Less Than Three DHJ Video Project

You’ve seen the title. Due to a previous shitstorm against David Haydn-Jones on Twitter and him being really hurt about it (see here), me and @wayward-mirage came up with the idea to make a video for him to show him how much we love and appreciate him

And for that we need your help!

Please send us your signs of love for him in forms of

  • a picture of you holding up a sign saying “We less than three you, David!” (you can decorate it however you want, or just any sign that shows you love him)
  • a small video around 5-10 seconds with a small message
  • a small text if you wish not to show your face
  • another picture or something that shows your love to him

If you wish to participate, send in your pictures, videos etc to this email


The deadline is Monday May 1st. I know it’s quite early but we shouldn’t drag this out for too long.

And please, even if you won’t participate, share this. On Twitter or whatever you like BUT don’t mention David. It should be a surprise.

Depending on how I get to edit, finish and upload it the video will be up Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here on tumblr or my twitter @queenxfheii or Toni!

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《 this  is  an  emergency  post 》

first off let me say i really,   REALLY  h a t e  to do this,   but it is my last hope because there is no other way around.     due to my father’s inability to pay a debt of his with his tiny income  [pension],  the company now went to his next blood related & that is me.     i didn’t KNOW by now that he owes anyone??    but my friend & i just moved,   which devoured all we’ve had saved,   so i have nothing left to pay them the money they demand by the end of this month.    they threaten to block my bank account if i don’t pay until may 1st & this means i won’t have any money at all until the 500€ / approx. 550$ are paid.     ( here in germany they can do this, given it is a serious company & it is. they will block your bank account & leave you without any access to your own money. & why i’m panicking is mainly because we JUST moved & due to this shit, i won’t be able to pay the first rate for this flat when i get my payment in may… i’m still trying but i’m hanging in the air with this ).    i explained to them my situation & that i need time & they won’t accept small rates either, so i must try to magically gather as much as possible by the deadline.     my flatmate can’t pay the rent for the flat for both of us + food,   so i really don’t know how to manage.    trust me, i ran from place to place in order to find other solutions, but this is a one-way street & for the first time in my life i’m actually panicking…     i’d offer comissions,   but my editing skills don’t compete with practiced ps users & i can only offer to make you a little something as sign of my gratitude, if you send a comment along with your donation telling me who you are  ( so i know whom to make a thing for ).     

the paypal is:   royalchaos80@web.de    please, if you can not donate, could you help me get the word around ?    this would already be WONDERFUL of you.   thank you 💕

#amedotbomb8 ‘s prompts! May 1st-7th

Hello friends! I know it’s been a while, thank you for being patient the past month the bomb has been on hiatus. It is back now and here are your prompts for this months bomb. The bomb will be from Monday May 1st to Sunday May 7th. 

-Picnic (Monday, May 1st) 
-Bathing Suites (Tuesday, May 2nd)
-Camping Trip (Wednesday, May 3rd)
-Volleyball (Thursday, May 4th)
-Sunglasses (Friday, May 5th)
-Mermaids (Saturday, May 6th)
-Alternative Universe [Any AU you like!] (Sunday, May 7th) 

Please use the hashtag #amedotbomb8 so I can track your posts and share them here. Or, if you prefer, you may submit contributions directly to this blog. 
You may also tag me in your posts to ensure that I see them.
That’s about it! You all have a week to prepare, see you in May! Good luck and have fun <3 

Okay I just have something to say-

Even tho I took the chance that I’d get my laptop back before the art raffle ends it ain’t happening.. ;-;;

It’s glitching out and I have to send it for repairs. We’re sending it this friday and at monday I’m choosing the raffle winners. It won’t come back in time so the winners will have to wait for a while to get their prizes.

I just feel kinda stupid because I was told that we were going to send it last friday and it was supposed to come may 1st hhhhhhhhhhhh

Russer Even

So as far as I understand it, the russetime begins May 1st (I’m danish and our graduation traditions are quite different from the Norwegian, so I’m not entirely sure how it works (their traditions are so wack haha)).

Do you guys think Even will join in? I could imagine he would rather spend his time with Isak (because they are still so honeymoon… like, easy now boys!). 

But also, he had a bit of absence from school last year, so it would make sense if he decided to focus the last few months and make it to graduation. Finally finishing gymnasium!

I could imagine him being very easily distracted when he is reading for his exams, but Isak be like: “I won’t kiss you until you have finished that chapter!” and “I made some que cards for you baby. I will reward every correct answer with a kiss.”

Isak will be so supportive you won’t believe it!!


Heads up, true believers! There’s just one week left until May 1st, the start of Spideytorch Week, a seven day celebration of the Spideytorch ship!  We accept all kinds of fanworks dedicated to the relationship between Peter “Spider-Man” Parker and Johnny “Human Torch” Storm.

2017′s themes are:

Day 1 - First/Lasts
Day 2 - Competition
Day 3 - Domesticity
Day 4 - Through the Decades
Day 5 - Journeys
Day 6 - Risky Liaisons
Day 7- Free Day

In addition, this year we have general themes that you can post on any day. Choose any one or combine them:

New York City

There’s no signups needed to participate - just remember to tag #spideytorchweek in the first five tags so we can see and reblog! 


Guys! Let’s tweet about this! We want BTS to be at BBMAs! Even they want to be there!(plz see the whole video then you will understand want I am talking about)
And don’t forget to vote for BTS! It will start from May 1st!
(I want them to perform there and they haven’t received any invitation yet😭)
Plz spread this word to many ARMYs as much as possible…

Zenmaster Anthology authors, the story submission deadline is May 1st. That’s a week from today.

Even if you don’t have a draft of your story finished, please send us what you have: an outline, a partial draft, plot notes, etc. We want to make sure your story is following your prompt and the 2017 ZMA theme. 

Submit your work to us here.

Zenmaster Anthology artists, your submission deadline is June 1st. We need to see the art you’ve made for your author’s story and the links to whatever stock you’ve used.

Story Posting Day isn’t until July 1st. Authors, you’ve got two months from next week to finish your stories. Remember, the shorter the story, the easier it will be to finish on time.

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anonymous asked:

if the writers strike how will that effect ncisla?

It depends mostly on when the strike would start and how long it lasts.   From what I’ve read, the current contract expires on May 1st, so assuming that’s when the strike would start, it may not have a huge impact on most typical scripted shows (meaning the ones that air Sept-May), especially if it doesn’t last long.  Most scripted shows are wrapping for the season in the next couple of weeks.  I don’t know how long of a break they typically get (if they get one?) but most production offices (like LA’s) reopen in June I think.  So I imagine they have at least a month, possibly 2, before it really starts to impact the major networks.

The last strike was in 2007-08 and that had a big impact on the networks and scripted shows (I think they all ended up with shortened seasons because of it)…but that strike started in November and lasted until February - so that’s usually a busy time…mid-season, etc. 

(Disclaimer - most of this is an educated guess and I could be 100% wrong)

On the 19th of April 2006, the Böögg for the Sechseläuten was “kidnapped” by activists. For the parade, a new Böögg had to be built, the original one was only rediscovered again on the 1st of May, but without explosives. 2011, it was clear why: Andrea Stauffacher, the head of the activist group that has taken the Böögg, was sentenced by the Federal Court in Bellinzona. She was accused of carrying out multiple attacks, where the explosives from the Böögg were used, among other things