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so guess who hit 612+ followers?? this account!! guess what im doing?? a raffle!! hellz yeah yo

SO to enter into this raffle, you must
- be following us
- likes and reblogs count! so if you like AND reblog then u got x2 the chance of winnin my man go you

yeah thats pretty much it there if u like n rb this post then ur in the raffle

so im guessin yall wanna know the prizes! well, thats easy!

- detailed n fully animated talksprite w/ lots of EMOTIONS
- full sprite sheet with different outfits plus maybe a strife sheet
- ministrife sheet of everything in the sprite sheet but now in ministrife style
and those are both for your hs-related character of choice!! be it a canon character who didnt get enough love, some au character like a bloodswap, or a hs oc of yours, hellz yeah ur gettin it

- canon style animated talksprite with a few emotions, like three or four
- sprite sheet with only one or two outfits next to dreamer type/god tier
- ministrife sheet of everything in the sprite sheet
again, of whatever hs related character you want!

- canon style animated talksprite with one or two emotions
- sprite sheet of regular outfit, dreamer and god tier
- ministrife sheet of the sprite sheet
once more, whatever hs character u want!

why am i doing this? cause i love u all thats why. so rb n like this post, worm ur way into this raffle, and best of luck 2 u! hmu @leigh-bee with your questions!!


You expected me to move to where you are even though I hated the area. You were never attentive to my needs even to the smallest things like me begging you to turn off the TV at night because I can’t sleep. You never cuddled me never took me out. Constantly said you couldn’t come out to see me because you’re saving money but never mind me spending 100$ to come out and see you. You posted all over snap chat about your random hookups with this random girl and then fished for compliments about how you were such a nice guy which you always did on your social media. Always. I was always 2nd place for you and you were 1st place so sorry I lied. I don’t wish you well. I don’t wish you anything at all

Sorry for being late but a promise is a promise~

As I said before I’m going to do an art raffle.
-Being a follower
-DON’T unfollow after the raffle it’s over, c'mon, that’s really rude, humhum
-After the raffle ends, please don’t be rude to others,we can always make more in the future

-You MUST reblog this post, likes don’t count, reblog only ONCE please

So, straight to the point:

1st place:
Full body (semi chibi cause I suck at drawing realistic stuff I’m sorry)

2nd place

3rd place
Icon baby!

If this raffle reach 500 notes I will add a 4th place as well, that can be an icon as well or something like that~

Things I won’t draw:
-NSFW (just really SLIGHT nsfw)
-Difficult background, actually I’m more of simple backgrounds
-Really complex designs (no swords, guns, etc, pls)
-Furry (Maybe Hybrid things can do)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s it!

Another thing, for the future winners, you can tell me if you want your drawing with transparent background or not~

The art raffle starts now and ends in July,31 at  4pm (UTC-04:00) Santiago,Chile.
More details might be added later~!

Good luck!

anonymous asked:

Honestly though, after seeing the 1st place, solo songs, and daesung wishes come true, I can't help but wonder if JK's golden status is so impressive that he even wins at wishes. That or I have this image in my head of his hyungs spoiling him to the point where it's like, "well, whatever JK wants..." Either way, it's impressive.

Jungkookie’s wishes have a special power to them, they are backed by hard work ;-; To be honest, I think a part of it is that Bangtan wanted it hard enough collectively which allowed their wishes to be fulfilled. But hey! Maybe a little of that golden maknae power did come into play, we never know ;)

22 followers Raffle!

Before anyone says anything, 22 followers is a lot for a small blog like mine! So let’s do a raffle! 

1st place! (1 winner) A full body picture with any position example of a full body:

2nd place (2 winners): A head shot of your ocs in any position and expression. A Example:

3rd place: (3 winners): a simple Picture of your Oc with Faith and Doctor Love. Example:

You must follow this blog @ask-your-fate or else you wont count. Trust me i’ll know XD.
No Nsfw
Must be a MLP Oc
Likes and reblog so count
Multi reblog does count.
Must have a ref sheet of Oc.
 I am going to 6 pieces of art so please wait.

Raffle ends in 9/23/18

Neptune - place of vulnerability, place of your hidden potential

Neptune is a planet of illusion and confusion. It is very mysterious place in our chart. It brings people a lot of disappointment due to Neptune’s very enigmatic nature. I believe the house our Neptune is placed holds a great potential that is hidden there and takes time to fully understand. What makes you confused and vulnerable with a little bit of work can also be a source of your great strength. 

The House Neptune is shows when you are the most vulnerable. This is a place of confusion, place that you have always a problem to tell the reality from illusion. The way to master your Neptune placement is to recognize your weakness and allow yourself to be vulnerable in this area. Be aware of what brings you confusion. Awarness is your greatest weapon. This is what Neptune truly wants to tell you. Be aware.

