1st world problem

HONEST SUGGESTIONS? I need help getting a new jacket

So my Black Rock Shooter jacket that I am seen always wearing in both my drawings and any pictures of me I’ve ever shown is finally starting to wear down. This is my 2nd jacket I actually ever bought of it because the 1st also wore down. However wanting to go buy a new one has become kind of impossible now because they no longer sell it.

So I am openly taking suggestions of other characters jackets or hoodies to put on me that you think will look good I’m honestly open for anything. It doesn’t even have to really be a character I now hell I was wearing that Black Rock Shooter jacket before I even finished the Anime.

So yeah give me suggestion by sending messages with what you think will work. I’d prefer it be with pictures too as it would really help

Anyways its about good time i at least attempt a small redesign of myself IRL I’ve been using this last one for almost a good 5 years now. This may or may not change how i draw myself but i really need a new jacket honestly.

Thank you for reading and please considering suggesting ideas

Shakespeare modern translation.

Hamlet: *Pretends to be insane and accidentally becomes insane*

Romeo and Juliet: 1st world problems with twelve year olds.

Julius Caesar: Can I have a Caesar salad?

Merry Wives of Windsor: Midlife crisis.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Inception.

Macbeth: How not to get away with murder.

The Taming of the Shrew: Don’t know whether to be offended or to laugh awkwardly. Proceeds to do both.

Much Ado About Nothing: Everyone wants everyone.

Merchant of Venice: Well that escalated quickly.

Othello: A break up song gone wrong.

Every single sonnet: *One arm draped over eyes* The angst that is my life.

The sleepless avenger

Summary: Can u do a fluffy Steve x reader where the reader is an avenger but she wakes up screaming from a nightmare and Steve comes running in and just FLUFF?

A/N: Feedback is honestly highly appreciated and its not proof read I’m sorry this was antsy more than fluff I’m so sorry

Steve recalls the first time they met, her smile dazzled her sweat covered skin. “You couldn’t invite me to the party Stark?” were the firsts her mouth spoke and Steve’s ears were blessed with hearing. She entered his life just after he came out of the ice, Tony had thrown him a welcome home party and she so happened to be on a mission for Fury at the time. He was over whelmed by it all, the lights, the drinks, life in itself in that moment. Some stupid thugs had weaselled their way into the tower and started trouble but luckily as the real party was beginning Y/N rocked up and threw them out still in full combat outfit and all.

She stood by Stark, her well built frame stood tall with a crystal champagne flute balanced delicately placed in her tiny hand. That seemed to be the only delicate thing she possessed her suit was covered in dry blood, cracked dirt nails and hair pulled tightly into a bun. No one seemed to notice her outfit however because they all were drawn to her like moths to a flame, patting her back, kissing her cheek. Steve moved away from the crowd however, pressed his back against the elevator and let it zoom him down to the garage where he sat in the dark and cried. He was broken in this second, these minutes, for all twenty minutes he sat and cried like a new born baby. Everything he had was gone, his love, Bucky, his mum, his war that he won, his city. Everything. No one seemed to have a heart anymore in this bustling city, he was thrown straight into combat, straight into the new live no stopped to ask if he was ok. Something within him ruptured when he saw her, he doesn’t know why but sitting in a new tailored suit in a brand new garage broke him. She noticed that he had gone missing, she spent two hours going through every room looking for him because this girl with big eyes and a spectacular smile had a heart.

She found him finally, after she had showered and let the wounds of the day wash down the drain. The real reason she kept looking? She didn’t want to sleep that night, didn’t want to close her eyes and be face to face with the lifeless eyes that her hands cradled that day. Didn’t want to let her mind grasp the scream of terror she had rained on people that mission. She was now sporting a white button shirt and black bed shorts, her hair was down now, caressing her body with the soft tuffs. He had stopped crying but now was staring into the abyss until he felt the weight of aura press into his. “I’m not going to bother you for long I promise, I didn’t introduce myself though I’m Y/N.” With out stretched limbs he shakes her hand and little did he know she grounded him that night. As she stumbled back to the elevator she mumbled “you can come to me with any you know 1st world problems ok?” He didn’t answer.

