SU Hiatus Master List

The First Hiatus: “It Begins” 
It lasted for 41 days spanning from December 3rd, 2013 to January 13th, 2014. 

The Second Hiatus: “Buttermeat”
It lasted for 21 days spanning from January 28th, 2014 to February 17th, 2014 and is the second shortest Hiatus so far.

The Third Hiatus: “Revolutionary Gem Pearl"
It lasted for 23 days spanning from March 16th, 2014 to April 9th, 2014.

The Fourth Hiatus: “Nickilite” 
It lasted for 98 days spanning from May 15th, 2014 to August 21st, 2014 and is the second longest Hiatus so far.

The Fifth Hiatus: “A Christmas Hiatus” 
It lasted for 34 days spanning from December 5th, 2014 to January 8th, 2015. 

The Sixth Hiatus: “Wait for the 2nd Bomb”
It lasted for 45 days spanning from May 1st, 2015 to June 15th, 2015. 

The Seventh Hiatus: “Here Comes Sardonyx”
It lasted for 23 days spanning from June 20th, 2015 to July 13th, 2015. 

The Eighth Hiatus: “Vacation time”
It lasted for 54 days spanning from July 18th, 2015 to September 10th, 2015. 

The Ninth Hiatus: “Big” 
It lasted for 80 days spanning from October 16th, 2015 to January 4th, 2016.

The Tenth Hiatus: “S. O. S.”
It lasted for 124 days spanning from January 9th, 2016 to May 12th, 2016. This is the longest Hiatus so far.

The Eleventh Hiatus: “Neptune”
It lasted for 44 days spanning from June 3rd, 2016 to July 18th, 2016.

The Twelfth Hiatus: “It’s Over, Isn’t It?”
It lasted for 63 days spanning from September 15th, 2016 to November 17th, 2016.

The Thirteenth Hiatus:  “I Am So Tired of Hiatuses, Please Return to the Regular Schedule or Heck I’d Even Take a Stevenbomb at This Point.
It would have lasted 59 days and went from December 2nd, 2016 to January 30th, 2017 but thanks to an odd decision on CN’s part, it ended prematurely on January 2nd, 2017. 

The Fourteenth Hiatus: “CN… You Know You Have More Than 3 Shows Right?” 
It lasted 58 days spanning from March 10th, 2017 to May 8th, 2017. Though episodes were posted on CN’s App May 5th, 2017. 

The Fifteenth Hiatus: “Wanted
It lasted 17 days spanning from May 12th, 2017 to May 29th, 2017 and is the shortest Hiatus so far. 

The Sixteenth Hiatus: “Who Framed Rose Quartz?” 
It began on May 30th, 2017 and the end date is TBA. 

What podcasts I listen to

This is a post that most likely no one cares about since I shitpost whatever I’m into but I wanna get my thoughts about the podcasts I listen to regularly and what I feel about them. 

Welcome to Night Vale - This is the one that got me into podcasts although it scared me at first. I managed to listen to 60 episodes in almost a week so I was pretty hooked. This is about a friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful and mysterious lights pass while we all pretend to sleep. It’s set in a H P Lovecraft style of world where the scariest of things are seen as the most normal of things. Things change when a beautiful stranger comes to town but you’ll fall in love instantly. Episodes come out the 1st and 15th of each month

Alice Isn’t Dead - This is done by the same company that does Night Vale and it’s a lot darker and creepier. It is about a truck driver who drives around the country trying to find her wife Alice while discovering things about the towns she goes past. A warning if you don’t deal with gore or violence very well (also spoilers) someone does get murdered in the first episode and the main character does get attacked in a later episode. This show is only done by Joseph Fink and his style is a little scary at times but it’s still good. I recommend binge listening to the first season before the second one comes out because it’s a little easier to keep up with the story that way. I prefer Night Vale over Alice but that’s just a personal opinion. Episodes will continue when the next season starts. 

Wolf 359 - This is one of my favourite podcasts I have ever listened to. Written by Gabriel Urbina, it’s about Doug Eiffel’s life on the Hephaestus Research Station as they orbit the red dwarf star Wolf 359. This a podcast you’ll want more of and you’ll want to know every single plot twist and theory. The characters are loveable and it just makes me really happy. Renee Minkowski is the station’s commander and she makes sure that her boys stay in check (mostly Eiffel). Dr. Hilbert is honestly a little creepy but you can’t hate him and HERA is my computer wife. Every storyline is great and will only keep you guessing. The website also has other cool stuff such as playlists for the characters which are on spotify and there are small little things that are fantastic. The early seasons are very lighthearted and Zach Valenti (@iamzachvalenti) voices both Doug and Hilbert and it’s just fantastic to listen to. Episodes come out every two weeks.

