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Saturn And Fears [Survey Results]
  • Here are the results of my Saturn survey, where I asked for your Saturn sign and house and what your biggest fear was!
  • *Some Saturn signs are very rare, as Saturn changes once every 2 1/2 years, which makes results less variable. All answers are generalized when possible because of them being specific much of the time and repeat a lot.
  • Saturn In Aries: Loss, failure, isolation
  • Saturn In Taurus: Losing stability, not being able to be financially stable
  • Saturn In Gemini: Not being heard, public speaking, being alone, dependence
  • Saturn In Cancer: Being unsuccessful, disappointing others
  • Saturn in Leo: Not being accepted, not being significant, being forgotten
  • Saturn In Virgo: Not being able to help, trusting others completely
  • Saturn In Libra: Not finding love, being alone, being left behind
  • Saturn In Scorpio: Not being loved, being betrayed/manipulated
  • Saturn In Sagittarius: Not having freedom, not being worthwhile
  • Saturn In Capricorn: Failure, regrets, financial instability
  • Saturn In Aquarius: Being misunderstood, not being loved
  • Saturn In Pisces: Being stuck in bad situations, manipulation, being abandoned
  • Saturn In The 1st: Losing everything, being alone, not being enough
  • Saturn In The 2nd: Financial instability, not being able to provide, homelessness
  • Saturn In The 3rd: Failure in education, being misunderstood, no one to talk to
  • Saturn In The 4th: No financial support, debt, losing family,
  • Saturn In The 5th: Not finding love, not being able to create, loss of true self
  • Saturn In The 6th: Dependence, not being successful
  • Saturn In The 7th: Not finding a stable relationship, not finding love, being alone
  • Saturn In The 8th: Betrayal, manipulation, emotional closeness, sexual assault
  • Saturn In The 9th: Not finding purpose, being forgotten, having regrets
  • Saturn In The 10th: Living life without meaning, being alone, not being successful
  • Saturn In The 11th: Being used by friends, being alone, not being accepted
  • Saturn In The 12th: Karma, being exposed, abandonment, loss of memory
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Neptune /Mars Aspects

Most people on tumblr have Neptune in Sagittarius, Capricorn or Aquarius,  since it is a generational planet.

For the purpose of this blog post, I am using Mars in Leo as the same interpretation as Mars in the 5th house, as well as Mars in Cancer as a synonym to Mars in the 4th house, and so on.

I have this article set up so that you can put together your Mars with your Neptune. Apply this info to you to understand how these parts of your psyche relate to each other. This is psychological astrology.

By knowing which planets are strongest in a person, you understand their most prominent motivations.

This is a powerful tool in psychoanalysis.

Mars opposite Neptune is a polarization between (Mars) your drive, your passion, your anger, fighting nature, and (Neptune) intoxication, Neptune opposite Mars means you have a hard time being motivated because you are confused about which way to turn/which project to take on/which methods to use. Feeling like something is always holding them back, this person has trouble fighting for what is right. When they’re angry, they are confused about how to express it or be constructive to create a solution, instead of asserting themselves effectively. This person could have an inconsistent libido, as Neptune dissolves Martian passion.

Mars square or quincunx Neptune is much like the above description, but rather, a tension or adjustment instead of a polarization.

Mars conjunct Neptune is a person full of a mystical passion, but they often feel fatigued. It’s difficult for them to direct their anger, their desire to fight clashes with their peacemaking abilities. They’re confused about what to do with their passion.

Mars trine or sextile Neptune transmutes their anger, they have a gentle fighting nature. They can turn their divine inspiration into action. This might even be the best indicator for effective psychic skills. Mars aspects direct the energy of a planet they are connected to. Neptune rules mediumship, channelling, clairvoyance, and astral travel, so when Mars makes a positive contact, the person is able to do these things if they consciously direct their energy to it.

I use the minor aspects as well…

Houses 1, 3, and 4 say a lot about our childhood and upbringing, whereas houses 9, 10, and 11 say who we grow up to be, how we assert ourselves out in the world based upon our earlier influences. You can turn a reading into a story by describing how someone’s background (1st, 4th, and 3rd houses) led them to where they are now. If you start interpreting charts this way, you’ll gain deeper psychological insight. The easiest way to do this is to connect someone’s 4th house planets and IC, to to their 10th house planets and MC, but you can get creative and perceive even more about what is embedded in someone’s subconscious and how it plays out in their life without them realizing. By gently bringing to light the patterns in a person’s psyche, it can bring clarity about why this person is going thru various situations in their current life.

