1st platoon


Regimental Command

D Company of the 99th Aleutian ‘Seahawks’ is, at present, commanded by Tempestor-Captain Fusō-912, a veteran of many airborne drops and Taurox amphibious assaults. A pragmatic and no-frills commander, the Captain is known to eschew prolonged sword duels that are the norm of noble-blooded Imperial Guard officers, instead preferring the surety of an unseen combat knife to the neck. (On a modelling note, his base hadn’t been washed yet)

Also pictured is the regimental command medic, Hyūga-917, known for her skill with a medkit and somewhat lacklustre bedside manner, and an unidentified vox-trooper, likely from the Captain’s own 1st Platoon - though the lack of command trim and veteran beret marks them out as a standard line soldier.


150226-A-DP764-054 by The U.S. Army
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A team of paratroopers assigned to the 1st Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, practice a tactical halt with the brigade’s new Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle on Fort Pickett, Va., Feb. 26, 2015. The 1st Battalion, 325th AIR developed tactics, techniques and procedures for tactical movement with the new LTATVs. The battalion is currently assessing the LTATV as a platform to provide a rifle company with rapid mobility in support of airfield seizure operations.

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Hi Ty, I was wondering what everyones station is in Platoon. Is Jothas a Medic?

The 52nd Platoon is split into 3 squads: artillery, heavy armor, reconnaissance
Two commanding officers: Garsend (1st Lieutenant) and Linette (Platoon Sergeant)
And two medics: Constance and Maude (not pictured)

We don’t have everyone designed yet (and it’s gonna be a big group!) but here are the members pictured so far and what squad they belong to

  1. Artillery: Margus (Gnome), Sersey (Myr), Krynnis (Myr), Jerria (Naiad), Mildred (Goblin)
  2. Heavy Armor: Princeton (Myr)
  3. Reconnaissance: Lionne (Naiad), Jothas (Myr), Clandin (Myr), Farillus (Naiad)

We want to flesh them out and give them a similar treatment as I’ve been doing with the Clan of Storms, but it might take a while u//w//u

(info) 1/5/2015 

1)  1st platoon which Jaejoong belongs to returned safely finishing 30km march with 20 KG baggage, for 8 hours. without  anyone being left behind! Congratulations!  (●´∀`)

2)  Training portion completed with night march. Next, Will start practicing their performances at graduation ceremony beginning Monday

3) Jaejoong’s  army bootcamp training graduation is expected to be on May 7th

4) Letter from Jaejoong’s mom to fans. JJ’s mom expresses her gratitude to fans  (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥

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Maybe I spoke too soon. It seems as though I do have some down time here at NTC. And I even have decent cell phone coverage! We arrived to Fort Irwin yesterday morning and we’ve already settled in with our cots, bags, etc. As you can see in the above pic, the soldiers in my platoon are getting some much-needed shut-eye after two days of hectic travel and in-processing.

But alas, I don’t think I’ll have time to post photos in addition to quotes for my whole duration here. But I will post some pics as often as occasion will permit. The coming days will be brutal and my leadership skills will be put to the test.

It’s a good thing we’re awesome :-)

I just got off work. I was in the office all day today and for five hours after close of business to help my successor, 1st platoon’s new leader, get all the paperwork in order to ensure he’ll have all the right property when he goes down range. Everything else gets signed over to rear detachment.

Those are the two line platoons in this morning’s formation. It’s my last week with the company, before I get transferred to headquarters. I’ll miss the fun of being in a line platoon, but I’m ready for what’s next.


United States Army Soldiers assigned to Weapons and 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, Team Eagle, Task Force 2-7 Infantry, move through an obstacle course during a squad competition that involved German, Lithuanian and Portuguese armies at the Great Lithuanian Hetman Jonusas Radvila Training Regiment, in Rukla, Lithuania, May 27, 2015.   (U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. James Avery, 16th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)