Limetown - Limetown is very different compared to the other podcasts. It’s a news report that follows a reporter, Lia Haddock, as she tries to find out what happened to an entire town of people that just vanished into thin air. The length of the episodes span under 10 minutes to nearly an hour. It’s interesting but Lia is kinda annoying with her methods of obtaining the information she desires but her intentions are in the right place, despite her actions getting innocent people hurt. The podcast kinda stopped in December last year so it’s real easy to listen to but you will want more which is disappointing since you want to know what happens in the next season. It takes a very realistic turn of events so who knows when the next season comes out. If you like realistic podcasts then this is the one for you 

The Bright Sessions - Another personal favourite of mine and I no joke want more right now. The only way I can describe the podcast without spoiling it is X-men go to therapy. It’s an actual pleasure to listen to and it keeps you hooked. Lauren Shippen  (@thelaurenshippen)  has created something thats actually beautiful and has created characters who are relatable in every way. Sam is a time traveller with anxiety, Caleb is a high school student who can feel others emotions, Chloe thinks she’s going insane with the voices of angels then there is a mysterious character who I shall not name. It’s defiantly worth a listen and it’s an A++ podcast. The website also has things that are unique to each person. Sam has a blog, Caleb has instagram and playlists of his own and Chloe has tumblr. This is no joke something I want to make in the future so it’s amazing to me. New episode dates will be released with the new episodes. 

King Falls AM - This is like Night Vale but less creepy and more paranormal. The main characters are Sammy “Shotgun” Stevens and Ben Arnold who host a  late night call in show. I can only imagine this like Night Vale because of the similar format but they are completely different. King Falls AM is what Night Vale would be if the town normal and unusual things aren’t normal. The characters are really loveable and I just love them so much. There are people you will love to hate and it definitely makes you feel like you are a citizen of the town which is great. It brings a sense of community to the small fandom. I want to say more but it’s very spoilery so I will say no more. It’s worth the listen to and I recommend binge listening to this one, trust me you’ll want to. New episodes come out the 1st and 15th of each month. 

EOS 10 - I’ll admit that I haven’t finished this podcast but I don’t think they’ve made new episodes since last year?????? (it was December so I wasn’t wrong). The story follows Ryan Dalias arriving on EOS 10 to check up on the doctor on the ship who has been going through his share of addiction. From what I’ve listened from this, it’s not bad but not my cup of tea. Scifi podcasts don’t work for me but I still enjoy this quite a bit. Warning if you aren’t interested in hearing people do the frick frack then there is a part of episode 3 that you’ll want to skip because it’s a little uncomfortable. The first two seasons are out and god knows when the next season will be available. 

Within the Wires - This is another one done by Night Vale presents. Within the Wires is written by Jeffrey Cranor and the story is based through a series of standard relaxation tapes where you soon realise that yours aren’t standard. The woman on the to the main character and you slowly figure out what that connection is. The tapes themselves are a little creepy but they are sort of relaxing at the same time. Season two may be different and possibly might not be relaxation tapes but that’s the exciting thing about it. I personally prefer this podcast to Alice because I can listen to this and not feel scared when I’m trying to sleep. This one just creeps me out opposed to scaring me so I stay awake. I wouldn’t listen to this before bed though. I recommend to listen to this on a really long road trip because that’s the most comfortable I felt when I heard it. New episodes will come out when the new season does. 

ars PARADOXICA - Imagine if you had accidentally created time travel and you find yourself in 1942 in the middle of the second world war. That’s what Sally Grisham does and she soon discovers that her time travel only goes back so she attempts to find a way to go back to her own time which is a little difficult with only technology from the early 40′s. I’ll be honest, I did really like this podcast when I first started it but the last 4 episodes make me question if I actually want to continue it. The latest episode makes me think that I could continue it. They do give warnings about gun violence and terrible things happening to kids which made me super uncomfortable but the warning was nice. New episodes come out the 1st of each month

The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) - Yet another Night Vale presents project but it’s not written by Joseph or Jeffrey. The story follows the janitor Juilen as he tries to get into the show without getting caught. The podcast is set on top of the Eiffel tower and the most magical things happen such as a bird who can recreate a whole orchestra perfectly and a machine that can make the thoughts of a cricket come to life. There are only four episodes so far but it’s pretty good so far. The janitor is my favourite and he just shares stories about his life that only make me want to get to know him better which is nice. The french accents also make me really happy. New episodes come out every other Wednesday and I high recommend it. 