Mars in the 1st house or Mars in Aries –you present yourself as someone not to be messed with, you project a pushy presence, and you persistently move thru life with a straightforward attitude.  But lets say you have it opposite Neptune in the 7th house, you may lose yourself in a romance or business partnership, as you see others as having kinder intentions and you turn out to be wrong.

Mars in the 2nd house or Mars in Taurus –you’re driven to earn your own money but often spend it hastily, you value being straightforward and fighting for what you care about with all your strength, you’re a warrior about your principles. You steadily go after what you want.

Whichever house Mars is in can be the area of life that you are hasty.

Mars in Gemini Or Mars in the 3rd house –you had hostility during grade school, abrasive siblings, and you’re a driven learner

Mars in Cancer, OR Mars in the 4th house –indicates hostility in your upbringing, you were raised with a pushy parent(s)you are hesitant in expressing your anger and it can come out in a subtle way, you like to know you have power over someone’s emotions…

Mars in Leo, OR Mars in the 5th house –there were ego driven fights with a family member… you’re motivated to do things for yourself and don’t always consider the greater good… you’re straightforward in your creative expression… when you like someone, you express it with passion rather than being coy about it…

Mars in the 6th house or Mars in Virgo –you’re driven to get things done in the real world, as you have an inner need to feel useful, though you reject the Neptunian parts of yourself that are more dreamy and impractical.

Mars in the 7th house or Mars in Libra –eagerly seeks lovers, this person might make the first move. They struggle to assert themselves, as they’d rather please others and they are afraid that if they stand up for themselves, it will cause more drama, so they end up holding resentment over unresolved conflict. They’re hesitant to tell someone off because they’d rather not be perceived as rude. It’s hard to move forward or decide where to put their energy because the weigh out all the options.

Mars in the 8th house or Mars in Scorpio –symbolically, the 8th house is making the most of the passion that the planet holds before being weakened as it steps into the 7th house and below the horizon. Mars in the 8th is a go-getter who achieves from the vigor in their soul! Take Neptune into consideration to see if this aids or hinders Mars. Scorpio was ruled by Mars before Pluto was discovered, and the 8th house is a very strong placement for Mars. Neptune’s desire for intoxication may distract this Mars from their determination.

Mars in the 9th house or Mars in Sagittarius –you’re more enthralled by higher learning than the remedial drill of typical school subjects. Neptunian states of altered consciousness might induce greater spiritual understanding that this Mars craves, or it may lead them astray.

Mars in the 10th house or Mars in Capricorn –you’re controlled in your expression of anger and cautious in your actions. You are thorough in completing tasks and you strive to succeed. Being challenged at work brings out your high energy levels, you might require pressure in order to feel motivated. When life is too easy, you eagerly ask, “what’s next?!” You likely reject the Neptunian parts of yourself as you’d rather climb to the top than be bogged down in Neptunian dreams. You are not a pushover, as those with strong Neptune might be more weak than you. You are a dominant person who assertively persists thru life!

Mars in the 11th house or Mars in Aquarius –You are unpredictable, as you might get angry all of a sudden. It’s difficult for others to understand what motivates you and what sets you off. You are driven to assert your independence and flaunt your weirdness. You have more energy when you are working towards something that benefits humanity.

Mars in the 12th house or Mars in Pisces –The frustration and anger of the collective rushes thru you, leaving you feeling burnt out.

…Neptune in the 1st house –other people misinterpret who you are, you feel like you have a hard time creating the identity you want because others project their ideas onto you, assuming the way you are without actually getting to know you.

…Neptune in the 2nd house –can be irresponsible about managing money, it is difficult for you to keep track of how much you are able to spend. You probably deny this, but you’re unsure of your own values. Since you don’t know your own worth and your capabilities, it makes it difficult for you to earn money.

…Neptune in the 3rd house –suggests that your sibling(s) mislead or deceive you. If you do not have siblings, you may experience unclear communication with school teachers. Neptune in the 3rd house has a hard time grasping concepts and their logic can be faulty. You’re probably not the best at memorizing, when you are pressured to learn, you become reluctant to give your all to academics.  

…Neptune in the 4th house –you created your own imaginative world during childhood, later to realize all the burdens of the world. Perhaps your parents didn’t have a plan of how to raise you, so you feel this inner haziness deep within you. You carry disappointment about life, feeling melancholy. You were deceived by your own family at some point. Your image of one of your parents was likely a misconception, later in life to realize that they weren’t as great of person as you perceived them to be when you were younger.

