1st person shooters

Haikyuu: Aobajousai YouTubers

Mainly the 3rds years from Aobajousai.


| Oikawa Tooru

• Mainly girls watch him and he had dozens of comments ranging from how cute he is to what he is actually talking about (mostly to say something that disagrees with him or agrees with him or actually sparks another discussion).

• Oikawa’s channel covers a bunch of topics; volleyball, space/astronomy, tips on how to improve your serves (volleyball in general but doesn’t give out big secrets), answering fans’ questions, random 3 a.m. chats/personal blogs, and sometimes rants about every day life.

• Bugs Iwaizumi’s channel and somehow makes random appearances on other blogs from his volleyball team or former classmates. His appearance improves the other channels’ views and likes because Oikawa’s personality garners attention quite quickly in a comedic manner.

• Has a guest star of his nephew, Takeru, and small clips of them playing volleyball and how Oikawa is teaching Takeru and his teammates techniques (the comment section crashes the YouTube website.)

| Iwaizumi Hajime

• Was dragged into making a channel by Oikawa. At first he was totally against it until he could continue his training and help others with their own; making sure others know how to exercise correctly.

• Mostly covers fitness and exercise techniques that anyone can do and some tips so you don’t become sore or pull anything that could, in the future, cause unrepairable damage to your body. A few healthy eating tips and training regimens.

• Does alot of collabs with Kyoutani and how they often having competition videos with Oikawa creating the punishments for the loser (there is a Mad Dog corner video at the end of each of these videos). Safe to say, neither of them wish to lose.

• Very rarely will Hajime have videos talking about he feels or what bothers him. Though he will give advice if a viewer asks for some when they tell him his problem. His advice is something many viewers want, it gains popularity very quickly.

| Matsukawa Issei & Hanamaki Takahiro

• A joint channel for these two. Their channel is mainly them trash talking to eachother during their online gamings matches or through walkthroughs of their viewer’s requests. Viewers have to hold their sides as they watch these two’s poker face give out snarky comments.

• Their channel has been filled with pranks that work or fail in a hilarious way; they also inspire new kinds of pranks just to try them out. They try out new challenges that other YouTubers have done or the ones that have been requested. Usually these videos are filled with moments that are replayed a few times afterwards.

• They do feature animated versions of their game chats. During live streams they are really chatty with their viewers but the spamming of messages does trip them up and cause then to spit out hilarious phrase. Hanamaki tends to lose his poker face, while Matsukawa can keep his before a lazy grin breaks out on his face when they read the comments.

• Hanamaki plays more action and 1st person shooter that enjoys the free roam aspect, sometimes he enjoys playing good fantasy games that has good storyline. He has completed a few good thorough game plays with Matsukawa chiming in a few comments and jokes here and there. Hanamaki will explore every aspect of the game to find hidden items/bonus content for his viewers.

• Matsukawa plays horror games that usually scare people, but he hates jump scares since he thinks they’re a cheap trick to play on the gamer (you’ll see his brows furrow). Though he’ll crack a few jokes, talk about random topics to lessen the scariness for the more squeamish viewers. But he will talk about the back story of the game if it adds to the experience.

• At the influx of new subscribers, they decide to throw a few giveaways that use video game merchandise​, popular animes or mangas - basically anything that is buzzing amongst their viewers or in the media - to show their appreciation for all the support they’ve been given during the duration of their channel. Bonus: terrible selfies as extra content.

Random 707 Headcanons

● Will either listen to heavy metal or classical music… there is no in between

● has a collection of expensive headphones he hasn’t told anyone about… and doesn’t plan to

● He once tried to make a visual novel game but then remembered he has no concept of story and ended up making a good old 1st person shooter game

● It didn’t really take off

●And that was probably because of the blaring music and bad animation

● Also he doesn’t understand the concept of a target audience and just slammed in whatever amused him

● The whole process kept him entertained for a whole 4 days before he got bored and tried to adopt a street cat

● Unfortunately his boss didn’t let him have animals as it could “interfere with his cognitive abilities”

● As an alternative he got one of those virtual pet games on his phone

● At one point hee even started dabbling on otome games to pass the time

● His hacking stills may be brilliant but he has the most tacky writing style

● Vanderwood can’t even trust him to write emails by himself any more

● When he was a little kid he wanted to be a fireman because he thought the uniform was cool

● He still thinks it’s cool

● And damn is he not afraid to admit it

● He knows a total of 17 languages fluently and is currently leaning another 3

● How he managed to do it on a diet strictly of honey Buddha chips and PHD Pepper no one knows