1st House - be aware that your weakness lays in your perception of the world and yourself. You may feel lost in life, confused about how you see the world. You may not see it for what it is and people may see you not who you really are. Don’t idolize this world. Don’t idolize your views. Don’t let your artistic nature cloud your judgment. Also, don’t be afraid to be emotional. Don’t be afraid to show your sensitivity. Use amazing psychic gifts you have. Finding confidence in life may be hard for you since your perception of self is delluded but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You just have many sides to yourself and you can’t be defined with one word and that’s okay. Be a chameleon; don’t limit yourself to one. Also, your natural optimism can make you a little bit naive so you need to watch out for people because some of them will have no problem using your good heart against you so take care of yourself and trust your intuition more.

2nd House - be aware that your weakness lays in your self-worth. It is what brings you the biggest confusion. You may feel vague about your self-worth. You may feel confused about material things. You need to understand potential that lays in your soul and the practical use of your imagination. You also need to understand that material things are not the biggest evil on the world. They are also not your biggest need. It will always bring you confusion. Find balance!  Be aware of your money (abundance or their lack) in your life. Use them constructively on what you really need. If you can, make your art to give you profit.

3rd House - be aware that your weakness lays in the processing of your words. It can often feel like the words you are looking for in your mind are hidden behind a mist, like they are there but you can’t find them and use them. You can also feel at the moments that you are a better story-teller than everyone else in the room and desperately try to prove it. Don’t idolize the power of your mind but also don’t ignore it. Be aware that you can get an access to a beautiful inner encyclopedia but still you need to make an effort to check yourself while using it. Be aware of the voices you will hear, ideas you will get and be open to messages from your head but be selective of how you will use them. You can take people to other dimensions with your you words, you are highly creative but you must be aware that you need to check things twice before saying them because sometimes your words can be really confusing. Focus on making yourself more clear while speaking, avoid using unecessary words. 

4th House - be aware that your weakness lays in your roots. Family always can bring you a lot of confusion. Many times you don’t see your family for who they really are, you probably idolize them a lot just like your chilhood. You may feel truly lost at your core, not knowing who you are and being too dependent on your roots. Truth is, that yes,  you can become emotionally independent person who is also able to help others to see through their own delusions. You just need to make yourself your strong foundation and set clear boundaries with your family. Your imagination make them seem better that they really are. You need to remember that your home and people who make it are part of your life not the center. Family life will never be as perfect as you wish but it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be good. Appreciate what you can have.

5th House - be aware that your weakness lays in your vision.  You idolize everything. Romance, people, children, hobbies… Everywhere where you can express yourself and follow your vision of “something perfect”.  You just try to run from reality this way. Just be aware perfect love  or a child doesn’t exist. Express yourself artistically, yes, but don’t let your imagination cloud your judgment. Life here is not a Hollywood movie but it doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. Use your imagination in your creations but don’t let it control your love life (and other aspects). You are extremely creative. Use it wisely.

6th House -  be aware that your weakness lays in working. You love to help others. Animals, people… Your service is needed but is also a place of your delusion. You may get lost in your job. You need to take responsibility and do your work in whatever you choose to but remember about taking care of yourself too. Also, you should pay more attention to deadlines. You can get lost so you need to remember about passing time and other details. You are really responsible and devoted, don’t overdo yourself but also try to look at yourself (especially your health) realistically. Getting a flu won’t kill you but don’t ignore it either. Keep yourself in check.

7th House -  be aware your weakness lays in your  relationships. Whether they are of romantic nature or platonic; you may appear as a very confusing person to others and others are like that to you too. You may have problem with recognizing people who have bad influnece on you, you may idolize them and you can be too dependent on others. There is always something very entangled in your partnerships and you need to recognize that and stop idolizing people in your life. You need to directly adress those issuses. There is a chance for you to see relationships with people clear, as they are. You will become more confident and more independent as a person. Just stay aware of your relationships and don’t let them define you.

8th House - your weakness is tied to taboo topics. You may become obsessed with sensitive topics like death and sex.  You may feel you lack understanding of those and  try obsessively to get information in those areas. You may feel confused and feel you are truly not living your life here on Earth because you may focus too much on matters connected to the other world. You need to be aware that  delving into dangerous matters with that kind of passion may not bring you what you want and just make you feel more lost in life. Use knowledge you gain in constructive way. Don’t hoard it, it can cause you more pain. Share it with others. Don’t idolize taboo. Focus on mundane things too. Come back from the dead, your world is here. 

9th House -  your weakness lays in your philosophy. You may feel confused about your beliefs and be easily influenced by others in this area. Whether you are more into spirituality or religion, any area involving higher realms seems to be bringing confusion to you. This also apply to higher education. You may have problem with finding out what you want to study and you can become perpetual student or reject idea of studying at all. You may have problem with describing your life philosophy and often change beliefs. You can become a fantastic teacher for yourself and others. You have great psychic abilities. Don’t let this confusion stop you from spiritual development. 