…Neptune in the 5th house –you are uncertain in how to handle your ego. Though you have a mystical creativity, you have a hard time expressing it or following thru with creative projects. Without realizing it, you derive your artistic inspiration from higher realms, you channel angels of creation when you play your instrument of choice. When you paint/draw/write, allow yourself to let go of your mind and see what flows out, and then other worlds will flow thru you. Ecstatic dancing and movement meditation would be great for you. Altered states of consciousness provide you with grand inspiration. This could be reaching a mental state called “flow” where you are so immersed in what you are doing that you aren’t thinking about anything else, time flies in this state, as you’re fully in the present without mental chatter. As long as the person doesn’t let this “flow” state to interfere with the goals of Mars, the urgent tasks that they need to do, it is a great thing.

…Neptune in the 6th house –when your health isn’t top notch, it causes you to direct your energy on your inner world (if you have Mars in the 12th, 4th, or 8th house), or in teaching yourself (with Mars in the 3rd or 9th house), rather than being pragmatic in the outer world. Some people with Neptune in the 6th are not productive the way society expects you to be, then again, others will overcompensate by being extra productive and hard working, as the 6th house can suppress Neptunian qualities.

…Neptune in the 7th house –by putting others on a pedestal, you later experience disillusionment.

Whichever house Neptune is in can be the area of life that you become disillusioned.

…Neptune in the 8th house –indicates deception with shared resources, others may take money from them, or this person is vulnerable with intimacy, losing themselves in close connections…

…Neptune in the 9th house –uncertain of your beliefs, you’ve probably been disillusioned by religions and colleges.

…Neptune in the 10th house –part of you that reaches for a lofty utopian way of life, climbing a tower of spirituality, but in a more intellectual way if it is in Aquarius, or a cautious way with Neptune in Capricorn.

…Neptune in Aquarius, OR Neptune in the 11th house –you grow up to be more selfless, thinking based on the collective needs, what is best for humanity as a whole, learning from whatever mistakes you and your family member(s) made before. You are reaching towards objective thinking, you’re rationalizing rather than operating out of pride.

…Neptune in the 12th house (or Neptune in Pisces but that only applies to transits/predictive work as Neptune first entered Pisces in 2011 and will first enter Aries in 2025) –this is a chance to have spiritual visions and transcendent experiences. This person has a strong connection with god, and could even have psychic dreams. Their deep understanding about life and the universe must be kept locked away as they could frighten fainthearted souls with their depth.

–Sellieve Neptune, astrologer

If you would like an in depth astrology reading, please message me. AcaiPsycheLife.tumblr.com/readings   I also offer classes.  If you already have a general understanding of astrology and want to go deeper, I am the astrologer for you :D.  I can interpret how parts of your psyche interact with each other based on you birth chart and secondary progressions.

Understanding the 7th House

The 7th house (or descendant) is the house that is (almost) always opposite your ascendant (rising) sign which is the 1st house.
The 7th house rules others, as in your relationships with others, marriage, open enemies, business partners, and who you attract.
The sign, planets and aspects made to your 7th house are extremely important as they can show us who we are attracted to or what we need in a relationship.
The 7th house is usually the qualities we lack that we need or crave in another person. It could also be what we project on others that we deny in ourselves.

Check the sign in your 7th house. It is most likely going to be the opposite of your rising sign. There can be an exception due to intercepted houses.
The traits of the sign in your 7th house is what you are attracted to in a partner and what you seek in a relationship.

If your rising is aries, your opposite is libra
If your rising is taurus, your opposite is scorpio
If your rising is gemini, your opposite is sagittarius
If your rising is cancer, your opposite is capricorn
If your rising is leo, your opposite is aquarius
If your rising is virgo, your opposite is pisces
And vice-versa

The sign on the 7th house cusp is the sign in your 7th house. But you can have more than one sign sitting in your 7th house. For example, my rising is cancer meaning my 7th house is in capricorn. My 7th house also has aquarius in it. A partner you attract or seek may have planets in this sign or may also be similar to these traits.

Look at where the ruler of the 7th house is in your chart. My 7th house is in capricorn, the ruler of capricorn is saturn, I have saturn in the 11th. In relationships, I want someone that feels like a friend or we usually are friends before forming a romantic relationship.
The ruler of the descendant is important.