Podcasts I haven’t started but are on my list



The Penumbra Podcast

Return Home

Our Fair City


I wanted to make this in case anyone was interested with what I was listening to and I would like recommendations with podcasts because I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to

Trump Sabotaging Your Health Care #FightBack

Congratulations to Snopes on their confirmation that Trump and the GOP have cut the enrollment period for Affordable Care Act plans in half and reduced the advertising budget to inform people about said enrollment period by 90 percent.

Enrollment for 2018 #AffordableCareAct (#ACA / #Obamacare) insurance plans starts November 1st and ends December 15th.

They are actively discouraging people from enrolling. We will have to spread the word ourselves.

Please COPY AND PASTE to circulate.

#PreexistingCondition #HealthInsurance #Healthcare #ACA #Obamacare

anonymous asked:

Hey there, I'm a CSR at a Medicaid call center, and I just want to put out a shout. The Medicaid open enrollment period is fast approaching and I want to out it out there for folks, it's only November 1st to December 15th this year. We legit have been told the only advertising that it's going to get is word of mouth, so here's some. If you don't make much or anything you might want to give them a call or apply online. I know it's not a story but I figure this is the kinda place that can spread


Book Recommendation 2017 round up

You would think with how popular the Tudor era is that new 2017 releases would be easy to find, but this list has taken me ages to get and I’ve listed a few of these before, but here are nine new Tudor Era books released in 2017 (many of these however are based on U.K dates and probably won’t be released in the North America until next year)

The King’s Pearl: Henry VIII and his daughter Mary by Melita Thomas (September 15th)

The House of Beaufort: The Bastard Line that Captured the Crown Nathen Amin (August 15th/Novembver 1st)

Elizabeth’s Rival: The Tumultuous Life of the Countess of Leicester: The Romance and Conspiracy that Threatened Queen Elizabeth’s Court by Nicola Tallis (November 2nd)

Sisters to the King: TheRemarkable True Story of Henry VIII’s Sisters by Maria Perry (November 2nd)

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots: The Life of Henry VIII’s Sister by Maria Perry (December 7th)

Anne Boleyn: Femme Fatale by Amy Licence (November 15th)

Owen Tudor Found Father of the Tudor Dynasty by Terry Breverton (October 1st)

House of Power: The Places that Shaped the Tudor World by Simon Thurley (April 20th)

This Orient Isle: Elizabethan England and the Islamic World by Jerry Brotton (March 2nd)

Summer of Steven 2.0 LEAK!! (Sponsored by Chili’s)

A friend of mine who works at Cartoon Network and a certain tex-mex Restaurant sent me a list of the rest of the episodes in Season 5, which also happens to be the final season. The episodes will air from July 1st to July 15th in one huge Steven Bomb.

5x05 “Back at the Barnyard” - Steven goes back to Earth and finds a strange cow in the Barn. 

5x06 “Even Steven” - Steven meets a new Gem. (Special Guest Star: Shia Labeouf)

5x07 “Onion Mafia” - Steven makes a deal while trying to get Lars back to Earth.

5x08 “Me, Pearl and the Mystery Girl” - Steven plays matchmaker when Pearl and the Mystery Girl go on a date to the local Chili’s.

5x09 “Oh Shit, We Forgot About Lars” - The gang remembers they left Lars back in homeworld so they go back try to get him. 

5x10 “More Than Meets the Eye” - Steven gets some help from some transforming robots to get Lars and the Off Colors out of homeworld.

5x11 “The Fresh Prince of Beach City” - Lar’s new pink form makes him the coolest guy in Beach City and he decides to take up rap.

5x12 “Oh Shit, We Forgot About Bismuth” - In order to make amends with Bismuth after bubbling her again, Steven takes Bismuth to the local Chili’s.

5x13 “Dewey” - Sadie becomes upset she can’t audition for Jamie’s new rap musical “Dewey” because she’s white. Will her jealousy stop Lars from getting the lead role? (Special Guest Star: Lin Manuel Miranda)

5x14 “Double Diamond Deal” - The Diamonds come back to Earth ready to destroy it, but change their mind when they see Chili’s having a $20 dinner for two. 