10th House - be aware that your weakness lays in your social position. You  feel confused about your position in the world you may feel lost on your life path and you may appear to others as this always indecisive person in those matters. Be aware that feeling of being lost in life happens to everyone. You need to remember about what you truly want to achieve and understand that it will take time. Don’t idolize achievement. Follow it but don’t forget about other important things in life. You will be at the top of a social ladder. You will inspire others to work hard for your goals. Just be aware that outer sucess is not the goal end in life.

11th House - your vulnerability lays in your sense of belonging. 
Confusion is tied to your need to be a part of a group. You may idolize them a lot. You may idolize society a lot and see no flaws in how it functions.  You may also do that to your friends. You need to stop looking at people through pink glasses. Remember that humanity is flawed. Be aware of that  being a human means making  mistakes. You can be a strong individual who can do a lot of good for people and society but you need to remember about the fact that society is built from individuals who just like you, are only humans. Allow them to be.

12th House - your weakness lays in your isolation. You may feel very helpess and confused, you may feel you are not safe in this world and you may try to delve into another to find your inner security. You isolate yourself from this world and it not only brings you more confusion but it is also a source of your pain. You can’t run from yourself. You are extremely gifted person. You have amazing ability to reach higher dimensions but you shouldn’t do that in order to avoid pain. Be aware of the mundane world and try to stay more connected with it. You won’t regret it. Our world is painful but you are a part of it. And people like you make it more beautiful.

In retrograde
- you may have a problem with accepting your vulnerability due to the aversion in immersing into the more spiritual side of yourself. You are a very private person and you dislike showing  vulnerability but it runs deep in you and you cannot reject this part of yourself.

  • Based on what each person ate from the snacks given to them, the team were decided: Namjin, Sope and maknae line were matches decided by heaven
  • Taekook fighting because V kept making jokes but at the end, they did what Tae proposed: saying Bon Voyage one by one without breaking the chain
  • Bts playing hid and seek to decide each team pocket money: They caught Namjoon only after 10 min and Taehyung kept finding Jimin instead of the opponent team … it was a mess.
  • Jin and Rapmon get handed 100$ (1st place), The holy trinity won 70$ (2nd place) and Jhope and Suga 50$ (3rd place)

The members are asked to not spend their personal money and only what they were given to buy both food and souvenirs. However, before that they all went swimming: 

  • They get in a boat and for 1 minute they all screamed “WOAH” and “WOW” every time a fish jumped from the sea
  • Jin English time while blowing kisses to the captain
  • Jimin dropping his towel in the water and Jungkook proposing to go in but a swimmer go in first (Jungkook also screamed “JIMIN SHIII” when he heard he dropped his belonging in water)
  • The members decide to dive in, Jimin go in first followed by Jin,  rapmon, Jungkook, Suga, Taehyung and Jhope who was super scared (duh) goes in last in the cutest way possible while holding his nose
  • The members are given a shell and only Jimin is able to make the sound come out 
  • BTS go snorkeling next: it was just so beautiful: They were like mermen in water. They even posed under the sea. Jhope was the only one who had some difficulties to dive, but he quickly figured it out

It is time to divide into teams: 

  • Everyone kept saying Aloha to a anyone and everyone
  • Maknae line visited souvenir stores, played games, and made bets all the time. They went to the beach (JK got hit by a wave and ended up drenched knowing that he was standing next to Vmin). They ended up buying pens because all three of them will use them for either writing or drawing. 
  • Namjin had more deep conversations and they were basically like some elderly couple that lived a happy marriage or some very close friends that were together since childhood, their synergy is no joke: The cutest was when Jin was helping Namjoon to blend the sunscreen on his face. While on the beach they made stacked stones (7 of them each) and prayed for the well-being of BTS. They ate dinner and when it was time for desert they watched the sunset and made poems. Jin also spoke about how he changed after the Fire era and that making people happy makes him happy too
  • Sope have different personalities and that’s why they complimented each other so well: They had matching Henna tattoos: they got turtles with a peace sign even if Suga wanted them to get hearts? Jhope spoke about his worries concerning his mixtape and wished for it to do well. 
  • The members gathered at the end of the day, sang together while having a drink and showed what each team bought. 

Thank you all for being interested in my works! I can’t believe how many of you are there. Since this blog hit over 20K, i’m going to make this small giveaway of watercolors.
I will take every ones names of who participated and run it in name generator 

1st- place Blueberry and 3 Sanses watercolor
2nd -place Red watercolor + 1 character digital lineart 
3rd -place 1 character lineart

CLOSED (generating the names)

to receive the price you need to be at least 18+ , or have adult with you.


A Year in Review [2016]: Favorite Characters

1. AoY Girls - Jeong Ye Eun, Song Ji Won, Yoon Jin Myeong, Yoo Eun Jae, Kang Yi Na (Age of Youth)


Mark is bad at games 😂😂 but he’s good at eating jellies🍬🍬