Planets in the 7th house also play an extremely important role here. These are the type of people you attract or your behavior/approach/attitude toward your relationships with others. I have neptune in the 7th house, I attract addicts, highly sensitive people, artists, spiritual people, victim/savior relationships, delusion regarding love, a deep desire for true love or believing in “prince charming”, lack of boundaries, wounded birds syndrome. Check the planet here and it will tell you a lot.

Checking aspects made to the ruler of your 7th house is important too. Saturn is the ruler of my 7th house, I have venus square saturn. I might attract colder people in relationships, those who struggle with opening up, older partners/large age gap. (these are also traits of having capricorn in the 7th).

Also: having an empty 7th house does not mean you will not get married. Transits play a huge role here too. If your 7th house is empty just focus on the sign there.

1st House
  • Sun in the 1st: I am self aware, I project my warm and youthful side to the world.
  • Moon in the 1st: I am emotionally perceptive, I project my caring and emotional side to the world.
  • Mercury in the 1st: I am intelligent, I project my communicative and quick-witted side to the world.
  • Venus in the 1st: I am beautiful, I project my romantic and loving side to the world.
  • Mars in the 1st: I am assertive, I project my ambitious and sexual side to the world.
  • Jupiter in the 1st: I am benevolent, I project my jovial and optimistic side to the world.
  • Saturn in the 1st: I am responsible, I project my hardworking and serious side to the world.
  • Uranus in the 1st: I am unique, I project my innovative and rebellious side to the world.
  • Neptune in the 1st: I am ethereal, I project my imaginative and spiritual side to the world.
  • Pluto in the 1st: I am powerful, I project my transformative and intense side to the world.
Cheat-sheets: Moon - The Emotions

My emotions are…

Moon in Aries: Assertive, aggressive, explosive, brave, strong willed and impulsive.

Moon in Taurus: Stubborn, private, sensual, sensitive, durable and steady.

Moon in Gemini: Whimsical, aloof, sociable, cunning, adaptable, witty and restless.

Moon in Cancer: Protective, sensitive, insecure, jealous, clingy and defensive.

Moon in Leo: Dramatic, self-conscious, proud, stubborn, playful and enduring

Moon in Virgo: Logical, perfectionist, analytical, helpful and pedantic.

Moon in Libra: Fair, considerate, compassionate, sensitive and indecisive.

Moon in Scorpio: Deep, powerful, brooding, mistrustful, secretive and mysterious.

Moon in Sagittarius: Optimistic, philosophical, careless, adventurous and extravagant.

Moon in Capricorn: Cautious, consistent, reserved, responsible and careful.

Moon in Aquarius: Cold, intellectual, rebellious, eccentric, idealistic and reasonable.

Moon in Pisces: Sensitive, intuitive, dreamy, receptive and imaginative.

I express these emotions through…. 

Moon in the 1st House: My self-expression and my presence.

Moon in the 2nd House: My buying habits and my self-worth.

Moon in the 3rd House: How I hold myself and communicate to others.

Moon in the 4th House: My home life and my upbringing.

Moon in the 5th House: My art and creativity.

Moon in the 6th House: How I help and wok with others.

Moon in the 7th House: In my relationship with others.

Moon in the 8th House: My personal power and sexual relations.

Moon in the 9th House: My learning and how I perceive the world.

Moon in the 10th House: My public image and reputation.

Moon in the 11th House: My social life and sense of community.

Moon in the 12th House: My private life and my dreams.

I am...
  • Sun in 1st House: I am confident
  • Sun in 2nd House: I am secure
  • Sun in 3rd House: I am communicative
  • Sun in 4th House: I am nurturing
  • Sun in 5th House: I am exciting
  • Sun in 6th House: I am dutiful
  • Sun in 7th House: I am people-oriented
  • Sun in 8th House: I am transformative
  • Sun in 9th House: I am knowledgable
  • Sun in 10th House: I am powerful
  • Sun in 11th House: I am well-known
  • Sun in 12th House: I am sacrifical
Cheat-Sheet: Lilith - Our Dark Side

Lilith is not a happy placement, she is known as the abuser, she exploits and she kills. It is the darkness in us.

My darkness….