5x15 “White Diamond” - A furious White Diamond comes to earth bent on destroying Earth and all of it’s 1,606 Chili’s locations.

5x16 “Oh Shit, Remember the Cluster?” - Steven enlists the help of the Cluster to take down White Diamond, but not without a quick bite to eat.

5x17 “Diamonds in the Sky” - Steven tries to use the Breaking Point to defeat the diamonds.

5x18 “The Perfect RonalStorm” -A Desperate White Diamond fuses with Ronaldo. (Series Finale)

Trench Coat Mini Bang


Originally posted by magnificent-winged-beast

To celebrate the new trench coat 3.0 and the glorious season 13 so far (+ to sweeten the next Hiatus) @gneisscastiel and @silvie111 will host the Trench Coat Mini Bang.

This is the first time our favourite piece of clothing is the star of a mini bang. And after all the angst a much more light-hearted mini bang will do good to our souls. The idea was inspired by a post by @jdragon122

Sign ups are soon open!

You can sign in from December to February.

Rule: Every Fic and Art has to include the trench coat and Castiel in a way (which trench coat is up to you)

For Authors:

  • Mini bang fics require a minimum of 10K
  • Co-authored fics should be 15K minimum

For Artists:

  • Mini bangs: 1 piece of art and 1 banner for promotion
  • Art can be everything: paintings, digital art, manips, gifs …


Fiction sign ups begin : 1st December 2017

Fiction sign ups end: 1st February 2018

Drafts and summaries due: 1st March

Artist claims open: 15th March

Artist claims closed: 30th April

Final Fics and Arts due date: 1st June

Posting begins: 15th June

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Hello Tumblr!

We are a new Keith Zine on tumblr & twitter with the single goal of celebrating both the beauty of nature and our favorite red paladin! All profits will go towards climate change research and prevention.

We’re currently going through a bit of a face lift. In the mean time, please hit that follow and get notification button to stay up to date as we move forward hammering out details!

Working Timeline:

Application: August 15 to September 5th
Application Processing: September 6th to September 14th*
Participants Announcements: September 15th
Participants List (with parings): September 20th
Check in #1: October 1st - Idea submission
Rough Draft #1: November 1st
Check in #2: November 15th
Rough Draft #2: December 10th
Check in #3: January 1st
Final Due: January 15th
Pre-orders start: February 1st?

*Participants must accept within 48hrs of receiving acceptance or will be dropped. 

a little about us! We are a collab zine. This means we will be pairing artists and writers together to create beautiful illustrated short stories. Minimal requirements will be announced soon! In the mean time, feel free to check out our links below or shoot us an ask!

+ About Page [Under Construction]
+ FAQ Tag

With Love,
Your Wild Mods

devilsnose-deactivated20150112  asked:

advice 4 the homeboys livin in their moms crib makin minimum wage outchea??

money over bitches till that crib stacked with 4 ceilings

nah find urself a down bitch though frfr that dont mind sitting @ home most the time watching movies and eating food cuz y'all can’t afford to really go out enjoys shit like museums and is gonna let you hold some chicken on the 1st and 15th

most bitches on tumblr be on the internet 22 hours a day so you on a good start here

Hey all. I’ve been tossing around the idea of a group book club for the better part of the last year. At one point I gauged interest and sort of got one started, but between my semester being far more chaotic than anticipated and the difficulty of coordinating everyone’s schedules, it stopped being tenable. The club also ended up being way more exclusive than I’d envisioned because of how many people expressed interest. Originally I talked myself into being cool with exclusivity for coordination/simplicity’s sake– realized pretty quickly that I wasn’t comfortable with it, it goes against the way I try to run this blog. I’d like whoever’s read the book and wants to chat about it to be able to join in the discussion.

So. My semester is winding down, and this is book club take two.

Here’s how it’s gonna work! I’ve already picked the seven books. They’re science fiction or fantasy novels by people of color, because that’s what I’m interested in reading this summer. Anyone who wants to participate can, in whatever capacity they’d like: you can read right along with me or just read the books that interest you. I’m posting the whole schedule right now, in advance, so that if you have a hectic schedule or read at a more leisurely pace but want to join a book discussion or two, you still can.

Close to the end of the time frame for each book, I’ll announce the date/time for the book discussion; it will either be on the last day for that book or a couple days after. At that point, if you are interested in participating in the book discussion, shoot me a message! I’ll send you the link to the online chat service we’ll be talking over (likely chatzy) once it gets made the day of. 

