1st lineup


January - SHINee’s Jonghyun Solo + EXO

February - SNSD’s Taeyeon Solo + Red Velvet

March - SHINee Album + EXO Repackaged Album

April - SHINee Repackaged Album + f(x) Mini Album

May - Super Junior’s Yesung Solo + Henry Solo + BoA Album

June - TVXQ Album + SM Rookie Boys Debut

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Ready… set… KCON 2014! Check out our brand new trailer with the reveal of our 1st lineup!

KCON Playlist: 1st Lineup Style.

 Hello KCON-ers!

In case you missed the announcement heard ‘round the interwebs, this year’s KCON will feature Girls’ Generation and Bangtan Boys (and many more!). We’re excited and we hope that you are!

When I started working at KCON, I actually had never listened to Bangtan Boys (K-Pop street cred exploding with every word I type). But, so many of our KCON fans seemed so into BTS, that of course I had to jump on that rap train…and I have never regretted it!

Girls’ Generation and I go way back. During my first internship, I listened to Girls’ Generation a lot while writing, but I kept listening for another reason. Actually, my middle name is “Gigi” and, once my coworkers found out, they greeted me with, “Hey, yo! GG.” Everyday. But, happily, I am fated to be a SNSD fan and to know all of the words to “Gee.”

If you need to get up-to-date on the songs of BTS and SNSD, or even if you just want a fun playlist to start your day, this is for you. To listen to the playlist in its entirety, just click on the first link. Or, if you would like to just pick and choose, the rest of the songs are below.

Also, let us know in the comments what songs you would most like them sing at KCON.



KCON Intern by day, writer by night


 KCON 2014 First Lineup Playlist


 BTS  “Boys in Luv”


 BTS, “Just One Day”


 BTS, “No More Dream”


 BTS, “We are Bulletproof Pt. 2”


 Girls’ Generation, “Gee”


 Girls’ Generation, “Run Devil Run”


 Girls’ Generation, “I Got A Boy”


 Girls’ Generation, “Mr. Mr.”