Lilith in Aries: Is overbearing, is violent and aggressive, needs to dictate, enjoys conflict

Lilith in Taurus: Is greedy, manipulates others with money, does not cooperate

Lilith in Gemini: Is manipulative, uses words as weapons, is two faced

Lilith in Cancer: Is jealous and manipulative, enjoys keeping a hold on others

Lilith in Leo: Is self-centered and non-considerate, needs attention and admiration

Lilith in Virgo: Is critical and merciless, needs to be right no matter what the cost

Lilith in Libra: Is jealous and possessive, needs to be in control of relationships

Lilith in Scorpio: Is manipulative and cunning, enjoys power games over others, tends tomanipulate through sex, violence and abuse

Lilith in Sagittarius: Is self-righteous, has a sense of god-given right

Lilith in Capricorn: Is cold and merciless, needs to have power and will use any means to get it

Lilith in Aquarius: Enjoys playing god over others, wreaks chaos for fun

Lilith in Pisces: Manipulates reality, is elusive and aloof

This darkness is present in my…

Lilith in the 1st House: Appearance and presence

Lilith in the 2nd House: Material objects

Lilith in the 3rd House: Nature of communication with others

Lilith in the 4th House: Family setting

Lilith in the 5th House: Creative expression

Lilith in the 6th House: Work life and attitude towards health

Lilith in the 7th House: Personal relationships

Lilith in the 8th House: Sex life and attitude towards death and the occult

Lilith in the 9th House: Religious/personal beliefs

Lilith in the 10th House: Reputation and career life

Lilith in the 11th House: Social life and place in society

Lilith in the 12th House: Dreams and methods of escapism

The Signs And November 1st
  • "IT'S BEGIN TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMASSS": Sagittarius, Leo, Libra
  • "Please just wait until December 1st ok": Aries, Taurus, Cancer
  • "I don't even care": Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini
  • "NO GUYS IT'S STILL HALLOWEEN S T O P": Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces
Libra Ascendant

Ruler: Venus
Descendant: Aries
Midheaven: Cancer
1st Decan: Libra (Venus)
2nd Decan: Aquarius (Uranus/Saturn)
3rd Decan: Gemini (Mercury)

Libra Ascendant

Libra risings are polite and seem to have exceptional manners. If they don’t necessarily have “table manners” they definitely have great people skills. These people are kind and approachable and make everyone feel welcomed. Libra risings are peacemakers and they like to weigh out the pros and cons of opposing sides. They’re fair and graceful. They walk with excellent posture. Libra risings should learn to not get too involved in people’s business. Since they’re so diplomatic and have a strong sense of justice, they can seem nosy and intruding. Because Aries is on the descendant, Libra risings tend to be attracted to Aries’ or Aries-like qualities. The most common Midheaven for a Libra rising is Cancer.

1st Decan Libra Ascendant
(00.00 - 9.59.59)

Libra risings born between the degrees of 00.00 - 9.59.59 are the Libra/Venus decan; the most common. By far the most fair of the Libra risings. Libra-Libra risings are very charming and they definitely get their own way without any conflicts. They’re great at negotiating and are calm people. Because of the heavy Venus influence, Libra-Libra risings can really put their artistic talents and visuals to great use. They have a great ear for music, great sense of style and might really enjoy cosmetology and the Art/Entertainment field. Libra-Libra risings are also quite neat and spend a lot of time making sure they look well put together. A noticeable physical trait of Libra-Libra risings is a nice, symmetrical face and soft features.

2nd Decan Libra Ascendant
(10.00 - 19.59.59)

Libra risings born between the degrees of 10.00 - 19.59.59 are the Aquarius/Uranus decan. These Libra risings are definitely the most socially involved. Libra-Aquarius risings value routine more so than any other Libra rising because of the Aquarius’ Fixed nature sub-influence. They’re also perfectionists and are much more stable when it comes to tasks. Libra-Aquarius risings are also very unpredictable because of Uranus’ sub-influence and can often experience unexpected changes in their routine; which can be chaotic. A noticeable physical trait of Libra-Aquarius risings is an infectious smile and “unique” characteristics that draw attention.

3rd Decan Libra Ascendant
(20.00 - 29.59.59)

Libra risings born between the degrees of 20.00 - 29.59.59 are the Gemini/Mercury decan. Definitely the wittiest of the Libra risings. Libra-Gemini risings are blessed with a quick wit and great communication skills. They’re persuasive and have a beautiful way with words. Libra-Gemini risings love to socialize and since they are so kind to people, others naturally gravitate towards them. One downfall to Libra-Gemini risings is that they can be quite lazy and procrastinators. A noticeable physical trait of Libra-Gemini risings is that they can be a bit taller than most Libra risings.