The discussion format will change a little month to month depending on the book and the participants. I’ll be prepared with a few thoughts/possible topics if we get stuck, but I’m open to it being as academic or casual as it naturally shakes out. Without further ado, the books:

Science Fiction & Fantasy Summer Book Club Reading List

May 15th - May 31st: Conservation of Shadows by Yoon Ha Lee
June 1st - June 15thKindred by Octavia Butler
June 16th - June 30thThe Paper Menagerie and Other Stories by Ken Liu 
July 1st - July 15thBabel-17 by Samuel R. Delaney
July 15th - July 31stThe Stars are Legion by Kameron Hurley
August 1st - August 15thThe Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin
August 16th - August 31stA Stranger in Olondria by Sofia Samatar

That’s about it! It will be my first time reading these books too, so I look forward to discovering and discussing them with all you. If you’d like to talk about books in the meantime: my goodreads is here, the list of books I’ve read this year is here, and my IMs are always open.

if you know someone who is looking for an lgbt roommate in the boston area for under $700 a month, please get in touch! i’m looking for either 1-2 roommates or an empty room for a june 1st (or may 15th, even) move-in date. please boost!

It’s that time of year again! 

The Percy Jackson Fandom Gift Exchange will open their sign ups from October 15th - November 20th this year. Over a month to sign up for this fandom wide holiday fest! 

Assignments will be emailed out from October 15th - December 1st, and will require a confirmation email sent in response. If this email is not sent, we will assume you never received your assignment and will take you out of the pool of secret santas. Gifts are due from December 23rd to the 30th. 

Check out out FAQ and Guidelines page to see if it’s something you’re interested in - it’s lots of fun and super great to get to know your fellow bloggers! - and if so, sign up when the time comes! 

Please reblog to help get the word out, and consider joining this fun fandom tradition! :) 

Happy holidays!!!!

Ukrainian winter traditions 1, introduction

In Eastern European tradition, the first true days of winter come on the Cosmas and Damian feast, that is the 14th of November by Gregorian calendar. Starting with that date, people whose main occupation was farming would turn to their regular winter activities, as far as both labour and leisure go. They said goodbye to autumn and watched the weather: if the ground was muddy, they did not expect serious frost for some more weeks; if there was snow, spring was promising to be especially wet. That is when young people would start holding their gatherings regularly, too, during which they played, had fun, performed certain seasonal activities such as sewing and emproidery as well as rituals.

From the 4th of December on the soil rests: by the folk belief, you should not dig until the 7th of April. 

Winter is the time of generations: you welcome your ancestors, and divination is performed to see if young people should meet their spouse that year, time of the family and the household, used to ensure a happy and prosperous year. It is also a chance to pay attention to those dear to you, show your support and accept theirs, be they living or gone from this world.

The 1st-the 15th of December


Love the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Love kink? Do you want a low-commitment content-creation challenge where the points don’t matter?

Participants in MCU Kink Bingo will each be assigned a Bingo Card with 25 Bingo Squares composed of kinks and tropes and ships personalized to your personal! Complete a square by creating an all-new fic, piece of art work, photo montage, gifset, playlist, or other content of your choice! Make a bingo, or black out your whole card, or just do one square - it’s all in good fun!

Interested? Learn more!

Open to all ships and kinks - people under 18, kink shamers and haters need not apply. This is a hate-free challenge!


Sign up between October 1st through October 15th to participate!

12 Tips & Tricks To Score Cheap Plane Tickets

            Many people tell me they want to travel but can’t afford plane tickets. Why do plane tickets always have to be so expensive? With a little bit of planning and flexibility, they don’t have to be. Here are some tips and tricks to help you save some money. These methods collectively have helped me save hundreds of dollars. A couple of hundred dollars can sometimes be the difference between an opportunity to travel and getting stuck at home.

