniable heroism we wouldn’t have created this fandom :) So this 5 next days from Monday to Friday this upcoming week [18/4/16-22/4/16 ]it will take place :)I am tracking #oliverqueenappreciation


1st day:Favourite Oliver Queen Scene 

2nd day:Favourite Oliver Queen Relationship(for example:brotp,otp,brother-sister bond)

3rd day:Favourite Sexy Moment of Oliver Queen(because we all need some sexy oliver)

4th day:Favourite Green Arrow Moment

5th day:Free Choice(for example quotes e.t.c)