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I saw someone ask to rate 1-10 on the best butts, so I decided, how about you rate the 1st gen males laps from 1-Best pillow. I want to know who's lap to sleep on tonight.

I think I’m gonna do it so it’s like…who’s the best to sleep on rather than just thighs. And with their s/o. This was a lot harder than I thought…oeirjqoierjqoeirj. feel free to add on to my things or send in your own opinions about thighs …lap/sleep…my gosh i don’t know what i’m writing anymore

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Anxiety and Alcoves

By @talktomeaboutcursedchild

2.7k words, G rated


September 1st, 2017

Albus couldn’t feel the tips of his fingers and there was a buzzing in his ears, making it difficult to hear the instructions he had been given. The tall blonde girl who was talking to the first years looked smart in her green robes. 

He squinted towards the Gryffindor table. Rose was leaning across to his older brother, who looked solemn. Albus thought that she had less to worry about at this particular moment in time. She would be wearing the correct coloured robes for the next seven years. He was currently dealing with a lot. 

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“I honestly cannot feel that it is over. I am thankful that it went well, but it still feels surreal. From the beginning till the end, time passed by so quickly. Out of all the pieces I’ve done, this was the most fun. The actors all had fun, and even when we worked through the night, we always laughed. Our spontaneous ideas were also included a lot in the drama. I was very happy. I learned a lot from this drama. I could say thank you to the viewers a hundred times and more. ‘Shopping King Louie’ was a drama that the viewers had grown. We went from 3rd place in ratings to 1st place because our team’s genuine heart was wholly communicated to the viewers.  As 'Shopping King Louie’ is embedded deep in my heart, I hope that this drama will be remembered for a long time for you guys as well.” - Nam Ji Hyun

Kino no Tabi (2017) - Episode 2

I should be kyaa~ing right now. But… episode 2 was nothing but a disappointment. :’( I should’ve expected it though… There was no way they can pull off the Coliseum arc in just one episode. :( Kino no Tabi (2003) - 2 episodes.

The episode felt too rushed that even the dialogue felt it was on speedx1.5. We didn’t get to meet and understand the participants, to have them shine their moments, the story of the citizens (both 1st rate and slaves), the king and his past, no Kino’s bored curious aura, A Kino with a actual good reason why she did what he did. *deep sigh of despair*

While episode 1 had the right mix of being light and deep and slow at the same time. They used episode 2 as an excuse to introduce a possible recurring character.

I hope they can revert back to the original pacing like in episode 1. Hoping for better episodes in the coming weeks. :(

On the side note…
i guess…

Because now Shizu can/will be a part of the main story and could even become a possible love interest for Kino. I was seriously aiming for this route but in a non-cannon way…

To sacrifice a great arc such as “Colisem” its just way to sad. *deep sigh*


special_js1004: ..#김보람 기자님 감사드립니다 아직 많이 부족하지만 오래오래 열심히 활동하겠습니다!!자기관리 열심히하고 좋은모습 보여드리겠습니다!!#몰카 설전데 시청률12로 #1위 감사드립니다!!.. 
[TRANS] Thanks reporter #kimboram.. Even though I’m still lacking by a lot, I will try to do activities diligently for a long long time!! I will do self management diligently and show you a good image of me!! #hiddencamera got the # 1st place for viewership ratings out of all the 12 new year programs, thank you!!.. 

Picture says: Leeteuk, seen as the Songhae* of the Idol World 
*songhae is a well respected MC in Korea 

special_js1004..역시 일은 힘든만큼 나중에 돌아오는 성취감과 기쁨은 큰거 같다..모니터 하면서 아쉬운것들도 참 많았고 하나하나 다 설명 할순 없지만 내가 더 열김히 해야하는 원동력이 되기도 한다..2016년 또 한번 열심히 달려볼게요^^.. 
[TRANS] ..as expected, as tiring as work gets, the amount of happiness and sense of accomplishment when I look back after seems big too.. there were lots of points that were a pity while I was monitoring (the program) and I can’t explain them all one by one but it becomes my driving force to work even more diligently.. I will try to run diligently in 2016 once again ^^..

trans by teukables

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Hey Pan, what do you think of the new Seth Rogen movie, Sausage Party? It'll be the 1st R-rated CGI film ever...

Looks funny. Hopefully doesn’t depend on using “This Cartoon is saying Fuck” too much like the trailer did.

Just want to see people try making R Rated animation in theaters


Rookie Blue wins 1st ever “Highest Rated” drama at the Canadian Screen Awards. 

Missy Peregrym’s acceptance speech 

viastudies’ 1st BLOG RATES!!!

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I’ll entertain blog rates if this post reach a decent amount of notes. I will not be greedy so 40 is enough. 😁💕

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Ratings of The Originals (in millions) :

Pilot – 2,24

ep 1– 2,21

ep 2 – 1,92

ep 3 – 2,22

ep 4 – 2,23

ep 5 – 2,05

ep 6 – 2,03

ep 7 – 2,4

ep 8 – 2,38

ep 9 – 2,33

ep 10 – 2,07

ep 11 – 2,51

ep 12 – 2,32

ep 132,1

ep 141,83

ep 151,8

ep 161,73

ep 171,53

IT’S TIME TO BRING SOME ORIGINALS (*cough* Kol *cough* Finn *cough*) BACK.

And don’t say the ratings are lower because of Glee 100th ep or whatever happened on other channels. It’s dropping since ep 13.

"Pinocchio" came in at 1st place in the rating battle!

Episode 6 of SBS’s Wed-Thur drama “Pinocchio” finally beat MBC’s “Mr. Back” in the rating battle, scoring 10.4%, a .02% increase from yesterday while Mr. Back follow closely behind with 10% rating.

YAYYY! Finally! Congrats to the “Pinocchio” team!!