Planets, Houses and Physical Appearance
  • 1st House: Head, forehead,
  • 2nd House: Entire self/body, throat, neck
  • 3rd House: Arms, hands, shoulders
  • 4th House: Chest, breasts
  • 5th House: Heart, back,
  • 6th House: Stomach
  • 7th House: Hips, butt
  • 8th House: Genitals
  • 9th House: Thighs
  • 10th House: Knees, skeletal system (entire body, like 2nd)
  • 11th House: Calves, ankles
  • 12th House: Feet
  • The house that a planet is in will change its appearance in the way described below. If there are planets in the same house, they will harmonize and will still affect each planet the same, although if both are in Jupiter and Saturn they will cancel out. (Ex: Jupiter in 8th and Saturn in 8th)
  • Sun: Increases masculinity
  • Moon: Increases femininity
  • Mercury: Makes it more angular, thin or easily affected
  • Venus: Makes it more aesthetically pleasing
  • Mars: Makes it more muscular/defined or rough
  • Jupiter: Increases size
  • Saturn: Decreases size
  • Uranus: Makes it look unconventional or complete opposite of described
  • Neptune: Makes it look better than it really is
  • Pluto: Makes it more square or subtly defined/prominent
  • To find out more info on the planets in the houses go here: http://www.horoscopeswithin.com/planetsinhouses.php
Cheat sheets: Uranus - New Age and Rebellion

I rebel by…

Uranus in Aries: Being aggressive, assertive, determined, bossy, unpredictable, independent 

Uranus in Taurus: Being stubborn, opinionated, practical, headstrong, immovable

Uranus in Gemini: Being verbal, logical, intellectual, intuitive, versatile

Uranus in Cancer: Breaking away from family, being independent and erratic

Uranus in Leo: Being dramatic, arrogant, bossy, charismatic, charming

Uranus in Virgo: Modernizing old practices and health fads, improving and revolutionizing previously inefficient practices 

Uranus in Libra: Seeking independence in relationships, creating my own social values

Uranus in Scorpio: Delving in metaphysics, being emotionally unpredictable

Uranus in Sagittarius: Exposing hypocrisy, following unconventional beliefs

Uranus in Capricorn: Revolutionizing the world through business and government

Uranus in Aquarius: Fighting for equal rights and revolutionizing humanity itself

Uranus in Pisces: Following spirituality, being intuitive and visionary

I express the rebel in me through…

Uranus in the 1st House: My physical appearance, how I define myself

Uranus in the 2nd House: The things I spend money on

Uranus in the 3rd House: The way I carry myself and speak to others

Uranus in the 4th House: My relationship with my home and family

Uranus in the 5th House: How I express my creativity

Uranus in the 6th House: How I serve others and humanity itself

Uranus in the 7th House: How I treat my partners and my relationship values

Uranus in the 8th House: My sexuality and perception of death

Uranus in the 9th House: My education paths and travel choices

Uranus in the 10th House: My career and reputation

Uranus in the 11th House: My choice of friends and place in society

Uranus in the 12th House: My subconscious actions and hidden self

Where's your Scorpio and how does your intuition work?

Scorpio in the 1st house: your first impressions are usually right, don’t second guess yourself!

Scorpio in the 2nd house: your intuition works best when you look beyond what you see and discern your feelings based on the flow of energy

Scorpio in the 3rd house: your intuition functions better if you allow the intellect to work more freely with your natural intuition 

Scorpio in the 4th house: you have a natural intuition, especially with those closest to you

Scorpio in the 5th house: your intuition is at its best when you’re relaxed 

Scorpio in the 6th house: your intuition is at its best when you don’t second guess yourself

Scorpio in the 7th house: intuition comes naturally to you when you’re surrounded by a peaceful environment

Scorpio in the 8th house: you sense the dark side of others. you’re exceptional at reading people’s energies

Scorpio in the 9th house: you can intuitively connect to the universe

Scorpio in the 10th house: your intuition is at its best when you let your inner thoughts flow freely

Scorpio in the 11th house: you have a gift for understanding the dynamics of social relationships

Scorpio in the 12th house: your intuition works best when you let your guard down

(find out your placements here: http://www.alwaysastrology.com/birth-chart-calculator.html)

fire 1st house: always enforcing. THIS IS ME. HELLO NICE TO MEET YOU DID I MENTION WHAT I’M ALL ABOUT?

fire 4th house: always expecting. look man i grew up knowing i was the shit, it comes naturally so if you could keep up that’d be cool

fire 7th house: always outlining. i’m a reasonable partner, i’m not selfish or anything, but let me tell you: this relationship is on my terms

fire 10th house: always shouting. I AM MY OWN BRAND. I AM ME AND I MUST BE KNOWN FOR ME AND ME AND ME