The night they all learned about Clint’s ‘secret’ life:

She was the only one paired with anyone in a room Steve had, in his ever gentlemanly manner, promised he would sleep in the old tattered chair in the far corner of the room. They both tip toed around each other now days, both stuck in a state between friends and lovers kind of in no mans land. A few kisses were shared when she asked for one in private but his cold bones she said should have been thawed out by now. He never laughed at this. It was at three that Steve woke, changing his dangling limbs and slipping them like puzzle pieces into the most comfortable of places. He caught sight of her, a mess of a human pressed into the damp wall with the thin bed sheet weighed on her shoulder, she shudders at the memories and stretches her neck as they crawl though her throat. He flies over to her and presses a cool hand against her sweating forehead, “sweetheart what’s wrong?” She whimpers and bites her lip that is swollen and red raw, he rubs a the same hand over her face and pulls away to see sweat and tears glisten in the moonlight. “Their everywhere.” She whispered, she meant the voices that swirled her mind every since her first kill. She knew she was a monster but people telling her she was now a hero weighed more on her shoulders than the souls of those lives she had taken. Tonight’s nightmare was different though, it was Steve standing in a field with the Quinnjet behind him “your a killer my love, why would I ever love you?” “Why do you think our kisses are shared behind locked doors?” Then he left and mounted the jet, leaving her alone now in this cold and dark prison cell.

She woke to realise Steve never killed for a mission, he killed to save lives. She killed for missions, she snapped necks to save herself. He picked up her cracked frame and took her to the kitchen, this much physical contact was unheard of to the couple. He made her coffee and got her to explain it in detail, how she would be a warrior on the battlefield and then a warrior in her dreams, fighting away all the days work she had done. How she feared her love for him was not wanted because she was a monster. Steve simply held her and stroked her hand, that he clenched between his since they sat down. Maybe the bones in his body had began to thaw ever so slightly.

It ended badly I’m so sorry, this was awful but I hope someone enjoys reading it. I’m gonna ask a few of my favourite writers to maybe read this and see what they think? x                   

anonymous asked:

What kind of person would Switzerland, Liechtenstein, China and Taiwan would fall in love with?


  • A hard worker, he wants stuff done and his s/o would need to understand that
  • Maybe an underdog? He seems to help alot of countries get back on their feet so I’m guessing he likes helping people grow to their full potential
  • A domestic person. He spends alot of time with his sister so I’m guessing he wants a family of his own
  • Someone who can strike a bargain, he likes cheap stuff. The cheaper the better
  • A cutie, anyone that is remotely cute he will love.
  • A calm person, I can’t see him with a loud excitable person


  • Someone who can protect her, she is an angel who needs love
  • Someone that will wear the things she makes, she takes pride in her work and having a s/o that will wear her stuff will make her Super happy
  • Cuddle bug. she wants a cuddly person to hold her in her arms at night
  • A calm person, The little lady isn’t good with people that bounce around
  • Sweethearts are required, I don’t think she would ever go out with a “Bad-boy/girl/person/dog (I’m sorry i had to)
  • Honestly as long as they are honest and loyal she will love them forever


  • A foodie, as long as they would eat anything with two eyes and a mother and that will let him cook he shall date
  • A life lover, when i went to china everyone was so grateful for everthing they had. Someone who complains about 1st world problems would annoy him
  • A calm person, he’s an old man he can’t deal with drama
  • Someone who can listen to him, he vents alot. allow him to vent
  • Gentle soul. he wants to feel like he can protect his s/o
  • Not important, but someone who athletic, he loves sports and if you’re good at one he loves to watch them 


  • A shopaholic, She goes shopping alot so…SHOPPING SPREES
  • Someone who wears pastels, she loves cuties
  • Sweethearts are needed, I can’t see her dating a bad boy/girl/person
  • An emotionally strong person, she can be pretty brutal when angered and she would be heartbroken if she made her s/o cry by accident 
  • Huggable person, she is a hugger and needs love and affection
  • She’s a very positive person and would want her s/o to be one too.

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