Game Nights
  • (Levi and Eren are playing multiplayer games in Eren's bedroom. Tonight is Mortal Kombat)
  • Levi: (putting down the controller) It's like you're not trying.
  • Eren: No, I'm just not cheating by spamming cheap moves like someone!
  • Levi: (eye roll)
  • Eren: So you don't deny spamming that drop kick move to fuck and back.
  • Levi: No.
  • Eren: (sigh) Let's pick another game.
  • Levi: If me beating you injures your pride so much... (Eren frowns angrily)...why keep inviting me over?
  • Eren: Because I will beat you.
  • Levi: Alright. It's your pick.
  • Eren: Oh. I don't think there's anything else. Since you're not into 1st person shooters.
  • Levi: Speaking of getting into things...
  • Eren: (exhales nervously as Levi moves from his seat on the floor, up on to Eren's bed)
  • Levi: ... what do you think of that manga I lent you?
  • Eren: Oh! Um... (shoulders slump in defeat) I kinda haven't started it.
  • Levi: (tucking a finger under Eren's chin) Why am I not surprised?
  • Eren: (suppresing a gulp at Levi's finger on his skin) It-it's your fault y'know.
  • Levi: (amused) Really?
  • Eren: Yeah well, we've spent all this week together after school. And when you leave I have History assignments from Mr Smith.
  • Levi: (leans back and sighs) Tch. Ass-licker.
  • Eren: (rushing forward)Am not!
  • Levi: (grinning, inches from Eren's scowl) You're so easy to wind up.
  • Eren: Am not.
  • Levi: Eren, are you straight?
  • Eren: ...
  • Levi: Never mind. Start that manga tonight, yes?
  • Eren: No way. You can't ask something like that then change the topic.
  • Levi: I just did.
  • Eren: Leeevi!
  • Levi: What, do you have an answer for me?
  • Eren: I'm... (sigh) I've always been straight. I think.
  • Levi: OK.
  • Eren: butstillkindawanttodateyou! Oh my god... (thrusts his face in his palms)
  • Levi: (shuffling on his knees to a fast breathing Eren, gently peeling his hands from his screwed up face.) Eren.
  • Eren: (shaking his head)Just pretend I didn't say-
  • Levi: Eren. Shhh. It's OK.
  • Eren: (creaking open an eye, then the other, finding himself being held upright by afirm grip on his upper arms) But I just said...
  • Levi: I heard what you said. (releasing Eren's arms to twirl a finger through his hair and caress his reddening cheek) Eren, I want to date you too.
  • Eren: You do?
  • Levi: Of course. (lightly kissing Eren's neck, while being scooped closer by Eren's arms) As long as you know... (touching noses to calm the worry in Eren's eyes) ... this doesn't mean I'm letting you win.

anonymous asked:

So what kind of video games do Hiro and Takashi play/like???

Takashi likes historical action/adventure games and 1st person shooters. Hiro will play mostly anything but is especially into games based on anime and mahou shoujo fighting games.

And on that note, please enjoy these April Fools’ mahou shoujo illustrations!

anonymous asked:

I'm not much of a gamer. For a total noob ( I only ever played Mario kart and the" that so raven"game on gameboy advance when I was like 12), which games do you recommend? Also computer games? (I seem to dislike 1st person shooters& the GTA games)

I know I will sound like an unoriginal, broken record but: Portal. It’s so good. You can get it pretty cheap, there is no combat, you feel like a genius when you solve the puzzles and the dialog is some of the best I have ever seen in a game. So much praise.

Domestic Terrorism

We have to win the fight against terrorist , especially domestic terrorists.

I suggest we take away their badges.

Everyone is so scared of ISIS when we can’t go 30 days without a cop shooting a kid. Forget race for one second….  kids. Can they be old enough to vote before you serve and protect them to death?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying all cops are bad.  Clearly the majority of cops aren’t bad or the world would be fucking chaos (more than it is).  But it seems like the ones that are bad , nothing gets done. Maybe replace “serve and protect” with shoot first and ignore the questions later.

They’re talking about putting cameras on police officers which sounds like they’re going to finally hold them accountable for their actions. In reality they’re just capitalizing on the popularity of 1st person shooters ……It’s like Call Of Duty! Now shut up, one more black kid and I unlock a predator missile , from the Governor.

In America it’s too easy to become a cop. Almost anyone can do it. Not everyone should have that option. To become a lawyer and practice law you have to study for years , take the bar exam (which is practically impossible to pass) , and then you’re a lawyer. I’m pretty sure the only question on the police exam is “Do you like to make shiny things go bang bang??” THEN FUCKING WELCOME ABOARD BUDDY !

When your job is to make critical decisions , life or death decisions, to carry out the law …you should be held to the highest standard They evaluate candidates physically and mentally (to an extent) but they need to evaluate them emotionally. Like their core belief system.

They employ these bigots who were raised in a racist environment. Who were raised to believe all minorities are bad people… and then they hand them guns and say “Go get the bad people” …..


You have these assholes who are like “They’re just trying to do their job.”

If murdering unarmed people is your idea of doing your job then what the fuck do you do for a living? To Hitler he was just doing his job. He was just punching the ol time clock and committing some nice innocent genocide. 

The thought that just because police are the good guys that all police are good guys is terribly fucking ignorant. It’s that kind of blind hero worship that lets the bad cops stay cops.

Are cops brave? Are a lot of them legit heroes? Yeah, but there ARE bad cops. There are bad cooks , bad doctors , bad Uber drivers because there are bad people in this world and we have to quit giving those people badges.