  1. Avoid flying between Friday and Monday. – Although this is not always the case, it is typically cheaper to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Why? Many people work Monday through Friday and are only able to travel on the weekends. If a person wants to max out his or her vacation time, he or she might take a Friday or a Monday off from work. Therefore, flights are usually more expensive between Friday and Monday. Consider flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  2. Avoid buying tickets between Friday and Sunday.  – Because people usually work during the weekdays, they also tend to shop on the weekends. As a result, prices tend to be higher on the weekends. Some people argue the best day of the week to buy a ticket is on a Tuesday, but you can also find deals on other days of the week.
  3. Avoid purchasing tickets around paydays.  – What do people usually do when they get paid? They buy things! Although paydays can be different from person to person and even country to country, many people get paid on the 1st and 15th of the month, on the last day of the month, or on Fridays. If possible, try to avoid buying flights around these times.
  4. Avoid relying on one travel website. – Most of us have our main, go-to travel website. That’s understandable, but as the saying goes, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Even when you think you have found the best deal, you should check a few other websites just to make sure there isn’t a better one out there.
  5. Avoid purchasing a ticket too early or too late. – Most people make the mistake of buying a plane ticket too early. Deals on flights don’t usually begin until 45 days before a domestic flight and 60 days before an international flight. If you purchase anything further out, you might be missing out on a deal. Traveling on holidays may be an exception to this. On the other hand, some people wait until the very last minute to book a flight. Although you can occasionally find a good deal at the very last minute, it seems to be more common to find deals 3-5 weeks out. These last minute deals seem to be a lot harder to come by.
  6. Avoid flying at one specific time of the day. – The best way to find a cheap flight is to be prepared to fly at any time of the day. Sometimes this means you will have to be at the airport at 5:00am wondering how you managed to get yourself out of bed and to the airport in one piece. Other times, this might mean you have to stay awake until 11:55pm to board the last flight of the day. Cheap flights don’t always depart at an ideal time.
  7. Avoid flying to a specific airport or city. – Most people always fly in and out of the same airport. It might be cheaper for you to fly in and out of a different airport in the same city or in a different place altogether. Most people don’t consider this as an option. Try using a travel search website, like Skyscanner, that allows you to search from city to city, city to country, and country to country. It even allows you to search from one location to “everywhere” if you can’t decide where you want to travel.
  8. Avoid thinking you must always purchase a round-trip ticket. – Believe it or not, it might be cheaper for you to purchase two one-way tickets. You can also incorporate the previous tip and fly out of one airport and return to another one. Sometimes these options are cheaper than buying a round-trip ticket. Don’t forget to check this out!
  9. Avoid nasty baggage fees. – NEVER book a flight without looking at the baggage fees first. This is a big mistake that many travelers make. Sometimes you find a great deal with a budget airline and immediately book the flight, only to realize later that your luggage fees cost more than the flight. Add in the baggage fees and compare to your other options before making a purchase. If you still can’t manage to come up with the funds for a flight, skip the baggage! Sometimes it can feel liberating to travel with just a backpack or even nothing at all.
  10. Avoid flights with extra luxuries. – Do you really need to choose    your seat? Are you willing to pay $45 for a meal on a long flight? Are you ready to hand over additional cash for these kinds of extras? If you’re flying with a cheap airline, be prepared to fly with minimal services. One flight is only several hours out of your life. It might be worth it to spend a few hours in an uncomfortable seat or go without your comforts if it means saving hundreds of dollars – and, come on, how comfortable are planes anyway?
  11. Avoid searching without a private browsing setting. – Many people argue that travel and airline companies are beginning to increase the prices of tickets based on our searches using browsing cookies. Some people say that it’s best to search for flights using one computer and either switch devices to make the final flight purchase or use a different location with a different IP address. Although this has yet to be proven, it isn’t a farfetched concept. There is a simple step you can take to avoid the tracking without all of the hassle of using another computer or going to a different location. Simply use a private browsing setting when searching for a flight. Each internet browser has a different way of doing this. For example, if you’re using Firefox, try pressing: Command+Shift+P. This will open a new window with a private browsing setting. This mode will allow you to access the internet without keeping any search history, browser history, download history, web form history, temporary internet files, and, most importantly, cookies. All types of browsers have this private browsing setting and may be activated with different keys (just search on Google).
  12. Avoid flying on holidays. – This one is kind of a no-brainer, but it’s always important to remember. It’s understandable if you want to visit friends or family during the holidays, but you should consider traveling at another time. If you truly want to maximize your funds, save your vacation time for a long trip during an off-season. Your money will go much further.

            Well, I didn’t say it was going to be easy. Travel researching can take hours. Finding the perfect flight at the best price can take days or even weeks. If you put in the effort and follow these guidelines, you are bound to be successful. The cost of a plane ticket can make or break your trip. It can be the difference between going on an adventure and not going at all. Just remember that the biggest key to finding a cheap plane ticket is to be flexible – with times, dates, airports, locations, luxuries, and baggage. Embrace this flexibility, despite sometimes finding yourself in an unfamiliar place or feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes the unknown can be beautiful. Isn’t that what traveling is about?