1st samurai


April 1 for samurai jack fans in a nutshell (not that I hate the show, this is just a funny video I found)


Can we all just take a moment and appreciate how great this year’s April Fools was? Rick and Morty season 3 airs for the first time. We get another asdfmovie, one that’s actually pretty funny for the first time in a while. AND Pornhub trolled us hard. X’D

(Though we do mourn the lack of Samurai Jack episode 4)

2017 is looking up… Maybe it’s also opposite day? Well, I just hope you all enjoyed your April 1st this year. Here’s to the rest of 2017.

What Adult Swim did on April 1st swapping Samurai Jack with the Rick & Morty premiere was like if you were a kid who was super excited for ice cream only to have your parents say “HAHAHAAAAA NOPE HAVE THIS BIRTHDAY CAKE INSTEAD, BITCH.” 

I mean, that cake is still awesome and you’re still gonna eat it, but where the fuck is the ice cream you were promised? 

Friday / Nobunaga x MC

Week 1


Sometimes when he’s alone, and the wind is light enough not to prickle his thoughts, his mind goes far away from himself. Up and out, across the river, conjuring images so red and vivid, so real, it takes a moment, sometimes minutes, to remember where he is, who he is, why he expects to look up and see her face.

“Where am I?” he asks and then, desperate, “Who am I? Who am I?”

Sometimes, if he leaves it well enough alone, he’ll collect what courage is left and turn around, crunching down on the pebbles. Fists hard. Jaw aching. When the roof of his home peeks out, he knows he’ll go inside and be ok and fortune will roll on, unfurling towards a future he’s carved out too many times in his dreams to count.

He knows this. He’s felt this. But today he is too terrified to remember this. Too lost inside himself to see, too panicked to breath.

“Who am I?” he asks.

He barely feels it at first, that soft touch, squeezing, wrapping him up, its warmth pressing into the cracks. Then a voice so close he thinks its his own.

“Your name is Lord Oda Nobunaga. You’re the lord of the Oda clan. Your dream is to unite the land and bring peace to all. You are a leader. You are a brother. A fighter. A teacher. You order a legion and they bend to your will. You’re a reader. An excellent sportsman. 

“You’re the fiercest person I know. The bravest person I know. The kindest I’ve ever known. Your men adore you. You’re a strategist. A futurist.”

She’s here.

“You wipe the sweat off the brows of your injured men. You dance in the moonlight to make me laugh. You write me letters thinking I won’t ever read them, but you leave them out for me to find. You’ll always be a samurai. You blush when we’re alone. You’ll make it through this. You’re doing the best you can.”

He’s here too, looking at the girl who holds his hand like it’s the surest thing she’ll ever do. “And who are you?”

She smiles, answer ready on her lips, “I am yours, and I will never let you go.”

Week 1: Masterpost


??????: home - loco, double k ft. jinsil
??????: home - tablo ft. lee sora
??????: poison - primary ft. e-sens
150221: thinking out loud - ed sheeran
150227: hieut - no.mercy, junggigo, vasco, nochang
150308: vibra - jazzyfact
150317: back and forth 30min - giriboy
150328: airplane - f(x)
??????: growing - k.will
??????: feedback - bora, kisum, lilcham, jace, adoonga
150508: trespass - monsta x
150519: stay strong - jooheon ft. flowsik
150601: turn it up - yella diamond
150617: homesick - kings of convenience
150620: victorious 2 - swings ft. gray
150731: attracted woman - kihyun + jooheon
150731: my last - jay park ft. loco & gray
150731: you’re beautiful - yoo seungwoo
150822: take care of you - giriboy
150827: wet - jooyoung ft. superbee
150827: downtown love - jooyoung ft. mad clown & whale
150922: what is love - empire cast
151022: hero - monsta x
151103: happy birthday - ra.d
??????: yah, nuh - flowsik
151212: 처음 느낌 그대로 - lee sora
151218: love line - hyolyn, bumkey, jooyoung
160106: vineyard - oohyo
160307: bae bae - big bang
160411: 1st samurai - nujabes
??????: rainbow - planet shiver ft. crush
??????: bugatti - ace hood ft. future & rick ross
??????: need to talk - vanilla acoustic 
??????: neon - john mayer
160607: h.ear your colors - mad clown ft. jooheon
160704: purpose - justin bieber
160812: wave - un
160901: lotus flower bomb - wale ft. miguel 
161016: palm tree - chancellor ft. b-free
161020: madeleine - i.m, brother su ft. j.han
161106: nothing’s gonna change my love for you - westlife
161114: rainy night - rude paper
161118: hey bae - junggigo ft. paloalto

listen to playlist here